December 2010


It has been a thrilling few days in Philadelphia!!! Lots of wins, holiday cheer and of course, the acquisition of Cliff Lee.  This is an incredibly exciting time for the Phils during the offseason.  I was one of the many fans who was sad [to say the least] over the loss of Lee after the 2009 season.  He was a great force behind our team in the playoffs that year.  To have him back now to add to our already stacked rotation is incredible!  I cannot wait to see number 33 in action for the Phillies this year and many to come.  If Halladay says he is excited about the season – multiply that times 46,000 fans per game, 17 ballgirls and thousands more in the city of brotherly love and then Cliff could know how much we appreciate him picking us.   I’m not usually a nickname fan, but this is really an unbeLEEvable time for the Phillies.    Time to buy more tickets!!!  [Even though Todd Zolecki reports the Phils sold 35,000 after Lee was acquired]

Here are some of the reactions from the other ballgirls to the newest teammate for 2011.

Katelyn: I stayed up very late last night (early this morning!) to hear what the final decision was.  Once I heard, I couldn’t believe our luck!  I thought to myself I couldn’t wait for my chance to be on the field while Lee pitches!  Then I started laughing to myself thinking of how nervous and afraid every other team must be feeling right now… haha!

Tori: I was at work and my phone started vibrating non-stop, calls, texts you name it. I ran into the cafeteria and turn on espn to watch. I started jumping up and down, I absolutely could not believe it. Welcome back Cliff Lee🙂

McKenzie: I heard the rumors swirling last night, and woke up to three text messages I received during the middle of the night saying Cliff was back with the Phillies!! It’s amazing how it is December and all anybody is talking about is the Phillies, it is going to be an amazing season! It seemed like almost everyone was sad to see him go last year not only because of the talent he brings to the team, but also because he seemed like a very classy guy who added a great aspect to the team. Welcome back!!!!!

Jess: Dear Santa, THANK YOU!!! When I heard this amazing news, I was excited beyond belief. We have Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, and LEE…OMG! I am even more pumped for next season now! Baseball season better come fast. Merry Christmas, Philly! We got our gift early!

Becca: Beyond being incredibly exited to have such a talented rotation going into the 2011 season, I am most excited that Cliff Lee picked Philadelphia because he truly wants to be here. I think it says a lot about our club and organization as a whole that a player would turn down the offers he did to be a part of it. Now, since I spent all last night watching/reading up on all the Cliff Lee news, I really need to get back to studying for finals! 106 days till Opening Day baseball fans…Merry Cliffmas!

Kristina: What a way to begin my day!  I woke up this morning to the news of Cliff Lee coming back to Philadelphia.  This makes me even more excited for the 2011 season to start.  Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels now Lee, this year is going to be a memorable one.  Go Phillies!

Perrin: When I first heard we signed Cliff Lee (again) my reaction was immediate shock, then excitement! I can’t believe we landed the biggest ace in the free market to join an already remarkable rotation. It really says something about our management and the Phillies organization, but most of all about Lee. He left a lot on the table to move to the city of brotherly love which says a lot about his character. 2011 here we come!

Bridgette: Shocked, excited, overjoyed, proud…all of the above!

Bonnie: What a big day for Phillies baseball! I woke up this morning to text messages and a flood of Facebook statuses with the announcement. I was joking this morning that there’s no need to check the news anymore. Anything that’s really important will be posted all over Facebook and Twitter in a matter of seconds. So I was already well aware of Cliff Lee’s decision as I walked into work this morning. One article on the news was titled “Cliff Lee Chooses (Brotherly) Love over Money,” and I know many Phillies fans think he’s that much cooler because of it. Welcome back, Lee. You’ll be seeing a lot of brotherly love from this city come spring!

The Phillies Holiday Sale was yet again a wonderful success for both Phillies Charities and Phillies fans!  The ballgirls were in attendance on Saturday and Sunday for the sale which also included visits by Phanta Claus, Jimmy Rollins and more.

We had tons of signed Phillies merchandise for sale including signed bats, hats and baseballs:

signed hats.jpg
signed bats.jpg

We also had Phillies merchandise for all fans with great holiday sale prices!

bridgette sale.JPG
holiday field.JPG

Overall, the ballgirls had a great time meeting some enthusiastic fans and collectors, the tree looks great and the field was in great condition for 2011!

Happy Holidays!!!


Did you know????

Thumbnail image for phantaclaus.JPGFirst, the ballgirls will be working as Phanta Claus’ elves this weekend at the annual Holiday sale at Citizen’s Bank Park!!  I worked this event last year and we all had so much fun. This year there will be plenty for you and your family to enjoy!  Think – 3 book signings[Chris Wheeler, Len Epstein and fellow Phillies blogger Todd Zolecki], pictures with Phanta Claus and an appearance by none other than Jimmy Rollins!!!  Here is a photo of Phanta Clause himself (and a few ballgirl friends from 2009)

We will be there from 9:30 to 6 pm on Saturday and 9:30 to 3 PM on Sunday.  There will be plenty of merchandise for you to get that special Phillies fan in your life – especially new Roy Halladay gear!  Jimmy will be there to help light the tree at 5 PM Saturday – see you there!!



Second, the votes are being tallied for the final ballgirl spot as we speak…and the winner is….GENEVIEVE!  Congrats and welcome to the 2011 Phillies Ballgirls presented by Macy’s

Third, Phillies six packs are now available for purchase just in time for the holidays. It’s a great way to see the 2011 Phillies and ballgirls!!! 

The votes have been counted….

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fans Cast Nearly 184,000 Votes to Select New Phillies Ballgirl
Presented by Macy’s
Final Phillies Ballgirl Roster Announced
 Nearly 184,000 votes were cast online at to select the final member for the 2011 Phillies Ballgirls team, a program presented by Macy’s. Genevieve Haney from Levittown, Pa., a marketing coordinator for Villanova University, received the most votes. As a result, she is the newest member of the 2011 Phillies Ballgirl team.

 This was the second time the team opened up the final ballgirl spot to online voting. Haney was one of five candidates in the two-week voting opportunity, which ended Tuesday, November 30. Fans had the chance to view biographies of the final candidates, as well as a brief video from ballgirl tryouts held in early November. The candidates were narrowed from tryouts.

 “The fan response to select the final Phillies Ballgirl through online voting was truly amazing,” said Michele DeVicaris, Manager, Phillies Community and Charity Events. “Genevieve, as well as the six other young women who will be joining this season’s ballgirl roster, will no doubt be terrific role models both on and off the field.”

2011 Newly-Selected Phillies Ballgirls
? Moira DiSandro from Ambler, Pa., University of Delaware student
? Genevieve Haney from Levittown, Pa., a marketing coordinator for Villanova University
? Leanne McCarron from Norwood, Pa., a coordinator at University of Pennsylvania Law School
? Samantha McDonald from Warrington, Pa., an Environmental Resource Management Major at Pennsylvania State University
? Jamie Orensky from Philadelphia, Pa., a civil engineer who attended the University of Delaware
? Maureen Shockley from Magnolia, NJ, an assistant softball coach and currently enrolled in the MBA Finance program at Centenary College
? Samantha Torres from Pennsauken, NJ, Camden County College student and softball star athlete

 Phillies Ballgirls serve as ambassadors for the Phillies and represent the team both on and off the field at various charity and community events. For more information, please visit