Annual Softball Clinic Highlights

“Buy me some peanuts and Apple Jacks…” Who wouldn’t have smiled at this new rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame that was sung by a young girl at our softball clinic last Sunday at Flanigan Center] in Newtown Square? This event is a ballgirl tradition that we always look forward to because we get to spend an afternoon hanging out with some pretty cool 6-12 year olds. The girls arrive decked out in their Phillies gear and ready for a fun day of softball.


bgintros.JPGWe split up into stations and allowed each group of girls to spend 20 minutes at each spot. All the groups got to pick their own team names, and I knew it would be an exciting day when my first group called themselves the Chunky Funky Hunky Monkeys.  After we stretched out, the girls put their softball skills to the test.


bridgettestretching.JPGBecca, Jamie, Samantha, and I were working on infielding skills.

Thumbnail image for samanthafielding.JPGWe played a game that the goal was to throw grounders past the other team to eliminate their players. As you can see, Becca gave it her all, but the nine year olds won out and made us proud!

beccaplays game.JPGKatelyn, a slugger herself, taught the basics of hitting and showed the girls how to “squish a bug” when up at bat.

katelyn teaches hitting.JPGPatti and Bridgette seemed to be enjoying themselves while running the outfielding station.

pattiandbridgette.JPGBrittany and Sammy made sure the girls knew how to catch a pop up with both hands.

britandsammy.JPGAt the end of the clinic, all of the girls got to take home their own whammy hands, and we quizzed them with some Phillies trivia. I was especially impressed by the girls who knew how many games the Phillies play in a season. You could tell they really knew their stuff. With such great softball skills and a lot of love for the Phillies, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few rising ballgirls come from this group. Just a few more years, and we’ll be looking for them on the sidelines!

 If you are interested in having the Phillies Ballgirls host a clinic for your softball team, please contact Michele DeVicaris at

Go Phils!


Hey Bonnie,

Nice to see you are running the blog. Would like to see more articles about the softball aspect especially when you guys play other teams for charity. I don’t really hear that much about it.

On a side note. I am only buying my raffle tickets from you. I won the Ryan Howard signed ball during the NLCS. Thanks again : )

Hey Bob,

It’s so great to hear that the raffle ticket you bought was the winning number! We always joke that we’d like to know who sold the winning ticket but usually never find out. Love your idea about our charity softball games. We will make sure to cover those in upcoming blogs. If you have any more ideas, we’d love to hear!


My daughter would love to attend one of these. She goes to all the camps and clinics at the local college here, and the girls love working with her. You girls would probably find her a lot of fun, too.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

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