First Day of Phillies 2011 Ticket Sales

You never fail to impress us Phillies fans. The turn out for the first day of ticket sales was great! Tori, Leanne, and Jess were at the gates for the big event on Thursday and captured a few shots we would like to share for those who missed. You can of course still call the ticket office or go online if you weren’t able to purchase tickets in person on Thursday. Hurry up and get your hands on some and we’ll see you at the park soon!


Leanna and Jess are all smiles as they anxiously wait for sales to start.


The lines were long, but that didn’t stop the determined fans.


This group of fans was particularly determined. They waited from 7:00pm Wednesday night until 8:30am Thursday morning to secure their spot at the very front of the line. Major props to Rob (left, back
row) for being the first in line for the second year in a row!


The Phanatic even came out to show his excitement and appreciation to all the waiting fans.


At the end of the day, there were many satisfied buyers who proclaimed their purchases were well worth the wait.

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