If you could ask the Ballgirls one question…

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans if they had any questions they’d like to ask all of the ballgirls. We get a lot of questions around how to become a ballgirl and what we actually do when we aren’t on the sidelines at games, so we were curious what our Facebook fans wanted to hear. Ian Johnston commented with a great question that we were really excited to answer. Thanks, Ian, for inspiring this blog post, and we hope you’ll come down and say hi at your next Phillies game!
Ian’s Q: What is it you like most about being around the field and players during the season?
Moira:  I absolutely love everything about being around the field and players during the season, but my very favorite part is how much I feel apart of the game. It feels like I’m an additional field player every time the ball is hit and I get ready to jump up and out of the way. It’s almost like I’m pretending to be a Phillie for a few hours!
Tori:  The thing I like most about being on the field and being around the team is the energy, not only do the players have a very positive energy to them but so do the fans.

Kristina:  My favorite part of being on the field is being able to witness the energy the crowd creates at Citizens Bank Park, it’s one of a kind!

Becca:  One of my favorite things about being on the field is the ability to make young fans so happy by doing such simple things. Posing for a picture with them, signing a trading card or giving them a foul ball brings such a smile to their face that I can’t help but grin from ear to ear as well. As far as being around the players goes, I am always blown away by the talent an athleticism I get to witness up close and personal. All the ballgirls are athletes themselves so we can appreciate what hard work and dedication it takes to perform at the level they do day in and day out. It’s a really cool experience to be so immersed in it. I often find myself wanting to jump in on the action and play, but of course I have to stop myself because fielding a foul ball is out of the question! Thanks for the question Ian!

Emily:  The fans!  I love the energy and heart that Phillies fans bring to every game.  When I’m on the field I get to interact with amazing people—I absolutely love giving foul baseballs to little Phillies fans.  And of course nothing can compare to being on the field among the best team in baseball!

Sammy:  Growing up as a huge Phillies fan I went to a bunch of games with friends and family but were never able to experience the game in the same way I have been able to the past few weeks.  Being able to stand on the field and look out to see a sea of red around me is a sight I will never forget.  I love being a part of one of the most enthusiastic fan bases in professional sports!

Bridgette:  Hey Ian! What I like most about being around the field/players is the pure excitement of the game. Working for the Phillies has only increased my love for the team so I love to watch the game just as much as everyone else in the stands. I really enjoy getting to know the different groups of people who sit next to us at each game, and celebrating with them when the Phils do well is even better. For example, I was on the third baseline for last Wednesday’s game against the Padres, and when Polanco hit the three-run home run to tie the game up the fans and I went nuts! 

Bonnie:  I definitely love that every game and event we go to is a new adventure. You never know what to expect when you step onto the field or go to a special appearance at a little league home opener or a charity event. Each event brings new fans to meet and more memories to make. I try to be at every possible event that I can because I don’t want to miss one moment of this incredible experience!

Mo:  Since I have yet to be on the field I cannot comment on the excitement that comes from stepping out there the first time. I have done an event that a player attended and it’s surereal. When you see people who are so talented on tv you never think you’ll see them in person.When you do, you feel in awe of their achievements but happy to know they are good people too!

Patti:  This is a great question! What I like most about being on the field and around the players is all of the energy from the phans surrounding them. I love being on the field and looking up and seeing 45,000 phans on their feet cheering and chanting players’ names. It is very awe inspiring and powerful, and it gets even more intense during playoffs…almost there!

Jamie:  Just being on the field at Citizens Bank Park and being a part of the Phillies organization has been the coolest thing for me.  I’m a Phillies fan first, and seeing that my chances of playing in the major leagues has long ago passed me by, this is closer than I would have ever imagined to be.  Being on the field, beside the players, in the element that I have admired for years, as the greatest baseball players in the world is an amazing opportunity. In my eyes, I am still just a huge Phillies fan, but having the opportunity to be associated with the Phillies organization, I am given the opportunity to enhance fans’ experience by giving a kid a foul ball or personalizing one of our trading cards and seeing their faces light up.  That experience for me is unlike any other I’ve experienced as a fan, and that’s something that will never get old.

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Hello there our fine ladies, Phillies Ballgirls!

I just wanted to let you know that his blog is great and I appreciate the better looking side of the team getting some press and rep. =)

Anyway I just wanted to ask a question, I live near Pittsburgh, and I’m dying to get my hands on those cards that you girls have, you know your trading cards. I don’t get to come over to Citizens and get to meet you ladies personally, which stinks for me. =::(

BTW, all you ladies are quite pretty, though I must say I got a little crush on Brittany. =)

Any help would be appreciated! Keep up the good work ladies and GO PHILLIES!!!

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