November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from the Phillies Ballgirls!

We are all very thankful for our families and friends this year.  We are also especially thankful for everyone in the Phillies family for letting us be a
part of such a wonderful team and season. 
There is still voting for the final 2011 Phillies ballgirl which ends on November 30th. Please keep voting to make sure your choice gets the spot at!!!
Also, black friday is now RED FRIDAY at Citizen’s Bank Park.  The Phillies are hosting this event from 9-6 pm at the Majestic Clubhouse store and will be offering great deals on Phillies merchandise and other giveaways.  Most importantly, they will be collecting food for families in need, benefitting the Food Bank of South Jersey.
We hope all of you enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

This year in pictures

One of the things that the ballgirls love to do is TAKE PICTURES!  We constantly have our cameras out ready to capture all the excitement that takes place at Citizen’s Bank Park, at softabll games, appearances and everywhere else the ballgirls travel.  Since we have more photos than you could imagine, I had the ballgirls narrow down their favorites so we could all re-live some of our favorite moments. 

Some need more explanation than others…  But, I get to go first!

Since I get to see a preview of all the other photos, I decided to pick out two photos that I find to be the funniest ones from the 2010 season.  First, on the left you’ll see a photo of a bunch of people in pink and yellow ponchos crossing a small creek formed by rain.  Then in the middle, you’ll find one ballgirl wearing a protective trashbag and falling into the creek I mentioned.  On our trip to Clearwater, we unfortunately ran into some bad weather for the game at Brighthouse field.  We all had time to stop at a local store to pick up Disney themed ponchos and assumed our host Bonnie had one at home.  We were quite wrong! Poor Bonnie was forced to wear a trashbag! Besides the fact that she looked hilarious, she also was awaiting surgery to repair a torn ACL.  Needless to say, she didn’t make the jump over the creek (she’d probably say it was a river) and we were not so sympathetic at first.  Don’t worry, she was ok!!

favlinds.JPGThe second photo on the right is an example of what happens when you work with kids… sometimes they like you and sometimes they don’t.  I asked these two Starting 9 kids if they’d like a photo and both said yes. As you can see, someone changed their mind and it made for one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen!!

favbecca.JPGBecca: As mentioned in our last post, some of my most fond Ballgirl memories are those spent getting to know all the fellow Phillies fans out there. This particular picture was taken at our softball game versus the Hatboro EMS team, which was also one of my favorite games we played this season. This snapshot captures our batgirl of the evening Kelly and I breaking it down to the chicken dance! 
Because this photo combines a number of my favorite things i.e. Philies, Christmas, dancing, and my fellow Ballgirls, it remains one of my all time favorites from this season. Not only is Christmas in July a great time at the Ballpark, but it goes to a great cause which makes it all the more enjoyable and rewarding to be a part of.

McKenzie: I have so many favorite pictures from throughout the season, but here are a few of
favmckenzie.JPG the best. One was with Rylee, and fan who I gave a foul ball to over the summer. She was so adorable and made me appreciate my job so much more by showing how happy I was able to make her! Another favorite is me with Kristina and Bridgette before our last softball game of the season, which was the most fun we have ever had on the softball field!

My favorite picture was maybe inspired by the upcoming holiday taken during Christmas in July at Citizens Bank Park.  I chose this picture because it looks like it could be a holiday card!  This photo represents a day that was so wonderful.  For Christmas in July the ballgirls were able to dress up and play “Santa’s helpers” in collecting toys/donations all over the park.  It was amazing to see how generous people were and the children will benefit greatly from the collaborative effort.  Another exciting part of this day was when the ballgirls danced with the Phanatic to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”.






Bonnie: I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into when I volunteered to be a Hot
favbonnie.JPG Pants Girl for 80’s night, but I’m so glad I got to do it. Emily, Bridgette, and I had a great time sporting the classic hot pants and white boots for the occasion. Katelyn and Perrin also got into the spirit of things with their 80’s outfits (pretty sure Katelyn was the most excited to pull out her beloved hair crimper). We definitely enjoyed pulling out our favorite retro moves for the dance party and having a special appearance from Miami Vice’s Sonny Crockett. Definitely a night to remember.

The first photo I chose is was taken at this year’s Retro Night. I picked this one because of how much fun we all had dressing up in retro gear followed by having a dance party with some fans- oh and special guests ‘Crockett and Tubbs’- on the Bud Light Rooftop. The second was taken at the Phillies Phestival in May. While promoting the photo booth station on the concourse, we decided to take a photo of our own. I happen to love this one because of how much it resembles photos taken in real vintage photo booths!






Brittany: This is one of my favorite pictures because it was from one of the first times a lot of
favbrittany.JPG us got to meet for the first time.  Some of the veteran ballgirls decided to schedule a rock climbing outgoing so we can all get to know each other. We had so much that Perrin didn’t even want to take her harness off!  Little did I know that this would be a start to some great friendships.

 I chose the second picture because it shows how much fun we have during our softball games.  Perrin and I thought that the best way to show our excitement for our softball game was to do cartwheels in the outfield!! Even though we all  play our hardest, we still throw in our own special touch to each game. Whether it’s  great hits, little errors or just doing cartwheels in the outfield, we are always having fun! There is never a dull moment when we’re all together.

  These are two of my favorites because of what they represent.  The first one of me, Lindsay, and Brittany working Green Team, and it reminds me of all the good times all the ball girls had together even if we were collecting recyclables.  The second is of me, Bridgette, and Tori at one of the post season games.  No words can describe what it has been like working for the Phillies this year as a ball girl.

Patti: Photo #1 the parade: This picture needs no explanation. Simply awesome. (that’s my explanation)

favpatti.JPGPhoto #2: Phillies Harmony Fan Club – What an amazing group of kids to spend some time getting to know. There is so much courage and bravery among this group that they can’t help but make you smile. Plus they kick butt in wiffle ball.

It was difficult to choose only a couple of photos that were my favorite.  This year has flown by but it was truly special.  So many memories were made on the field and within the Ballgirl squad.  The two pictures I chose help illustrate the strong bond we’ve had as a squad this year, both on and off the field- from charity events to our trip to Spring Training.  We weren’t just a team or co-workers, we are great friends!

Emily: This picture was taken at the Ballgirl tryouts this year.  I love this picture because
favemily.JPG almost exactly a year prior to when this picture was taken we were just meeting each other for the first time at our own Ballgirl tryouts, and now a year later it’s great to see how much fun we have together and how we’ve grown as friends!  I also want to thank Bonnie in this picture because she looks about as goofy as I do obviously we didn’t get the memo being on the ends that this was just a smiling photo!  ;-D

This picture of Bridgette, Bonnie and I from Phillies Retro Night.  I love this picture because it is so different from anything we did all year as Ballgirls.  It reminds me of how much fun we had getting into character in our vintage Ballgirl outfits, and “boogying down” during our dance party.  It was certainly a night that I will never forget!  

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  This is a saying that I have heard numerous times and never really thought about till now.  This year flew by, and meeting these 15 spectacular girls was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.  Back in March, 8 of us ventured down to Spring Training with little knowledge about the other girls we were heading down there with.  I think I speak for us all when I say none of us knew what was going to come out of that weekend.  But sure enough we made the most of every moment down there, from laying on the beach, to Tokyo drifting across 4 lanes of highway traffic all the way to huddling up in a ballgirl built tent with Disney poncho’s on in the pouring rain at one of the home games…..memories that will last forever were made.  There’s not enough I can write to sum up all the memories from this past year because there are just too many, but I will say that these 15 girls that I spent the majority of my spring and summer with are some of the most admirable, independent, intelligent, outgoing, caring individuals I have ever met, and no matter what the memory was that was made or which ballgirl it was it I will cherish it forever and ever.  Love you girls❤


  I chose this picture of Brittany and me because the Ballgirls and I are big fans of awkward family photos.  We are often trying to recreate all of the funny poses photographers force families to make in professional pictures.  In this picture, Brittany are posing for our own “family photo” but it actually turned out pretty cute!

I chose this picture of us at Spring Training in Florida because it was such a great day.  The weather was perfect, and nothing is better than a good baseball game after months of not being able to watch baseball on TV.  We had such a good time getting to know each other on this trip and I can’t wait for Spring Training trip part 2 this year! 


Memories from our Rookie year

A Big Update today!!

First off – I’m not revealing anything just yet, but we are making some headway onto the 2011 ballgirls!!  This year we are having a second try at the voting process.  We are using an online voting system to vote in the last ballgirl for 2011 and they all need your help! There are 5 girls in the running for the last spot this year.  Please take the time to watch their videos and make a good decision – you’ll be watching them for a whole year!  Here is the link:

Secondly, this blog has been a project for me this year, and my goal was to keep our readers happy, keep the ballgirls creativity level up and maintain a high level of readers throughout the year.   We have done that!!! Thanks to you all, the ballgirl’s “Down the Line” Blog has reached #16 on the charts!!!  Here is a look at the top leaders:  Thank you to all of our readers and of course congrats to the other winners this month. 

Finally, onto our entry for today.  This is kind of a part 1 to the farewell blogging of 2010.  I’m starting with the rookies.  I asked them to think about their favorite memories of the 2010 season.   It’s quite hard to nail it down to one (as you can see from their entries!) especially since this year was so exciting.  Please enjoy a glance back at some happy memories from 2010.

There’s so many memories of my rookie ballgirl year, so how do I even pick just one…I will have to say that all of the “firsts” that I’ve experienced this year will always stand out in my mind. First time I got to put on my uniform. First time I got to sign one of my trading cards. First time on the field. First line drive down the third baseline right at me. First ballgirl appearance when we helped put furniture together for a school library. Well, I at least tried my best to put furniture together. Out of all these “Firsts,” nothing beats the friendships that I’ve made along the way. It amazes me how much fun we ballgirls had this year. Putting 17 girls together for a full baseball season could probably be turned into an interesting reality show because we sure knew how to make the most out of the entire experience and enjoy every second.

Bridgette: Being a first-year ballgirl this year has been one of the most fun and exciting
bridgette.snuggi.JPG experiences of my life. While having the opportunity to be on the field was certainly one of the most exhilarating aspects of the job, there were countless other memories made throughout the 2010 season. If I had to rank the highlights of my first year as a ballgirl they would be: 10.) Playing against the Patriot’s Old Timers in Allentown. 9.) Being a member of the Hot Pants Patrol on Retro Night. 8.) Dressing as Mrs. Claus on Christmas in July while collecting toys for children in need. 7.) Doing the Cupid Shuffle on the dugout during Game two of the NLCS. 6.) Standing at home plate during Alumni weekend in which the alumni as well as the current players lined the baselines for the National Anthem. 5.) Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity on one of the hottest dog days of summer. 4.) Taste testing nearly every cuisine Citizen’s Bank Park has to offer. 3.) Modeling Phillies Comfy Throws (AKA Snuggies) with Lindsay and Tori on the first day of Ticket Sales back in March. 2.) Getting to know the Phillies family of employees on the field, in the offices, the command center, and those who always helped us with Green Team. And last but not least the #1 highlight of my year hands down has been becoming friends with 15 of the most awesome girls the Tri-State area has to offer. I can only imagine the memories yet to be created in 2011!

When I look back on the 2010 season, it’s hard for me just to pick ONE memory that stands out above the rest.  Each Phillies game, event, softball game, or get together has a special meaning and memory.  One of the first things I got to do as a Phillies Ballgirl was take a vacation down to Clearwater, Florida for Spring Training.  While there, I became close with the other Ballgirls that I knew little about.  It was while in Clearwater that I realized that I had just made lifelong friends.  The perfect ending to a perfect vacation was the sunset that Bonnie, Tori, Katie, and I got to watch on Clearwater beach.  It was a storybook ending to an amazing weekend.  My favorite event at Citizens Bank Park as a Ballgirl that I was able to participate in was probably Retro Night.  I was able to dress up in 80’s fashions and dance all night on the rooftop!  Can you imagine anything more fun?  The girls and I had a blast trying to replicate 80’s dance moves.  The best memory I have while being a Ballgirl on the field is DEFINITELY Roy Halladay’s No Hitter.  The other game I was fortunate to be on the field for was to see Jamie Moyer pitch a complete game shut out before his injury.  I also really enjoyed being able to participate in the Phillies Harmony Fan Club events the Ballgirls got to do.  Each time I met someone really special that I will always remember.  The Phillies Phestival will always stick out in my mind as a wonderful memory.  The Ballgirl Choir had their debut with “Take Me Out to the Photobooth” and it was one of the only times all of the Ballgirls got to be together.  I am very greatful for all of the memories I have collected this past season and I look forward to making even more fun memories (possibly another world series parade??) in the 2011 season!!


It’s really hard for me to pick one favorite ball girl memory.  For most, it would probably be the first time on the field which is an unexplainable feeling, but if I had to choose, it would probably be the first Phillies game I worked this past season.  I, unfortunately, was late getting into the swing of things since I was away at Penn State finishing up my senior year and could only make the 3+ hour trip few times.  Because of that, I was the odd man out on a lot of inside jokes that had already occurred by May.  I also didn’t know the Phillies staff personally like many other rookies already did.  I felt way behind and wasn’t sure how well I would mesh with the already tight group or if I would at all.  My first game changed all of that.  I was working green team with Lindsay and Bonnie, and I was announced with Lindsay as the green team “captains” for the game.  Although we didn’t have a group, we managed to have a lot of fun, turning green team into a scavenger hunt game and seeing who could collect the most recyclables.  Although my partner **cough Lindsay cough** lose me for about 3 innings, I felt as though I had been with the rest of the girls the whole time.  It still amazes me how well we all bonded together and how we are all great friends.

Thumbnail image for jess.greenteam.JPG

I can’t say that there is one memory that stands out as a favorite among the rest. There are simply too many. From the first day of 2010 tryouts, to picking up my uniform, to Spring Training, my first event, to Opening Day, to my first game on the field, to my first foulball, to my favorite fans, to Photo Day, to Phillies Harmony Fan Club, to Fan Appreciation Day, to Christmas in July, to dancing on the dugout, to the Postseason, to the 2011 tryouts, nothing but great memories have been made and shared. One thing remained constant the entire season, my fellow ballgirls at my side for each and every one of these moments. None of the fond memories that I have from the 2010 season would be anywhere near what they are today, had it not been for the 15 women I had the opportunity with which to share them. The season may be over, and we may be saying goodbye to our Vets, but the bonds we formed throughout the year will continue to flourish as we transition from being ballgirls and coworkers to friends.

Kristina: The picture that I chose for one of my favorite ballgirl memories is a group shot from
kristina.softball.JPG Hatboro EMS vs ballgirl softball game which took place in September.  I chose this picture because not only did we play well (excluding a few fielding errors, oops) but I had such a great time.  In between innings we even did the Cupid Shuffle on the mound.  The Hatboro EMS did a wonderful job organizing this event and I was glad the ballgirls were able to be apart of it!



When you have 16 girls that means 16 cameras, which if you do the math equals a TON of pictures.  With so many pictures and so many unforgettable memories from this season I think my favorite picture is this one from Game 6 of the NLCS.  It’s rare that all of us are at a single event and this was event where we were all present with only one girl missing from the photo (Katelyn).  This was the last game of the postseason, and although it didn’t end the way we hoped it would, being about to share this memory with girls that have become like family to me over this past year was priceless.

Brittany: As I try to look back and think about all the exciting memories that occurred in the
brittany.softball.JPG past year, I knew this blog was going to be a hard one.  So much has happened, I had to brainstorm and think about all the great memories with some fellow ballgirls.  Since this blog could take forever and I have sooo many great memories, I decided that I would make it easier for the readers and try to pick my top memories according to the seasons of the year… I know, I know, I’m totally lame but this way I won’t be writing a whole novel, because let’s be honest here, no ones going to read an extremely long blog post.  My favorite memories before 2010 were the day of tryouts at CBP and the day I received my very own Phillies jerseys! During the winter time we wanted to get to know each other a little better, so the vets organized a rock climbing event for all of us to attend and build our team bonding.  This event was great because it was the first time a lot of us got to meet each other, I remember being so excited to meet my fellow ballgirls! Once baseball season started we all became inseparable, it felt as though I had 15 wonderful sisters.  We all become so close with each other, we were just one big happy ballgirl family🙂. Since the best memories happened during the baseball season I’ll just list my favorites instead of rambling on and on: first time stepping on the field!, all of my training games, first time on the field as ballgirl with no vets sitting next to me,retro night, Christmas in July, Photo Day, post season; honestly this may take awhile so I’ll cut it short and end it there.  This past year has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so grateful to experience it.  I have some of the best memories that will stay with me for my entire life.  Even though, I had made some great memories I think I am most grateful for the group of fabulous fellow ballgirls.  I have made friends for life amongst this ladies and I am so happy they are in life, sharing this great memories with me. I’m going to sound like a total nerd when I say that I love my job as a ballgirl, but more importantly, I LOVE the ladies that work with me.  I LOVE Y’ALL BALLIGRLS 2010

Many of my favorite memories from 2010 involve interacting with the fans, but particularly the younger fans. Chatting with them at events and games is something I will always remember about being a Ballgirl. The first event I worked this year was the Spring Training Day at the Franklin Institute. A young fan, who was also named Becca, approached me and shared her hopes of being a Ballgirl one day as well. It’s very rewarding knowing that we encourage young women to be involved in such a great sport and to hold a position that allows them to give back to the Philadelphia community. Keep an eye out for another Becca down the foul lines soon!

Emily: This Year of being a Phillies Ballgirl has been a dream come true for me to say the
emily.rally.JPG least.  I have had so many incredible experiences while working for the Phillies organization, and have made amazing friends along the way.  Thinking back through the season at all of the awesome events that I’ve done, it is really hard to pick one memory that I loved the most.  But, if I must choose, I absolutely loved all of post-season for so many reasons (I know it’s not technically one memory but I loved it all!).  Obviously the atmosphere was incredible with the pre-game band and pep-rally, the unmistakable rowdy Phillies Phans, and of course the rally towels, but what I especially loved was that every night of post-season almost all of the Ballgirls were there at the stadium (which is a rare occurrence!).  It was so much fun to be able to share the experience of post-season with my Ballgirl friends that I’ve grown close with throughout the season.  It amazes me that a group of 16 girls were able to mesh so well together.  With that being said, I’m sad to see the end of my 1st year of Ballgirling because it means our vets will be leaving us😥 but I am also so excited to be able to make another year of Ballgirl memories, and I look forward to being a vet for the new string of rookies in 2011!      

Last but not least…..  a huge congratulations to ROY HALLADAY, the 2010 NL CY Young Award winner.  We couldn’t be prouder!!!!  He was our MVP and our favorite pitcher from the season and provided the ballgirls and the fans with plenty of excitement.  We cannot wait to see what he has in store for 2011.

Phillies Ballgirl Tryouts 2011

On Friday November 5th, about 60 women had the opportunity to tryout for the 2011 Phillies Ballgirls team.  The tryouts were held at Citizen’s Bank Park in the media room and batting cages.  After sending in a 2 min DVD and resume, the girls were selected to attend this 3 hour intense tryout.  The 2010 Ballgirls were ready and waiting for the applicants when they arrived bright and early.

bgto1.JPGThey were all brought into the media room for the schedule and process briefing by our boss, Michele!

Following the meeting, the girls were split into many different groups and headed off to show their skills.

This Friday myself and a couple other returning ballgirls were able to help out at the 2011 ballgirl try outs.  Young women from all over the tri state area came in two different sessions starting at 9am and 11am.  My job of the day was to assist in the hitting portion of the try out (placing the softball in the pitching machine).  I must say there was definitely a ton of talent present at this tryout and the ballgirl softball team in 2011 will definitely benefit from the new ballgirls!  I loved asking the other girls where they played softball or went to school because throughout my years of playing I definitely recognize some faces.  Overall, I believe the tryout was a success and I excited to welcome the new ballgirls. 

Excitement was certainly in the air Friday morning as the 2011 ballgirl applicants arrived at Citizens Bank Park for this year’s tryouts. Having been in their shoes only twelve months prior, I could definitely relate to the butterflies the girls were experiencing about the process. Of the four stations the girls participated in- hitting, fielding, interview, and sprints (new this year!), the general consensus from the group was that the interview was the most nerve wracking stage. I got a chance to talk briefly to Kelley Bisceglie from Palmyra, NJ, who confessed to blanking out on a seemingly simple question despite the fact that she spent a great deal of time preparing for the interview. Nerves are certainly to be expected so in the event of a sudden moment of memory loss, it’s all about the recovery that matters. In attempt to ease the girls nerves, we decided on a quick ice breaker that we all know very well by now- the cupid shuffle. All the hootin’ and hollerin’ was sure to calm the girls down and allow them to be themselves throughout the remainder of their tryout.

Last Friday, the greatly-anticipated Ballgirl Tryouts was held at Citizens Bank Park. I think I can speak for all the ballgirls when I say that we felt a little anxious for the girls trying out, since most of us were in their same shoes just last year. Brittany and I enjoy reminiscing about our own tryout experience because we were back-to-back at every station. You definitely create a special bond with the girls you go through the day with, so we were very excited when we heard that we both got a spot on the team. My favorite part of tryouts this year was getting to talk to all of the girls and helping them to have fun and just take it all in. It’s not every day that people get to hit baseballs in the Phillies batting cages or have an interview with local news reporters. Oh, and let’s not forget the newly-added feature of this year’s tryouts…the Cupid Shuffle dance. If anything, the ballgirls enjoy being at the park together, and I hope that all the girls that came out felt the same way!

Being on the other end of the Ballgirl tryouts this year as a current Phillies Ballgirl was so much fun (and a lot less nerve-racking)!  It was funny to me that almost exactly a year ago I was just like all of the girls who walked into the tryouts this year, so I knew exactly what they were feeling: excitement, nerves, giddiness, awe…possibly nausea (kidding…but not really).  Since I was once in their shoes I was happy to be able to talk to a lot of the Ballgirl hopefuls and make an attempt to calm some of their nerves.  The tryouts were similar to what I remember from last year…the girls were able to show off their softball skills (which were very impressive I must say!) and they also were given a chance to show off their personalities in an on-camera interview.  I acted as an escort for the girls to bring them to their different stations, so I was able to get the inside scoop on the different questions they were asked in the interview…one of the girls even had to pull a “Katelyn” and sing “Take me out to the Ballgame” during her interview!  It was funny to hear about all of the different stories that the girls had.  At one point we, as Ballgirls, took it upon ourselves to create our own tryout portion…dancing!  We gathered all of the Ballgirl hopefuls and led them in the “Cupid Shuffle”.  It was all in good fun but the Ballgirls have been known to dance on the Phillies dugout occasionally so why not see if the new girls got the moves?!  Overall the tryouts were a blast and I am so excited to find out who the new additions will be to our Ballgirl squad for 2011!    

I’ll try to cover what the other ballgirls left out from tryouts… 

Patti and Katelyn were able to continue with ballgirl tradition and photograph all aspects of the tryout!

bgtopattiandkatelyn.JPGThe prospective ballgirls got the opportunity to try on all the ballgirl gear so we could be prepared for the next season. Here’s a hopeful in our warmup pants!

bgtouniform.JPGFielding is always a tough part of tryouts.  The nerves are running high and the balls are hit pretty fast.  Here, Becca and Emily look on at a ballgirl hopeful who made the grab!

bgtobecca.JPGThe interview is always a tough portion of the tryout process and very important!  We always have to be ready for public speaking.  Our advice – limit saying “um” and “like!”  Here’s the panel from one of the interviews… I’d say they are happy about our new girls!

bgtopanel.JPGWhere would tryouts be without this guy?!

bgtophanatic.JPGThere was a new part of tryouts this year.. the sprints! We have to make it to the bullpen and back pretty quickly, and these Phillies staffers were able to assist us in timing the ballgirl hopefuls!

bgtosprinting.JPGSam and Teresa, former ballgirls, dedicated their time and helped out with the hitting portion of tryouts!

bgtosamandteresa.JPGFinally, we gave the new girls a pep talk before tryouts and encouraged them to have fun, ask questions and enjoy their day at the ballpark.  We did!

bgtogrouptalk.JPGThank you to all of the girls who applied, and all that made it to tryouts. We had a pleasure meeting all of you and guiding you through the process.  We will be sure to update you with the newest girls of 2011!!!

Go Phils!

One last photo of all the ballgirls who worked at tryouts… two of us in our day job clothes!

MVP Time

And we don’t mean Mike, Vinny, Pauly!

Since Election Day has come and gone, we were inspired to vote this week.  It seemed only natural to vote on our favorite moments and players from the year.  We thought of six categories and had the ballgirls select their winners from the 2010 season.  Some of the races were close, others blowouts.  Can you venture to guess which one that was?

The six categories were: Best defensive player, best offensive player, best outfielder, best infielder, best pitcher and MVP.  Do you agree with us? Did any of these players make the cut?


defensive player.JPG

offensive player.JPG
MVP.JPGAlso, since we are closing up the 2010 season and looking onto 2011, we decided to think back to our favorite plays and memorable moments from the 2010 season.  We have a great view of most of the action at all ht home games, but we’d love to hear what yours were!

Jess – The very last play that completed the perfect game.

McKenzie – My favorite play from the whole season was when Utley made a great grab behind 2nd and flipped it to 2nd from his glove to get the out!

Patti – It’s tough to sort through and find just one favorite play from the season. I mean, we have a perfect game and playoff no hitter under our belts. But I have to say, I’m still partial to the Phillies comeback against the Dodgers from a 7 run deficit in the bottom of the 8th inning (9-2). By the end of the 8th the lead was halved to 9-6. If you forgot the events of the 9th inning that led Carlos Ruiz to the plate with bases loaded and 9-8 on the scoreboard I suggest you take some time and refresh yourself. Ruiz’s walkoff double in the most statistically improbable comeback and win of the 2010 season is my most memorable play and also why I think “Most Clutch Player” should be added as category.

Lindsay – Oswalt in the outfield – that game was amazing. Or, Jayson Werth’s beard debut at Spring Training, or dancing on the dugout during playoffs!

Amanda – My most memorable play this season would be when Roy Oswalt had to play left field in the 5+ hour 16-inning game vs. the Houston Astros.  It was awesome when he caught a routine fly earning him a loud ovation by Phillies fans and a big smile on Oswalt himself. What a crazy game!

Katelyn – Memorable play was the final out in Roy Halladay’s no hitter during playoffs!

Bonnie – My favorite play of the season was Rollins’ walk-off homerun against Cleveland. It was his second game back from injury, and his first walk-off homerun of his career. I got to be on the third baseline for that game, and it was an awesome experience getting to witness the whole thing right from the field.

Becca – My favorite play of the 2010 season was the last out of Roy Halladay’s perfect game. I will always remember standing in the crowd with all the other Phils fans that traveled to Florida that summer night. We were all holding our breaths with our cameras ready and incredibly
excited to be a part of baseball history. The roar of that crowd is something I will never forget!

Bridgette – Carlos Ruiz making the tough third out in game one of the NLDS against the Reds, putting a seal on Halladay’s no hitter. Although I wasn’t able to be at the game, I was certainly hootin’ and hollerin’ from my living room while jumping up and down on the couch.

Brittany – My favorite play from the season happened during the NLDS, it was the last out from the first game: when Ruiz threw out Brandon Phillips while being on his knees.

Victoria – My favorite play of the whole season was the backwards sliding catch Jayson Werth had into foul territory to catch to ball.

Fehran – All of them

Perrin – Super tough one. Tie between doc’s perfect game and no hitter in the playoffs.

Emily – The first playoff game when Ruiz made the last out of the game from his knees to save Halladay’s no-hitter!

It’s the time I’ve been trying to avoid since April… the end of the 2010 season.   We wanted to thank all the fans, family and Phillies staff for the good times and kind messages this year.  My last few blogs will be winding down the season and looking back at all the really good moments!
First I have something that is a tad overdue.  If you follow us, you know I didn’t do the stats from September… here they are!

Thumbnail image for september stats.JPGPerrin is the final winner for the Vets and Tori for the rookies. Their stats are quite impressive.  88% winning percentages!!  I also highlighted the winners for runs scored and least runs against.  98 runs were scored when McKenzie was on the field- now that is a good luck charm!  Overall, despite the stats we all did a wonderful job down the lines and gave out many foul balls to anxious kids! 
The last game of the season on Saturday was bittersweet. We had a wonderful time at the block party and working the game was great too.  It was the last time for the Vets to work a game, and it was nice to be together for the end. 
For spirit this game, we all painted our nails Phillies red!!
rednails.JPGHere’s a shot from just before the fans arrived on Saturday, it was an amazing day.

fans arrive.JPGWe even tried to get some more good luck with high fives from Mr. Greengenes as we announced the raffle winners on stage.

greengenes.JPGHere’s Patti on the field for her last game of the season.  Her winning percentage is 75%!!

patti.postseason.JPGFinally, Tori, Katelyn and I got a photo in while working green team in the right field area.  It was a great crowd and a beautiful night.
Stay tuned for more updates and a big reveal of the 2011 blogger(s