Donna’s Dugout Charity Softball Game with the Phillies Ballgirls

I would have to say that the best part of being a Philadelphia
Phillies Ballgirl is the numerous opportunities you have to give back
to the community. As ballgirls, we strive to be role models on, and
off the field, so we are both honored and thrilled to have been
invited to work with a group such as Donna’s Dugout.

Donna was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) on June 22, 2005
and since then has made it her mission to raise funds that would go
towards patient services. Funds that would help people who live with
ALS and research to hopefully one day find treatments and a cure for
ALS. Through numerous events throughout the year, Donna’s Dugout
raises money and we could not be happier to have done our part to help
through our participation in what has become an annual game vs. the
Allentown Patriots Old-Timers. To learn more and find out how you can
contribute please don’t hesitate to visit

The Phillies Ballgirls vs. The Allentown Old-Timers is always one of
my favorite events during the year. It’s so wonderful getting
together with all the girls and playing one of our favorite games,
softball! The game was very close and enjoyable, although the
ballgirls did end up being defeated by the Old-Timers. I felt the
best part of the day was Donna’s speech at the end expressing how
thankful she was for everyone, players and fans, to come out and
support the cause. I would like to thank Donna for having us
participate and allowing us to enjoy the delicious food that was
prepared after the game.

Playing against the Old-Timers last summer was one of my favorite
games of the year so I was definitely looking forward to this year’s
rematch. They may look like easy opponents but don’t let that fool
you, those guys still got it. While we were playing for fun and a
great cause, it was still a close game that the Old-Timers managed to
get over on us! We were good sports about it though and were happy to
be there for such a great event.
I played intramural softball in college, but haven’t played
competitively since high school. I love getting to still play ball
with the girls because there’s a lot less pressure riding on our games
which allows us all to have more fun.

I love playing in the Donna’s Dugout charity softball game and playing
the Old-Timers makes it even better! Playing for Donna’s Dugout is
such a honor and I am so happy that I am able to participant in it. I
am always so impressed with how well those Old-Timers can play.
Although they are 60+ years old they play so well (so well that we
lost by one run, yes that’s right you read correct- we lost to the Old
Timers). As I was admiring them playing baseball, it makes me wonder
how long have these guys been playing the sport? And how many of them
played at college level or even higher?! I just hope that when I am
their age I can play softball at least half as decent as them!

Hands down, my favorite softball game of the year is for Donna’s
Dugout. I was especially impressed with the Old-Timers and how much
spark they brought to the field. They were sliding and diving all over
the place! They sure know how to play. Everyone at this event has so
much fun and we are so excited to help out this great cause. You just
can’t help but put this game on the top of your list of favorite ballgirl memories.


It’s really great to see a lot more softball posts. When are you guys going to play a game at CBP. They had the tv/radio game before a Phillies game a few weeks back. It would be cool if you played before a Phillies games.

Keep up the great work in the community.

Thanks for the encouragement, Bob. And thanks for reading! Stay tuned for some more baseball/softball related post.

I played 3rd base for the Old Timers for the past four years in a row. Some how we finally managed to squeak out a victory over the prettiest opponents we ever had. To say we look forward to game day all year is to understate it.Although our average age is 76, and we pretend that we are teenagers for just a few hours. The icing on the cake is that we raise money for Donna’s Dugout to fight ALS.
As far as a charity game at. CBP….”Call Them…They Will Come”
Michael Golden.. The Youngest Old Timer @ 65.

We look forward to playing with you and the boys every year too, Michael! Thanks so much for having us!

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