February 2011

Phillies Spring Training Predictions

Get your DVR’s ready, folks. This Phillies season won’t be lacking in moments that you’ll be wanting to rewind and watch again in slow motion. It’s no news to anyone that our pitching rotation could be one of the best in history, but there’s so much more that has to fall into place to take this team to the World Series. Fans are already checking out the new prospects in Clearwater and predicting who will hit the field on Opening Day. Like of the rest of you avid fans, the ballgirls are anxiously awaiting what will shape up during Spring Training and have our own predictions of what’s to come for this exciting season.

With the Phillies heading down south to prepare for the long awaited season, I have much anticipation about the bullpen, who will bat in the 5th spot and who will replace Jayson Werth.  I’m interested to see how Brad Lidge performs since he didn’t have to endure 2 surgery’s like he did last off season.  I am also interested to see how Jimmy Rollins will come back this year with some much needed rest. My fingers are crossed for a big come back season for him.  Since Jayson Werth moved onto the Nationals (tear), this leaves the notorious question of who will replace him for the Phillies?  I think with a little work on his performance at the plate, Mayberry could be a great candidate as well as Ben Francisco.  I really hope that Dominic Brown can bounce back from his not so great fall season and fine tune his talent for the upcoming season.  Also with Werth being gone I am anxious to see who will fill the 5th spot in the hitting line up, time will tell….

Finally!  Warm weather, Phillies baseball, and the beginning of what should be an extremely exciting season!  With Werth no longer a part of the squad, I think we will see a lot of Ben Francisco in right field while sharing some of that time with Dominic Brown.  With that being said, Dominic Brown will be the obvious prospect to look out for, but he’s not the only player we should be excited about!  Jonathan Singleton is going to try to stray away from his natural position of first base because we all know that is Ryan Howard’s stomping grounds.  Instead, he will try to find a place to call home in the outfield, which could turn into something great!  As for the bullpen, we will be golden if Lidge and Madson live up to what they are capable of…hopefully we will not need to access the bullpen much with our AMAZING rotation!  In regards to offense, we definitely need a big year from Jimmy Rollins this year regardless of his number in the lineup because when Jimmy’s on, the rest of the team follows.  Overall, this season has such awesome potential and I truly believe that it’s safe to say that each and every one of our opponents will be nervous to face us in 2011!

With the temperatures rising in the Philadelphia area I continue to get more excited for the 2011 season to start.  Since I can’t travel to Florida this year I continually watch the news/sports center for coverage of Phillies Spring Training.  I am so ready for warm weather, baseball, and red pinstripes!   One of my predictions for the 2011 season is a break out year for outfielder Domonic Brown.  Last year he got a taste of the big leagues and I feel this year he will really come into his own and be a major contributor defensively as well as at the plate. 

What can I say about this upcoming season that might possibly be one of the most dominating in years! With solid fielding in all positions the Phillies defense is sure to be one of the strongest in the league! After an off-season to recover, I predict Jimmy Rollins will be back at the top of his game and making the amazing double plays with his teammate in the middle infield, Chase Utley.  I think, in place of jason werth in right field, Dominic Brown will show he has what it takes to make the starting lineup and compete with the best.  After working on his hitting in the off-season with Greg Gross, Brown will be ready to play!  I can’t wait to experience what will definitely be a dominant season!

I not quite sure what my predictions are about Brown taking over in left field, but I do know that I am extremely excited to see how it goes! While I think we will miss Werth’s field coverage, great arm, and presence at the plate, I always enjoying watching young players come through the system and seeing what they can do. I’m also really looking forward to seeing the adjustments our offence has made, especially Ryan Howard. I think that watching our incredible lineup finally come together will be great and I can’t wait to see them all come home and play at Citizen Bank Park!

The best part of February is finally here–Spring Training time!!! Like most people, I expect great things from the Phillies this year.  I predict that right field will be shared by Ben Francisco and Domonic Brown but Spring Training will be the true test.  I think that our bullpen might not be very busy this year considering who our starting pitchers are!  I think that Chase Utley will step up and have a much better offensive season this year. I am excited to see some of the new prospects when I make my trip down the Clearwater in March.  I also agree with Jimmy Rollins’ prediction that this year will break the MLB record for most wins in history!

As far as predictions for this season go, I’d like to see John Mayberry Jr. and Ben Francisco step up to fill the shoes of Jayson Werth in left field. I’d also like to see the team rally offensively, and for the line-up to stay healthy without any major injuries, especially among the team leaders.

I cannot wait for Spring Training this year because it means our 2nd annual trip to Clearwater! I’m hoping we’ll get to see some stellar performances by DBrown in rightfield. As far as predictions for the unraveling of the season, clearly everyone is stoked about our bullpen but I’m still a little disappointed about my predictions last season falling through so I’m going to play it safe here and just predict “awesomeness”…can’t argue with that.

The right-handed hitting slot, left vacant by Werth’s departure, presents a prime opportunity for Francisco or Mayberry to fill the void in this powerful left-handed hitting lineup. I also am predicting that Rollins will have a career year by topping his personal highs for battings average, runs scored, and stolen bases. He’ll be the offensive spark plug that they’ll need to carry them to another winning season.

First Day of Phillies 2011 Ticket Sales

You never fail to impress us Phillies fans. The turn out for the first day of ticket sales was great! Tori, Leanne, and Jess were at the gates for the big event on Thursday and captured a few shots we would like to share for those who missed. You can of course still call the ticket office or go online if you weren’t able to purchase tickets in person on Thursday. Hurry up and get your hands on some and we’ll see you at the park soon!


Leanna and Jess are all smiles as they anxiously wait for sales to start.


The lines were long, but that didn’t stop the determined fans.


This group of fans was particularly determined. They waited from 7:00pm Wednesday night until 8:30am Thursday morning to secure their spot at the very front of the line. Major props to Rob (left, back
row) for being the first in line for the second year in a row!


The Phanatic even came out to show his excitement and appreciation to all the waiting fans.


At the end of the day, there were many satisfied buyers who proclaimed their purchases were well worth the wait.

Introducing our 2011 Rookie Ballgirls

My apologies…you’ve seen their pics from our photo shoot and have probably seen their names multiple times, but we’ve yet to officially introduce you to our Rookies for 2011! We took a few top fan questions (and some questions we just think are fun) and polled the new girls. Of course, the one thing we all have in common is our love for the Phillies and the great game of baseball, but besides that, the Rookies have some interesting stories I’ll let them tell you about…
– Bonnie

jamie.JPGName: Jamie

Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Softball position: 2nd and 3rd mainly, with some SS and catcher mixed in

Favorite ballpark food: Crab fries, with cheese!

Job: Transportation engineer

Favorite Phillies memory: Hopefully, yet to come.  But so far…I think that I smiled for a week straight after the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.  It doesn’t get much better than that. Going to the parade and celebrating with all of the other loyal fans was one of the best days that I can remember!




moira.JPGName: Moira

Hometown: Ambler, Pennsylvania

Softball position: 1st base

Favorite ballpark food: Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries

School: University of Delaware

Favorite Phillies memory: Finding out I was a 2011 Phillies Ballgirl!!!!













sammyt.JPGName: Samantha (nickname Sam)

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Softball position: Third base, Short stop

Favorite ballpark food: Hot dog

School: Camden County College

Favorite Phillies memory: My favorite Phillies memory is, watching Halladay pitch a no-hitter in his first play-off game.






Thumbnail image for maureen.JPGName: Maureen (nickname Mo)

Hometown: Gloucester Twp., NJ

Softball position: Center field

Favorite ballpark food: Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries

Job/school: Moorestown Running Company
Assistant Softball Coach at Centenary College
Graduate student at Centenary College

Favorite Phillies memory: My favorite Phillies moment is when they won the World Series in 2008. I was in college at Montlciar State watching the game in my apartment with my softball teammates who are all Mets or Yankee fans. When we won I was so excited that I screamed and ran around my apartment! I knew I had to go to the parade. On parade day we were suppose to go with two of my friends and my parents. When we arrived at the PATCO station to catch the train there was a huge line for tickets and we knew we’d never make it in time. My Dad took one for the team and decided to drive us over the Ben Franklin and into Philly to drop off my Mom, myself and my friends. He went home to watch the parade on tv since there wasn’t any parking and said to call him and he would pick us back up. We saw the whole parade and had a blast with all the Phillies Phans! After the parade, we decided it would be fun to walk over the bridge and have my dad pick us up on the Jersey side. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!


Gen.JPGName: Genevieve. A lot of people call me Gen, but it must be spelled with a G! My family calls me Gigi and a majorityof my friends call me G, Vieve, Gvieve, or Geeg.

Hometown: Levittown, PA

Softball position: Third base

Favorite ballpark food: Crab fries

Job/School: Coordinator of New Media & Marketing for Villanova Athletics/ Hofstra University

Favorite Phillies memory: Besides becoming a ballgirl, my favorite Phillies memory was being able to watch the Phillies win the World Series in New York! I was working there at the time so I made sure everyone knew that I was a Phillies Phan!




sammymc.JPGName: Sammy

Hometown: Warrington, PA

Softball position: Outfielder

Favorite ballpark food: Soft pretzels

School: Penn State University

Favorite Phillies memory: Watching my dad jump up and down and dance after the final pitch by Lidge in the final game of the World Series.






leanne.JPGName: Leanne

Hometown: Norwood, PA

Softball position: Catcher/Shortstop

Favorite ballpark food:  Dollar dogs (have to be wrapped in foil)

Job/school:  Coordinator and student (pre-dental at UPenn)

Favorite Phillies memory:  Travelling down to D.C. last year to see the Phillies play – the night after Roy Halladay threw a two-hit shutout and the Phillies clinched the NL East title – and making it on TV with our “It’s Always Phunner in Philadelphia” sign (and almost catching Raul Ibanez’s homerun!).


Phillies Ballgirls Super Bowl XLV Predictions

Perhaps it was the recent trading card photo shoot that inspired this week’s blog? Or maybe it’s all the pre Super Bowl excitement in the air? Whatever it is, we sure did have a fun time with the blog this week. The ballgirls and I wanted to share our Super Bowl predictions with you and we decided to get creative. Below is a collection of poses/dances that exemplify how each of us would celebrate if we were to score a touch down during the big game. 

Bonnie would celebrate by jumping into the crowd of screaming fans while Bridgette would bust out the dougie dance move.




















Brittany would be so overcome with joy that should would not be able to contain herself and would be cart-wheeling all over the end zone.


3brittany.JPGOther ladies would strike a pose for the paparazzi while Patti would be calling the shots in black and white stripes.

Thumbnail image for 4patti.JPG












Thumbnail image for 5tori.JPG






















15becca.JPGNo matter what team you are rooting for, we hope you enjoy watching the game as much as we did taking these snap shots!