Ballgirl Phillies Spring Training Trip

Spring training.  Where do I start? It was a bit of a challenge to get used to 30 degree weather when we just had 4 days of sun and 85 degrees.  The only thing keeping me focused is knowing that opening day is right around the corner! 

This was my 5th trip to Clearwater, but my 1st Spring Training experience.  My college team played in Clearwater every year but we were always so busy playing that I never got to catch a Phillies game.  This year, I was the only rookie to head down to Florida with some of the retired ballgirls and the vets!  As a rookie, I think this was a great trip because it is one of the times that all the ballgirls can hang out and get to know each other.  We all have our own lives and jobs or we are running off to class and during the season we are all working different games so this one trip is a break from reality and a nice mini vacation.  We all love baseball, so why not take a trip down to see our Phillies in action?  I have never met a group of girls who were more organized with planning a trip then these girls, special thanks to Lindsay. She planned out the days where we headed to the games and ordered the tickets, and she sent out flight information and booked the car rental.  Perrin, Lindsay, Becca, Katelyn, and Bonnie were a bit adventurous and headed to Disney to do some site seeing while Patti, Tori, Brittany and myself relaxed on the beach.  I had a great time getting to know each girl and asking them about their rookie experiences and I found myself paying more attention to detail at each game so I am ready to go once the season begins.  We had a bunch of funny moments during the trip including some of the girls running into the hanging tree worms, and guessing what kind of  flavored Harry Potter Jelly Bean Katelyn was giving us.  If you have not heard of these delectable treats, they come in flavors of dirt, grass, sausage, rotten egg and so on.

Needless to say, they were not that tasty and I would not recommend eating them before a meal… or after for that matter!  The girls also filled me in on last year’s trip and when Bonnie tried to jump over a stream of water when it was raining but she failed.  We made sure we got a photo of the re-enactment. All in all, this trip was amazing and is only the beginning of my memories as a ballgirl.  With opening day just a couple days away I know that there will be many more memories created along the way.

– Gen

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