2012… New Ballgirls and New Trading Cards!

The 2012 year is here and that means a new group of Ballgirls and new trading cards!
We have all been patiently waiting to meet the new Rookies and with all this warm weather we are having we can’t help but think that spring is right around the corner! Our photo shoot day is filled with so many different emotions from meeting all the girls, to getting our new uniforms and figuring out which poses were going to use for our new cards! With Maureen directing on set and Samantha making sure everyone’s hair and makeup was nothing but perfection; this year’s photo shoot was a complete success. We hope you enjoy some of this year’s photos and even a behind the scenes video of what our day was like!

Watch the video

Watch the video

This year’s photo shoot started out A LOT more smoothly than last year since half of us had to drive through a snow storm to get to CBP. It is crazy to think a year has passed and I am a Veteran for the 2012 year. I was excited to see everyone and meet the new rookies since we normally are so busy in the off season and can only see each other here and there. Maureen did a fantastic job at organizing the shoot and helping with poses, and I decided to try both the bat and glove for props this year!

Being back at CBP for the first time to meet the new rookie Ballgirls was an awesome time! I still cannot believe I’m starting my second year with the Phillies! I remember walking through the halls of the park last year on photo shoot day, with no idea the type of experiences I would have with the other girls. Spring training is right around the corner Phillies Phans! Get excited!

Leigh Ann
As I was driving down to CBP for my first photo shoot as a Phillies Ballgirl I was extremely nervous and excited. When I pulled into the parking lot, I had no idea what to expect, but luckily I was able to meet up with one of the other new girls, Ashley, and we helped each other get out our first day jitters. Putting on my Ballgirl uniform for the first time was such a surreal moment and at that point I couldn’t wait for the day to start.


I had such a blast at our first photo shoot! It was definitely nerve-racking in the beginning, but it was so much fun meeting all the girls. My favorite part was when we received our new uniforms. Reality finally hit me seeing my name on the back of my jersey! I can’t wait until the day I get to wear that on the field finally!

If anyone read my Rookie blog from the photo shoot last year, they’d know that I was an absolute nervous and uncomfortable mess that day. I could not believe my Ballgirl year was underway and I was so nervous about taking a picture that would stay with me all year. Having survived, I was undoubtedly less nervous this year, and wouldn’t categorize my feelings as nervous at all. It was such an exciting experience, and it was my first opportunity to meet all of the Rookies. We have such an awesome group of young ladies this year and I hope all of the phans get to meet them at some point!

I arrived really early for the photo shoot. I didn’t want to be late for my first day on the job, and I was so excited for the day to begin! The entire drive to the shoot I kept thinking “I can’t believe I am a Phillies Ballgirl.” I was less nervous showing up to Citizens Bank Park this time, since the last time I had been here was for my interview for the Ballgirl position. I had met Leigh Ann at the Ballgirl tryouts. We had kept in touch, so it was exciting when we found out that we both made the team. It was nice to kind of know one of the girls going into this. We met in the parking lot the day of the shoot and were both so nervous and overwhelmed with excitement. I couldn’t wait to meet the other girls! Michele first went over the role of being a Ballgirl, and talked about some of the big events to come this year. And then we got our uniforms!! Even being in my uniform, I still felt as though this is all just a dream. I was probably most nervous when the photo shoot began. Thankfully two of the Vets, Moira and Samantha, made sure our hair was in perfect place throughout the shoot. I left the park thinking “wow, this is going to be an AMAZING year!” I’m really looking forward to all aspects of being a Phillies Ballgirl; getting involved in the community and charity events, being part of a softball team again, and of course, having the best seat in the house at CBP, watching the best team in baseball! I can’t wait to meet and get to know all of the Ballgirls better, and for the season to begin! I’m also very excited for my move to the City of Brotherly Love!

Despite the fact that I’ve been there and done that before, I was just as excited and a tad nervous for this year’s photo shoot. I could NOT wait to be back inside the stadium and meet the Rookies. Even though I knew what to expect this time around in regards to the shoot, I was still unsure of which pose to focus on for my trading card. With my hair curled this year rather than straight, I took a few different shots with a baseball and bat and now am playing the waiting game to see the results. The day was an overall exciting time as we discussed the upcoming events and special days that the new season will bring. So now, let the countdown to Spring Training begin…I am beyond excited to be in Clearwater in just a few weeks, watching our 2012 Phillies play! LET’S GO PHILS!

I was very nervous and excited on the day of the shoot. I had trouble sleeping the night before the photo shoot. I knew that I needed to get some rest but it was difficult to contain my excitement. My car ride to CBP was an interesting one. I was getting more and more nervous as I got closer to the stadium. When I got there, the first two Ballgirls that I met were Jamie and Leanne. I had no idea where to go so I was grateful to walk with them to the photo shoot. We had orientation in which I was able to meet the rest of the girls. Afterwards, I received my Phillies uniform! That’s when it really hit me that I was a BALLGIRL!! It was a dream come true for me. I was the last Ballgirl to take my photos. It was nice to have the other vets and rookies go beforehand so I had a better idea of what poses to do. All of the Ballgirls were awesome at helping each other with poses and placement of our hair. I’m looking forward to all the fun that we will have as Ballgirls on and off the field especially with the activities for the community. I’m so excited for the season to begin. Let’s go Phils!

This was my first official experience as a veteran Ballgirl. Going into this year’s photo shoot, I had a slightly different perspective, but it was just as exciting. Last year, I was overwhelmed with excitement and I think the fact that I was going to be a Ballgirl for the Philadelphia Phillies really hadn’t sunk in yet. I don’t think that I was able to get past my own excitement to even be nervous. If I was going to be a Ballgirl, I couldn’t imagine anything going wrong. This year, I think the fact that I am a Ballgirl has finally sunk in! And after experiencing the number of Ballgirl cards we’ll hand out throughout the course of the baseball season, I may just have been a little more nervous this year. But the nervousness quickly faded when I reunited with my fellow vets and had the exciting opportunity to meet some of the rookies for the first time. Now, I’m just even more anxious for the baseball season to start in 2012!

When I got the phone call in early December about being selected to represent the Phillies as a Ballgirl in 2012 I was ecstatic, but waiting over a month to hear something from them was torture. Every thought was going through my mind, like maybe I really wasn’t picked or they decided they didn’t want me anymore, so when I finally received the email saying we have a photo shoot and our first official day; I couldn’t wait to start! The days leading up to it I was so anxious and excited and nervous. So when the big day finally came I made sure I got up nice and early and left to make sure nothing was going to make me late. Driving up to Citizens Bank Park on that Sunday was such a different feeling than all the other times I have been there. It was so much more exciting knowing that I was not just a fan anymore to this great organization, but actually a part of it. When I finally walked into the visiting locker room where we would be having our pictures done I got to meet some of the other girls. As soon as I walked in everyone was introducing each other and finding our jerseys, it was so surreal to finally be starting. The vets on the team were so helpful with helping us get ready and figuring out different poses and what props to use. Since I have no idea how to pose in front of the camera it was helpful to have the girls with experience showing us the ropes. The whole day went by way to quick and has me really excited for what else is to come! I check my email 100 times a day just waiting to find out what I will get to do next. I have a feeling this is just the start of all the great things I will experience as a Phillies ballgirl.

When I woke up, I was so excited for the photo shoot! This was going to be my first time meeting all of the Ballgirls! I was so happy that I already knew Sammy because I was not as nervous going into my first day as a Ballgirl! Sammy and I accidentally got there an hour early but this gave us time to get ready and be one of the firsts to get our pictures taken. Putting on my uniform for the first time was such an amazing feeling. I could not believe that I was actually about to get a trading card! I did not know what to do at first but Sammy and Maureen helped me with my poses and, of course, my hair. The whole thing was crazy but so exciting. I could not stop smiling and thinking to myself, “is this actually real?” It finally sunk in once everyone got to the shoot and talked about what was in store for us this season. All of the Vets were so nice and inviting and I cannot wait for everything to start!! I am so anxious to see how the pictures turned out and this photo shoot was a perfect way to start off the 2012 season!

Being a rookie this year I was very nervous for the photo shoot. It was still so surreal that I was a Ballgirl, but as a got closer to the stadium it started to sink in. When I got there the first person I met was Michelle, with a warm welcome. When photo shoot time came around I was super scared that I was going to do everything wrong and mess up somehow. Thankfully, the returning Ballgirls got me through it and the shoot turned out great! When it was all said and done, I was sad that it was over, but I am looking forward to this coming season from the many appearances to the ball games. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a good year!

Last year, I was so nervous going into the photo shoot. This year, I had more confidence and could not wait to meet the new girls. I went first to give the rookies an idea of what to do. It felt good getting it out the way and just watching all the other girls take their picture and helping with their hair. I switched up my hair this year to straight, instead of the big hot curls. I look forward to getting to know the girls more and having a great season.



The day of the shoot I was very nervous and thought to myself, is this really happening? The whole day was a great experience and it was nice to have some time to meet the other girls. When I arrived, Moira was the first person I met and she was very bubbly and she made me feel welcomed. This year I am looking forward to making new friendships and being able to share these once in a lifetime experiences.



Being a vet made this photo shoot feel calmer. I was able to really enjoy taking pictures and meeting all the new girls. I’m really excited to see everyone’s new trading card!


Good luck this year, ladies. Have fun! Hope it’s a Phillies/Yankees World Series.🙂


Have a fun season, girls! Good luck to the Phillies this season.

wow…. wish I lived in Philly😉

Out of all the stadiums I’ve been to Philadelphia has the nicest ballgirls and best fans. They are always fun to talk to. Good luck to all the Ballgirls this year.
– Pat

Since a baseball team can’t have cheerleaders—BALLGIRLS ARE A GOOD ALTERNATIVE TO CHEERLEADERS

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