MVP Time

And we don’t mean Mike, Vinny, Pauly!

Since Election Day has come and gone, we were inspired to vote this week.  It seemed only natural to vote on our favorite moments and players from the year.  We thought of six categories and had the ballgirls select their winners from the 2010 season.  Some of the races were close, others blowouts.  Can you venture to guess which one that was?

The six categories were: Best defensive player, best offensive player, best outfielder, best infielder, best pitcher and MVP.  Do you agree with us? Did any of these players make the cut?


defensive player.JPG

offensive player.JPG
MVP.JPGAlso, since we are closing up the 2010 season and looking onto 2011, we decided to think back to our favorite plays and memorable moments from the 2010 season.  We have a great view of most of the action at all ht home games, but we’d love to hear what yours were!

Jess – The very last play that completed the perfect game.

McKenzie – My favorite play from the whole season was when Utley made a great grab behind 2nd and flipped it to 2nd from his glove to get the out!

Patti – It’s tough to sort through and find just one favorite play from the season. I mean, we have a perfect game and playoff no hitter under our belts. But I have to say, I’m still partial to the Phillies comeback against the Dodgers from a 7 run deficit in the bottom of the 8th inning (9-2). By the end of the 8th the lead was halved to 9-6. If you forgot the events of the 9th inning that led Carlos Ruiz to the plate with bases loaded and 9-8 on the scoreboard I suggest you take some time and refresh yourself. Ruiz’s walkoff double in the most statistically improbable comeback and win of the 2010 season is my most memorable play and also why I think “Most Clutch Player” should be added as category.

Lindsay – Oswalt in the outfield – that game was amazing. Or, Jayson Werth’s beard debut at Spring Training, or dancing on the dugout during playoffs!

Amanda – My most memorable play this season would be when Roy Oswalt had to play left field in the 5+ hour 16-inning game vs. the Houston Astros.  It was awesome when he caught a routine fly earning him a loud ovation by Phillies fans and a big smile on Oswalt himself. What a crazy game!

Katelyn – Memorable play was the final out in Roy Halladay’s no hitter during playoffs!

Bonnie – My favorite play of the season was Rollins’ walk-off homerun against Cleveland. It was his second game back from injury, and his first walk-off homerun of his career. I got to be on the third baseline for that game, and it was an awesome experience getting to witness the whole thing right from the field.

Becca – My favorite play of the 2010 season was the last out of Roy Halladay’s perfect game. I will always remember standing in the crowd with all the other Phils fans that traveled to Florida that summer night. We were all holding our breaths with our cameras ready and incredibly
excited to be a part of baseball history. The roar of that crowd is something I will never forget!

Bridgette – Carlos Ruiz making the tough third out in game one of the NLDS against the Reds, putting a seal on Halladay’s no hitter. Although I wasn’t able to be at the game, I was certainly hootin’ and hollerin’ from my living room while jumping up and down on the couch.

Brittany – My favorite play from the season happened during the NLDS, it was the last out from the first game: when Ruiz threw out Brandon Phillips while being on his knees.

Victoria – My favorite play of the whole season was the backwards sliding catch Jayson Werth had into foul territory to catch to ball.

Fehran – All of them

Perrin – Super tough one. Tie between doc’s perfect game and no hitter in the playoffs.

Emily – The first playoff game when Ruiz made the last out of the game from his knees to save Halladay’s no-hitter!


are you kidding me with Utley with mvp infielder of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!! three errors in the play offs and three runs by the Giants !!!!!!!!! THEY LOST THOSE GAMES FROM THOSE ERRORS !!!!!! RUIZ MVP BEHIND THE PLATE AND WITH THE BAT… LETS WAKE UP PEOPLE……. SORRY UTLEY STILL LOVE YA

No way Utley MVP infielder for 2010. Four errors in play offs with Giants and cost them three runs that lost them the games. Ruiz , behind the plate for MVP infielder and with the bat. Sorry Utlley, still luv ya.

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