Phillies Ballgirls Super Bowl XLV Predictions

Perhaps it was the recent trading card photo shoot that inspired this week’s blog? Or maybe it’s all the pre Super Bowl excitement in the air? Whatever it is, we sure did have a fun time with the blog this week. The ballgirls and I wanted to share our Super Bowl predictions with you and we decided to get creative. Below is a collection of poses/dances that exemplify how each of us would celebrate if we were to score a touch down during the big game. 

Bonnie would celebrate by jumping into the crowd of screaming fans while Bridgette would bust out the dougie dance move.




















Brittany would be so overcome with joy that should would not be able to contain herself and would be cart-wheeling all over the end zone.


3brittany.JPGOther ladies would strike a pose for the paparazzi while Patti would be calling the shots in black and white stripes.

Thumbnail image for 4patti.JPG












Thumbnail image for 5tori.JPG






















15becca.JPGNo matter what team you are rooting for, we hope you enjoy watching the game as much as we did taking these snap shots!

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