Macy’s Phillies Ballgirls Fashion Show Designs

We aren’t always graceful and our height may be a petite 5’2″ (speaking from personal experience), so the Macy’s Ballgirl Fashion Show was the first modeling experience for many of us. Top local designers in the area were selected to create a new ballgirl uniform. Check out all the great outifts, and get the details on each designer’s inspiration. Which one would you have voted for? We wish we could keep them all, but we’re excited to showcase the winning design later this season!

Emily:  Jessica’s design was inspired by the Phillies red pinstripe uniform and the unique role that the Ballgirls play in the Phillies organization as ambassadors for the Phillies. The dress is sporty yet feminine, and was selected for the Ballgirls new 2011 look!

Jamie:  My designer made use of the retro Phillies colors of light blue and maroon.  The design was unique, stylish and versatile in order to accomodate the many activities of a Phillies ballgirl.  
Tori:  Karen (my wonderful designer) and myself both described my uniform as being “sporty chic.”  My design was a comfortable lightweight, racer-back jersey with elastic waist shorts which focused on the alternate uniform colors.  Karen also designed red and white warm-up pants with a bold white warm-up jacket with my name on the back, this would be for the chillier events in the beginning and end of the season.  There was just enough detail on each article to really bring the whole uniform together.  Her design was very ideal for what the ballgirls do in the community.
Moira:  My designer, Kelsey, was inspired to create the perfect combination of cute and sporty.  The skort and jacket contribute to the versatility of the ensemble. The design is comfortable to wear, yet still provides a feminine and fun look!
Katelyn:  My designer Katie Todorow did an amazing job designing my new Ballgirl uniform!  She used special fabrics that work great in all weather conditions.  She kept the outfit sporty and cute and most importantly– it was so comfortable!  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Katie was so wonderful to work with and I loved everything about her design!
Becca:  Aleksandra Svetlichnaya’s clothing line S V E T is bold, shocking, and outrageous! So, it’s no surprise that she brought these elements and a
touch of girly glam into her design. She created a functional piece
with some flashy rhinestone accents and her runway presentation was a
“sparkling” hit!
Kristina:  Pamela Martin’s ballgirl uniform design was centered around the idea of “going green”.  Every piece of Pamela’s outfit was purchased at the thrift store and was assembled from a couple articles of clothing.  This design includes shorts, a short sleeve top, and a jacket all in retro Phillies colors.  
Gen:  My designer, whose whole family are die hard Phillies phans and season ticket holders, specializes in outerwear and bags, so to go along with the 1940’s theme, Jess made an AWESOME jacket with the coolest patches I have ever seen.  She included the Phillies, and Macy’s logo along with a Charlie Manuel patch and the Phanatic in a fighter jet!  My one piece was a complete blast from the past with a bit of funk thrown into.  I made sure to get into character from my hair, all the way down to my red converse shoes!  It was a lot of preparation ( I blame my hair since I have so much of it and that almost took 2 hours!) but in the end, it was all worth it and a total blast!
Brittany:  My designer’s name is Michele and her design was inspired by the movie “A league of their Own”.  Instead of going along with the same outfit from the movie, she decided to modernize it and make a romper.  She also made awesome embroidery patches that were accented by colored swarovski crystals!!
Bonnie:  Jeanne Douglass’ main goal was to make an outfit that would be comfortable in any weather and still look fashionable. My favorite part was the water repellant jacket with removable hood. She also made a fitted tank and blue cropped yoga pants with a fold over waistband to display the Macy’s logo on the back. Her sporty, fashionable design blew all of us away!

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