Introducing our 2011 Rookie Ballgirls

My apologies…you’ve seen their pics from our photo shoot and have probably seen their names multiple times, but we’ve yet to officially introduce you to our Rookies for 2011! We took a few top fan questions (and some questions we just think are fun) and polled the new girls. Of course, the one thing we all have in common is our love for the Phillies and the great game of baseball, but besides that, the Rookies have some interesting stories I’ll let them tell you about…
– Bonnie

jamie.JPGName: Jamie

Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Softball position: 2nd and 3rd mainly, with some SS and catcher mixed in

Favorite ballpark food: Crab fries, with cheese!

Job: Transportation engineer

Favorite Phillies memory: Hopefully, yet to come.  But so far…I think that I smiled for a week straight after the Phillies won the World Series in 2008.  It doesn’t get much better than that. Going to the parade and celebrating with all of the other loyal fans was one of the best days that I can remember!




moira.JPGName: Moira

Hometown: Ambler, Pennsylvania

Softball position: 1st base

Favorite ballpark food: Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries

School: University of Delaware

Favorite Phillies memory: Finding out I was a 2011 Phillies Ballgirl!!!!













sammyt.JPGName: Samantha (nickname Sam)

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Softball position: Third base, Short stop

Favorite ballpark food: Hot dog

School: Camden County College

Favorite Phillies memory: My favorite Phillies memory is, watching Halladay pitch a no-hitter in his first play-off game.






Thumbnail image for maureen.JPGName: Maureen (nickname Mo)

Hometown: Gloucester Twp., NJ

Softball position: Center field

Favorite ballpark food: Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries

Job/school: Moorestown Running Company
Assistant Softball Coach at Centenary College
Graduate student at Centenary College

Favorite Phillies memory: My favorite Phillies moment is when they won the World Series in 2008. I was in college at Montlciar State watching the game in my apartment with my softball teammates who are all Mets or Yankee fans. When we won I was so excited that I screamed and ran around my apartment! I knew I had to go to the parade. On parade day we were suppose to go with two of my friends and my parents. When we arrived at the PATCO station to catch the train there was a huge line for tickets and we knew we’d never make it in time. My Dad took one for the team and decided to drive us over the Ben Franklin and into Philly to drop off my Mom, myself and my friends. He went home to watch the parade on tv since there wasn’t any parking and said to call him and he would pick us back up. We saw the whole parade and had a blast with all the Phillies Phans! After the parade, we decided it would be fun to walk over the bridge and have my dad pick us up on the Jersey side. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!


Gen.JPGName: Genevieve. A lot of people call me Gen, but it must be spelled with a G! My family calls me Gigi and a majorityof my friends call me G, Vieve, Gvieve, or Geeg.

Hometown: Levittown, PA

Softball position: Third base

Favorite ballpark food: Crab fries

Job/School: Coordinator of New Media & Marketing for Villanova Athletics/ Hofstra University

Favorite Phillies memory: Besides becoming a ballgirl, my favorite Phillies memory was being able to watch the Phillies win the World Series in New York! I was working there at the time so I made sure everyone knew that I was a Phillies Phan!




sammymc.JPGName: Sammy

Hometown: Warrington, PA

Softball position: Outfielder

Favorite ballpark food: Soft pretzels

School: Penn State University

Favorite Phillies memory: Watching my dad jump up and down and dance after the final pitch by Lidge in the final game of the World Series.






leanne.JPGName: Leanne

Hometown: Norwood, PA

Softball position: Catcher/Shortstop

Favorite ballpark food:  Dollar dogs (have to be wrapped in foil)

Job/school:  Coordinator and student (pre-dental at UPenn)

Favorite Phillies memory:  Travelling down to D.C. last year to see the Phillies play – the night after Roy Halladay threw a two-hit shutout and the Phillies clinched the NL East title – and making it on TV with our “It’s Always Phunner in Philadelphia” sign (and almost catching Raul Ibanez’s homerun!).


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