It’s the time I’ve been trying to avoid since April… the end of the 2010 season.   We wanted to thank all the fans, family and Phillies staff for the good times and kind messages this year.  My last few blogs will be winding down the season and looking back at all the really good moments!
First I have something that is a tad overdue.  If you follow us, you know I didn’t do the stats from September… here they are!

Thumbnail image for september stats.JPGPerrin is the final winner for the Vets and Tori for the rookies. Their stats are quite impressive.  88% winning percentages!!  I also highlighted the winners for runs scored and least runs against.  98 runs were scored when McKenzie was on the field- now that is a good luck charm!  Overall, despite the stats we all did a wonderful job down the lines and gave out many foul balls to anxious kids! 
The last game of the season on Saturday was bittersweet. We had a wonderful time at the block party and working the game was great too.  It was the last time for the Vets to work a game, and it was nice to be together for the end. 
For spirit this game, we all painted our nails Phillies red!!
rednails.JPGHere’s a shot from just before the fans arrived on Saturday, it was an amazing day.

fans arrive.JPGWe even tried to get some more good luck with high fives from Mr. Greengenes as we announced the raffle winners on stage.

greengenes.JPGHere’s Patti on the field for her last game of the season.  Her winning percentage is 75%!!

patti.postseason.JPGFinally, Tori, Katelyn and I got a photo in while working green team in the right field area.  It was a great crowd and a beautiful night.
Stay tuned for more updates and a big reveal of the 2011 blogger(s


Congratulations Ladies on another great season. All of you did a great job in representing the spirit and passion of the fans. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Don’t forget, we did have the best record in all of baseball! Hopefully next year we will get a trophy. GO PHILS!!!

Thanks so much for following! Can not wait for another great season!

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