July 2011

Getting in the Christmas in July Spirit

People may think that wearing bright red velour outifts and matching hats in 100 degree weather wouldn’t be on top of their wish lists, but we love Christmas in July so much and what this event does for the community that a lot of us ballgirls took time off from our day jobs to come help out. Thanks to all the fans who brought in gifts that will be delivered to some great kids at the Ford Pal Center , DuPont Hospital for Children, Youth Services Inc, and Children’s Crisis Treatment Center . As always, we got into the spirit of the season and enjoyed being Santa’s little helpers for a day.

We split up and and collected toys at each of the park gates

Samantha and a few fans who donated their favorite toys for the cause

Almost all of us

We always look forward to the seventh inning when Phanta Claus dances with us to “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Charlie’s Angels and Santa’s Little Helpers Come to Citizen Bank Park

Although the Phils have been on the road much of the month of July, we have been very busy preparing for two BIG nights at the park. On Friday July, 22nd we will be turning back the clocks to 1984 to help the Phillies celebrate Retro Night. While the players sport the 1984 burgundy pinstripes and caps on the field, we will be rockin’ classic 80’s attire as well as some throw back ballgirl outfits and go-go boots. Come dressed in your 80’s best!

On Monday July 25th, we will be hosting the 5th annual Phillies Ballgirls Christmas in July Toy Drive. Playing Santa’s helpers for the day is one of our favorite events throughout the season. We will be stationed at every gate starting at 11:30am and will remain there till the 3rd inning to collect new, unwrapped toys for less fortunate children. This year we will be making toy drop offs at the Ford Pal Center, DuPont Hospital for Children, Youth Services Inc, and Children’s Crisis Treatment Center. As a thank you for all your donations we will be teaming up with the Phanatic in the 7th inning for a little performance. Thank you in advance for all your support!!

Holman Phillies Photo Day 2011…Ballgirl Style

It was great seeing so many of you this past Saturday for the Holman
Phillies Photo Day! Photo Day is a fun event for everyone involved
because it is a great opportunity to mingle and make lasting Phillies
memories. The ballgirls particularly enjoy being the first ones on the
field to talk to the crowds and get them excited to meet the team,
coaches, and staff. What’s Photo Day really like for the girls? For
this blog we’ll give you a behind the scenes look at our 2011 Holman
Photo Day…ballgirl style!

12:00pm It wouldn’t be Photo Day without lots and lots
and LOTS of pre-signing trading cards and team photos.

12:15pm Of course there is some primping involved too.
Here’s Gen getting herself camera ready.

12:30pm We weren’t kidding about lots of signing! The girls take some time to sign our 2011 team photo to hand out to fans.

1:15pm Jerry (our security guard on the 1st baseline)comes to the rescue and surprises us with lunch!Boy, were we grateful to have some lunch before heading out on the field!

2:00pm It’s show time! Here are some of the girls heading to the tunnel to get onto the field. At this point, fans are all in place and waiting patiently!

2:00-3:00pm We have an GREAT time mingling, signing, and snapping a few pictures with fans.

3:30pm All finished! Some quick down time and then…game time🙂

Make Room in the Trophy Case…..

The Playworks Philly 2011 Corporate Kickball Tournament was a great success! We couldn’t be happier to have been invited. We had a blast getting active and supporting some good ol’ safe and meaningful play.
We even managed to walk away undefeated champs!

Kristina-The kickball tournament was a day to remember!! I would like to first, thank Playworks for hosting such a memorable event. The day kicked off with a delicious lunch; then the games began. One thing about kickball, it is definitely not as easy as it looks! The first few innings was an adjustment period for us. Luckily, we are fast learners! The day included four games followed by the championship and an award ceremony. I’m hoping the ballgirls will be lucky enough to be invited back next year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there (since I am a vet and this is my last season) but I’m sure the rookies will lead the way!

Emily-I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated seeing all of the groups that we were going to compete against during the kickball tournament, but the ballgirl team was definitely in it to win it! We had such a blast reverting back to our days of kickball during recess and gym class. Who would’ve thought that the ballgirls are such skilled kickball athletes?! Kristina really took things to a new level with her multiple homeruns and snags in the outfield…that girl was definitely picked first for her kickball team in gym class! It was so funny when we ended up winning the whole tournament because I don’t think the other teams expected it. As we received our 1st place trophy at the end the other teams renamed our team “The Ninjas”, which I happen to like a lot!🙂 To sum things up, this event was unlike any other Ballgirl event I’ve been a part of, and it was so much fun!
Thanks for the great day Playworks!

Bonnie-I’ve had a personal love for kickball ever since third grade recess, so it was fun to watch all of us softball players step up to the challenge. During the first game, we had some big plays that helped us realize that softball players can use their feet too! We kept our positions and lineup that same for the entire day, and it was exciting to see how we came together as a team and had a great time supporting such a great cause.

Moira- I was definitely super excited to play some competitive kickball as it was always one of my favorite games in gym class, but for some reason, this kickball game was different. Defensively, every time the ball was hit to me, I ended up on the ground…not sure why or how, but I did. When it came time to kick a home run, I was usually unsuccessful, repeatedly kicking the ball directly in the air only to land in the arms of the opposing team. With this being said, we finished the day off undefeated, took home the trophy, and had tons of good laughs. Thank you so much to Playworks for inviting us to participate in this fun day!

Sam-Walking up to the Salvation Army Community Center I had no idea the type of competition I was in for. The last time I played was at recess in elementary school. I have to thank PlayWorks for encouraging all the players to try their very best and allowing us ballgirls to explore our competitive sides! I can honestly say I had a blast at the event and loved the childhood flashback!