The holidays have come and gone, and we were incredibly busy with family, food and travel.  The ballgirls were all over the map this holiday season, with Amanda traveling the farthest. (She was visiting Riviera Maya in Mexico!)   We are definitely jealous of her tan, considering the amount of snow we had over the holiday.  We were still able to see family but some of us had to cancel some plans as the area was covered in a giant snow drift!


Jess was busy with Christmas at her Gram’s house with relatives, Bonnie was in South Carolina with family involved in a big weekend of games (including a card game called Spot it) while Kristina was doing a big meal and relaxing with family.


Katie was doing Christmas with her family three times and remembering her Nonna with a “Nonna Pollyanna” game this year.  Becca was busy eating Italian food and laughing til her stomach hurt all over while discussing the acquisition of Cliff Lee!  Perrin spent her last single girl holiday with her friends and family locally.  Tori had a huge family brunch with all the foods you could want and then got to relax with the family.


Bridgette was excited to celebrate the holidays and her nieces first birthday on Christmas day as well.  Katelyn was in Bethlehem visiting family on Christmas Eve and was back home for the holiday with her cousins. 


Fehran was relaxing and basking in Christmas Cheer with her new husband as well as testing out her baking skills.  Brittany was spending time with family working on lots of Christmas cookies!  I was able to spend the holidays with the extended family and relax a few extra days.


Overall we were very fortunate to escape the snow and enjoy the down time with our families and friends.  Some of us even got together to ring in 2011 – Patti, McKenzie, Jess, Katie, Bonnie, Tori, Lindsay and Katelyn and the rest of the 2010 Ballgirls wish you a very happy and healthy new year!!!!!!!


For 2011, we have quite a lot to look forward to.  The season will be underway before we know it and the new ballgirls are getting ready to take the spots of the six of us who will be entering ballgirl retirement.  Look out for our last Veteran blog coming soon and get excited to meet the new fresh faces of the 2011 ballgirls!!!!


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