Happy Holidays from all of us!

For some reason, this holiday season seemed to fly by faster than ever (So fast that I’m finally posting this on January 10th. Sorry about that!). I’m not sure if it’s because the weather wasn’t quite “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” or if it was because I was enjoying the last few weeks as a ballgirl. Come January, all of us Vets hand the reigns over to the Rookies and bring in a new group of great girls for you to meet next spring. Either way, December was filled with a lot of excitement for all of us. For me, I was slacking on the picture-taking this year (no big surprise), but I did get a picture of the best pancake in the history of pancakes. I went home to South Carolina for Christmas, and nothing puts you more in the spirit than a homemade snowman pancake with a bacon scarf to put a little more holly jolly in your step.

This year – rather than store-bought gifts, I went with homemade floor pillows for each of my nieces and nephews – and finally got a picture with all 6. But the photo of everyone looking and smiling still evades us! Happiest holiday wishes to all the Phillies fans!

This Christmas was full of lots of family, friends and of course…great food! Holidays are always extra special when my brother and sister-in-law are in town and our cousin Andrew is home from severing in the Navy. Most definitely my favorite presents this Christmas!

This Christmas break I was lucky enough to take a trip to NYC with my roommates! It was only my second time in the city and I had a great time checking out landmarks like the Empire State Building.

This Christmas season has been great in so many ways. First, my boyfriend and I took the ferry into NYC (a first for me) to walk around, and visit the ever famous tree in Rockefeller Center (another first for me!) Here is a picture I took looking up at the tree and it’s 30,000 bright lights! There’s no better feeling of the holidays than what you feel walking around New York City. On Christmas day my sister and her husband hosted their first Christmas dinner for our family, which I assisted in preparing. My other photo shows my sister and I with our grandmother in the kitchen while we were getting dinner ready. Christmas day was also my niece, Grace’s, second birthday. Although I may officially be a “grown up” I felt just like a kid again watching her open and play with all of her new toys. There’s nothing like spending time and making lasting memories with the ones that you love, especially during this time of year, which was my favorite gift hands down. I’m very excited to see what 2012 will bring, and am wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

The highlight of my Christmas was being able to spend it with all of my amazing cousins!

I had another amazing Christmas this year! The gift that I’m having the most fun with is definitely the dancing game called Just Dance…it’s a blast and it is especially hilarious to watch my parents attempt to follow the dance moves! The picture of me and my sisters was taken on Christmas Eve…my Mom has made it a tradition to get us new pajamas every year. I plan to do even more relaxing over the rest of my Holiday Break🙂 Happy New Year everyone!

Before celebrating Christmas Eve with my Irish side of the family, I went to my Italian grandparents’ house to help make eight pounds of homemade spaghetti and twenty-two dozen ravioli. You all can guess that I’ll have to be spending some extra time at the gym!

Besides spending the Holidays with my amazing family and friends, Patti and I had the privilege to meet a future ballgirl! Olivia Joy! Congratulations to Tori and Dan!

This is The Coleman Family holiday card from a few years ago, even though
it’s a few years old it’s one of my favorites!! I love the holidays because
I love spending time with my family and all of the great traditions that go
along with it, especially making gingerbread houses and cookies with my
little cousins!!

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Nice photos, I liked that one with spaghetti, it’s cool! Perhaps you had great Holidays, I like so much this period of the year.

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