Phillies Ballgirl Tryouts 2011

On Friday November 5th, about 60 women had the opportunity to tryout for the 2011 Phillies Ballgirls team.  The tryouts were held at Citizen’s Bank Park in the media room and batting cages.  After sending in a 2 min DVD and resume, the girls were selected to attend this 3 hour intense tryout.  The 2010 Ballgirls were ready and waiting for the applicants when they arrived bright and early.

bgto1.JPGThey were all brought into the media room for the schedule and process briefing by our boss, Michele!

Following the meeting, the girls were split into many different groups and headed off to show their skills.

This Friday myself and a couple other returning ballgirls were able to help out at the 2011 ballgirl try outs.  Young women from all over the tri state area came in two different sessions starting at 9am and 11am.  My job of the day was to assist in the hitting portion of the try out (placing the softball in the pitching machine).  I must say there was definitely a ton of talent present at this tryout and the ballgirl softball team in 2011 will definitely benefit from the new ballgirls!  I loved asking the other girls where they played softball or went to school because throughout my years of playing I definitely recognize some faces.  Overall, I believe the tryout was a success and I excited to welcome the new ballgirls. 

Excitement was certainly in the air Friday morning as the 2011 ballgirl applicants arrived at Citizens Bank Park for this year’s tryouts. Having been in their shoes only twelve months prior, I could definitely relate to the butterflies the girls were experiencing about the process. Of the four stations the girls participated in- hitting, fielding, interview, and sprints (new this year!), the general consensus from the group was that the interview was the most nerve wracking stage. I got a chance to talk briefly to Kelley Bisceglie from Palmyra, NJ, who confessed to blanking out on a seemingly simple question despite the fact that she spent a great deal of time preparing for the interview. Nerves are certainly to be expected so in the event of a sudden moment of memory loss, it’s all about the recovery that matters. In attempt to ease the girls nerves, we decided on a quick ice breaker that we all know very well by now- the cupid shuffle. All the hootin’ and hollerin’ was sure to calm the girls down and allow them to be themselves throughout the remainder of their tryout.

Last Friday, the greatly-anticipated Ballgirl Tryouts was held at Citizens Bank Park. I think I can speak for all the ballgirls when I say that we felt a little anxious for the girls trying out, since most of us were in their same shoes just last year. Brittany and I enjoy reminiscing about our own tryout experience because we were back-to-back at every station. You definitely create a special bond with the girls you go through the day with, so we were very excited when we heard that we both got a spot on the team. My favorite part of tryouts this year was getting to talk to all of the girls and helping them to have fun and just take it all in. It’s not every day that people get to hit baseballs in the Phillies batting cages or have an interview with local news reporters. Oh, and let’s not forget the newly-added feature of this year’s tryouts…the Cupid Shuffle dance. If anything, the ballgirls enjoy being at the park together, and I hope that all the girls that came out felt the same way!

Being on the other end of the Ballgirl tryouts this year as a current Phillies Ballgirl was so much fun (and a lot less nerve-racking)!  It was funny to me that almost exactly a year ago I was just like all of the girls who walked into the tryouts this year, so I knew exactly what they were feeling: excitement, nerves, giddiness, awe…possibly nausea (kidding…but not really).  Since I was once in their shoes I was happy to be able to talk to a lot of the Ballgirl hopefuls and make an attempt to calm some of their nerves.  The tryouts were similar to what I remember from last year…the girls were able to show off their softball skills (which were very impressive I must say!) and they also were given a chance to show off their personalities in an on-camera interview.  I acted as an escort for the girls to bring them to their different stations, so I was able to get the inside scoop on the different questions they were asked in the interview…one of the girls even had to pull a “Katelyn” and sing “Take me out to the Ballgame” during her interview!  It was funny to hear about all of the different stories that the girls had.  At one point we, as Ballgirls, took it upon ourselves to create our own tryout portion…dancing!  We gathered all of the Ballgirl hopefuls and led them in the “Cupid Shuffle”.  It was all in good fun but the Ballgirls have been known to dance on the Phillies dugout occasionally so why not see if the new girls got the moves?!  Overall the tryouts were a blast and I am so excited to find out who the new additions will be to our Ballgirl squad for 2011!    

I’ll try to cover what the other ballgirls left out from tryouts… 

Patti and Katelyn were able to continue with ballgirl tradition and photograph all aspects of the tryout!

bgtopattiandkatelyn.JPGThe prospective ballgirls got the opportunity to try on all the ballgirl gear so we could be prepared for the next season. Here’s a hopeful in our warmup pants!

bgtouniform.JPGFielding is always a tough part of tryouts.  The nerves are running high and the balls are hit pretty fast.  Here, Becca and Emily look on at a ballgirl hopeful who made the grab!

bgtobecca.JPGThe interview is always a tough portion of the tryout process and very important!  We always have to be ready for public speaking.  Our advice – limit saying “um” and “like!”  Here’s the panel from one of the interviews… I’d say they are happy about our new girls!

bgtopanel.JPGWhere would tryouts be without this guy?!

bgtophanatic.JPGThere was a new part of tryouts this year.. the sprints! We have to make it to the bullpen and back pretty quickly, and these Phillies staffers were able to assist us in timing the ballgirl hopefuls!

bgtosprinting.JPGSam and Teresa, former ballgirls, dedicated their time and helped out with the hitting portion of tryouts!

bgtosamandteresa.JPGFinally, we gave the new girls a pep talk before tryouts and encouraged them to have fun, ask questions and enjoy their day at the ballpark.  We did!

bgtogrouptalk.JPGThank you to all of the girls who applied, and all that made it to tryouts. We had a pleasure meeting all of you and guiding you through the process.  We will be sure to update you with the newest girls of 2011!!!

Go Phils!

One last photo of all the ballgirls who worked at tryouts… two of us in our day job clothes!


Ever since I started watching the Phillies (my whole life) I’ve wanted to be a ball girl! I’m twelve years old and I live in Conshohocken, PA. I play softball for Conshohocken Little League and I pitch and plap third base. I wanted to know if I could try out to be a ball girl for the next season when I’m thirteen. I was curious if you had to be a certain age because I’ve been researching how to become a ball girl for a while. You can email my mom at It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while so I hope I hear back from you!

Thank you for your comment & for reading our blog!

In order to tryout to be a ballgirl you have to be at least 18 years of age so you have a little bit of time. We have all played softball our entire lives so keep playing and working hard and hopefully in a few years we will see you on the sidelines at CBP.

Good luck!

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