Ballgirl Photoshoot 2011

Hey Phillies fans! It’s a new year filled with some new ballgirl faces and what is sure to be another great season at Citizen Bank Park. It is my pleasure to welcome you along for the ride as myself, and fellow veteran Bonnie, take over the blog and give you the behind the scenes peek of life as a Phillies Ballgirl. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you, talking sports, and of course, hearing your thoughts as well. We’ll be seeing you out and about in the Philadelphia area soon and you better believe we’ll have our 2011 trading cards ready! Below the girls have shared what the annual photo shoot was like. You might notice a few new faces. Stay tuned to learn more about them soon!

Becca & Bonnie

Bridgette: Around 7 a.m. on the morning of this year’s photo shoot I awoke to find a thick blanket of snow covering the ground outside my house. Upon learning that the storm’s intensity was directed primarily towards areas east of the city, I ventured out onto the snowy NJ roads determined to make it to Citizens Bank Park in time for one of the most exciting days of the year. Being that it was the first time us vets would be together with the new girls since the day of tryouts I was eager not only to welcome them to the team, but to witness them experience the same initial excitement we had felt just one year ago. After reviewing the ins and outs of what the ballgirl position entails, it came time for the fun part…our close-ups! Personally, I felt much more comfortable in front of the camera than at last year’s photo shoot, thanks to the styling expertise of Katelyn and Patti who made sure each of us were looking our best. The shoot seemed to be over in a flash, and now we must patiently await the arrival of the set of proofs we get to decide from for our ballgirl card photo. Great job to both the vets and the new girls who have their first official ballgirl experience under their belt, “it’s only gonna get funner!”

I had a blast at the photo shoot this year!  It felt pretty strange to have my first official event as a BG vet, but it was awesome meeting some of the new rookies of the 2011 season!  I think this year I was definitely much more comfortable in front of the camera…and I don’t want to toot my own horn here but I think the girls will vouch for me when I say that I totally “worked it”.  Juuust kidding!  But seriously everyone looked fabulous and I can’t wait to see how our baseball cards and team picture turn out!  The photoshoot made me sooo excited for the season to start back up and to meet the rest of our 2011 ballgirl team!

Maureen: It’s hard to explain the excitement and the nerves on your first day. As a rookie, you walk in and you’re like a little kid trying to absorb every site and sound going on around you. You realize you’re able to go places that very few people get to go and you’re totally in awe of it all. I arrived very early and tried to calm my nerves before walking in. Once inside with the other girls, my nerves settled quickly. Everyone was so nice and helpful it instantly set me at ease. Seeing my jersey for the first time was an amazing feeling. I felt my face light up. Once you put it on it starts to really hit you, I’m so lucky, this is really happening. I watched a veteran take her photos and since I was ready I went second. It was easier than I thought! Kristina was great, helping adjust my hair and give me tips while my photos were being shot. It’s not every day you get to do something like that and it was so much fun. The best part of the shoot was when Tori convinced everyone to do a pyramid and we managed to pull it off with a lot of laughing and possibly crushing the bottom row, sorry! I couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was a great way to kick of the 2011 season and I can’t wait for my first event and my first game!

The photo shoot is something that I was really looking forward to this year.  Being this was my second ballgirl photo shoot I knew exactly what to expect and I wanted to help the rookies feel comfortable.  I remember last year being very nervous about the shoot solely because I didn’t know what to expect!  Meeting a few of the new girls and finally seeing a few of the vets who I have missed dearly made the afternoon an enjoyable one.

As far as the shoot goes, I told myself I was going to take a lot of pictures with my personal camera to “capture the moment” but of course I was too busy talking so I only got a few quality shots.  I tried to help the girls as much as I could while in their poses to make those last touches like placing hair to ensure that the pictures come out perfect!  I can’t wait to see how the group shot comes out, yay for the 2011 season!

I was both very anxious and slightly nervous for my first activity as a 2011 Phillies Ballgirl. I arrived in the parking lot at the same time as some of the Vets and was lucky enough to follow their lead. They comfortably showed me the way to our photo shoot, which was surreal in itself. I was at Citizens Bank Park and not just as a loyal fan this time. As unbelievable as the whole situation seemed, the girls were all so friendly and down to earth which made it easier to see myself as one of them. We had a brief orientation of the responsibilities and expectations of being a ballgirl and just imagining all of the activities and events that I will have the opportunity to be a part of was exciting. Then, it was time to change into our 2011 pinstripes. When I saw the jersey with my name on the back, it finally hit me.  I’m really going to be a Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirl! The rest of the day flew by.  We took turns taking our individual shots, standard headshots and some posing with a bat, glove and softball. I certainly didn’t feel like a natural up there, to say the least, but all of the other girls were very encouraging.  I trust them. J Next, it was time for our group shots, but before we could begin, someone just happened to notice that we had the perfect amount of girls for a pyramid.  We couldn’t resist giving it a shot.  Although I wasn’t able to actually see the final outcome of our ballgirl pyramid, the laughs alone made it a success in my book.   (And the fact that no one was injured in the process!) Finally, we took our official group shots and it was time to head home, until next time.  After my initial exploit as a Phillies Ballgirl, I’m anxious to see how the pictures turned out, but even more so, for the 2011 season to begin!

Bonnie: The beauty of getting a new Ballgirl card this season is that I get to change things up from last year. I was looking forward to switching up my hairstyle and grateful that I get to pick a new “one word that describes me” on the back of my card. People always enjoyed teasing me on that one. The best part of the photo shoot was meeting some of the rookies and hanging out for a couple hours. With Katelyn as our stylist, Patti as our guest photographer, and our boss Michele playing DJ with the tunes, we managed to turn this event into a great memory

Jess: The photo shoot was so much fun this year. Although I’m not fond of having to model, it was a lot of fun meeting all the new girls and seeing the returning vets.  The day made me even more pumped for this upcoming season.  We have such a great group of girls again.  I can already tell this season will be just as good as last season when it comes to the ballgirls.  Get ready Phillies Phans, the ballgirls are back!

I had so many emotions running through my body that morning! I was like a little kid the morning of the shoot, what do I wear, how many pictures are we going to take, is my first official Phillies day as a ballgirl going to be cancelled because of all this snow!? Thankfully everyone made it to Citizens Bank Park safe and luckily for me, Brittany was there to show me where I was going.  It was great to meet everyone and the Vets were so nice and welcoming.  We had a blast listening to music and doing the shoot and a special thanks to Katelyn and Patti for being our hair stylists during the session. The best part of the shoot was finally being able to put on my uniform.  I think for me, that’s when I realized that my dream of being a ballgirl had finally become a reality and it’s a memory I will never forget!

Samantha M: While driving to Citizens Bank Park for the first time as an official ballgirl, I was still in shock that I had actually been picked for what I know will be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Stepping in front of the mirror for the first time wearing my very own Ballgirl uniform was definitely a point of realization for me! After seeing myself in those red and white pinstripes, I finally really felt like one of the girls.  I was definitely more excited than nervous to be in front of the camera for our photo shoot (I guess I always secretly wished I could be a model for a day).  With the help of the vets, I think I got at least one decent photo where my eyes weren’t closed or my hair wasn’t sticking straight up.  I definitely have to give a shout out to Patti who was my hairstylist for the day!  I would be looking at my bad hair day on thousands of trading cards for weeks without her! Many of the other girls gave me tips and calmed my nerves, which made getting in front of the camera so much easier. I can’t wait to get the pictures back to see how they turned out, but either way I had a blast! It’s hard to believe this experience is considered work, but as far as my first day on the job goes, it was a great kick off for an amazing 2011 Phillies season.

Ah, Photoshoot day.  I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since my first one!  I remember just how I felt when I had my picture taken in front of all these girls I had just met.  I was very excited this year not because I would be getting my picture taken, but so I could finally meet some of the new rookies!  Each girl was nicer than the one before and judging by the small amount of time we got to spend with each other, I could tell we are all going to get along really well.  Sammy rocked some poses like a pro, while some veteran ballgirls used a bat in their pictures instead of the glove and softball props they had used the year before.  We all helped each other with our hair to make sure it looked picture perfect even though Genevieve and Samantha’s hair didn’t need fixing!! All in all, it was everything I expected.  Now I can look forward to picking my new trading card picture!



Leanne: For me, photo shoot day was, is, and hopefully will be my most nerve-wracking experience as a Phillies Ballgirl (aside from my first on-field experience).  Before that day, the culmination of my photo shoot “career” had ended with high school senior portraits, and I never predicted having serious professional pictures taken ever again.  But, the second I put my uniform on, looked in the mirror, and saw my name on the back of a Phillies jersey – it hit me how real this is.  I’m now part of the Phillies organization, but even more important, part of an amazing group of young women who share a love for Philadelphia baseball.  To ease our “rookie-nerves” (that’s what I’m gonna call them), the veterans coached us through the picture-taking and reminded us that they were in our shoes one short year ago (while we were literally in their shoes that day since we were short a few pairs and had to share).  All in all, it was a great first experience as a Phillies Ballgirl (I say before seeing how the pictures turned out) and I can’t wait for what hopes to be a year full of firsts!

Brittany: Although my cheeks hurt from smiling so much I think most of my excitement was from meeting the rookies at the photo shoot. Everyone was so excited and we all helped each other to get that “perfect” shot for our trading cards. Last year during my photo shoot, the baseball bat was missing in action, so I planned on taking the most pictures with it as my prop.  I’m hoping my plan worked and I’ll have a trading card with the bat!

This photo shoot was the first event that the new Vets were on the other side of the table! However even though it was a little bit of a relief from last year, I still have to admit just like last year I lost a little bit of sleep over it. I was excited to have the chance to meet some of the new girls and get to know them a little bit before we get consumed with the season. The vets were eager to help them relax for the shoot, suggest some poses, and aid in any stray hair smoothing (this step is critical). They were great! I think secretly some of them had practiced and most didn’t need our help, but were polite enough to make us feel useful (we’re appreciative). And of course, I had the opportunity to snap some pics myself. The day was a blast and made me all the more anxious to continue to get to know the girls and get the season underway. As for my own photo shoot, here’s to hoping my eyes were open…

Moira: Wow!  I cannot even describe the range of emotions that I have already experienced while walking through the doors of Citizens Bank Park…from uncontrollable nerves on the day of the final interviews to complete and utter excitement on the morning of the photo shoot!  I could not wait to meet the veteran ballgirls once again and meet my fellow rookies for the very first time.  While all of the events and requirements of being a ballgirl were discussed during our meeting, it hit me…I finally was living out my dream of being a Phillies Ballgirl!  I wanted to get started with the amazing opportunity that very moment…and skip over the photo shoot part!  While I really do not enjoy pictures, I basked in the amazing feeling of having my ballgirl uniform on for the very first time and smiled until my cheeks hurt!  Overall, the day was a great preview to what I am sure will be many more exciting times at Citizens Bank Park!

Samantha T: The first thing that came to my mind was, “Is this really happening?” Till this day I still cannot believe I’m a Phillies Ballgirl! Going into the photo shoot as one of, “the new girls” was very nerve racking. I did not know what to expect, at this point I was just praying for the best. When I finally met the other girls and experienced how nice and welcoming they were, I defiantly had nothing to worry about. Being in a real photo shoot was exciting, but having my own jersey with my name was out of this world amazing! I couldn’t wait to put it on and look into the mirror as a Phillies Ballgirl of 2011!! As I was getting ready I started to think, “WAIT, what am I going to do in front of the camera? How am I supposed to pose?” I started to get nervous once again! After seeing the other ballgirls posing in their pictures I started to get an idea and the nervousness started to go away. At the end of the photo shoot my cheeks were hurting and I was blind from the bright lights, but it was definitely worth it! I know there is more to come and I am ready for it! It is a privilege to be working for an amazing organization and being around the greatest fans!

This year going into the ballgirl photo shoot I was just as excited to meet the new girls but I wasn’t as nervous. It was definitely easier knowing what to expect. Just like any typical girl the questions of how to wear my hair?… to do my make-up?…..and how to pose? were running through my head a few days prior.  Back in December I cut 9 1/2 inches off my hair to donate to Locks of Love, which was well worth it, but I did however miss having the option to curl my long locks.  I think the photo shoot is always a really nice ice breaker among the girls because each ballgirl’s personality really comes shinning through. Getting the proofs back is always interesting to see how pictures our eyes were closed for, how many pictures we were laughing rather than smiling and how many just look completely awkward. But, there’s always that one that stands out the most and becomes our trading card picture for the season.

Becca: You would think that the second time around would be different, but I still couldn’t contain the huge grin that took over my face as I put on my pinstripes. Being back at the park felt GREAT! It was nice, as always, to be with my fellow vets and great to welcome and meet some of the new girls. I still feel like I need someone to pinch me, and this is my second year! By the end of the day, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much, but all I could think of was here comes another AMAZING season!



Wow. I simply have to make the trip to Philly to see the prettiest girls in baseball. Hope you all have a fun season.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Is’nt Maureen the greatest?!!!! Congrats from your uncle!!

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