Elvis Pays a Visit to Citizens Bank Park

Last Sunday was a day to remember at Citizens Bank Park when my brother Mickey was given the opportunity to dance on the field with the Phanatic to his favorite artist of all time: Elvis Presley. My brother Mickey has Down syndrome, and he is the coolest person I know! Mickey’s been a huge fan of Elvis ever since he saw an Elvis impersonator when he was just 8 years old. Now 19, Mickey lives and breathes the work of Elvis Presley. Every single night he practices his dance moves and vocals to just about any Elvis song you can think of. He has even taken on some very Elvis-like qualities in the fact that he’s a bit of a ladies man (just ask any of the Ballgirls how many times he’s said something along the lines of “hey pretty darlin’” to them)! Needless to say, Mickey is quite the entertainer, which is why it was so amazing for him to get a chance to show off what he’s got in front of thousands of people!

I was lucky enough to be working on the field during Mickey’s performance, which was awesome. If someone had said to me only two years ago, “hey Emily, just so you know one day Mickey is going to dance with the Phantic at a Phillies game and you’re going to be a Ballgirl on the field watching him” I would have told them they’re nuts! It was definitely a surreal experience. Be sure to check out the clip of my brother “rockin’ out” with the Phanatic! (http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150403417543625&oid=35893045767&comments)
Thank you, thank you very much (I just had to get a cheesy Elvis line in there somewhere!)


I saw Mickey’s performance. He was awesome!

He’s great! Never fails to make us smile!

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