Who’s Hungry? The Ballgirls Talk about Their Favorite Food at CBP

Phillies fans have a ton a choices when it comes to food once they enter Citizen’s Bank Park. With Chickie’s and Pete’s expanding and moving locations to the new dessert alley the Ballgirls have been raving about what they get to eat when they come to the park as a fan. There is definitely something for everyone and it seems that there was a close call with crab fries and dollar dogs!
My favorite food at the ballpark is definitely the Phillies dollar dogs. It was the first food that I ate at Veterans stadium when I was a kid. I love the fact that it s always wrapped in foil. It holds the heat and the flavor is perfect. I don’t like to add anything extra to my dollar dogs. And yes, that means no ketchup or mustard. I think that its perfect as is. My friends always try to get me to put a condiment on my dollar dogs but I refuse each time. Everyone has their own way of eating dollar dogs at CBP. I’ve seen some fans put some very interesting food items on their dollar dogs. The Phanatic even gives dollar dogs during the games. I believe he does that because the Phanatic knows how awesome dollar dogs truly are!!

Even with all of the new food options at Citizen’s Bank Park (including the most recent expansion of Chickie’s & Pete’s – who else is super excited they got a bigger location!), my all-time favorite ballpark food is and always will be – Dollar Dogs. While I was never fortunate enough to catch a hot dog from the Phanatic and his fancy, powerful hot dog launcher, I still have a soft spot for Dollar Dogs. So much so, that when I barbecue at home and make hot dogs, I wrap them in aluminum foil and set them aside while I make the rest of my food. When I’m ready to eat, they’ve sat just long enough for the bun to soak up some of the moisture from the heat of the hot dog. It may sound strange, but try it. I promise you’ll change your way of serving hot dogs (inspiration courtesy of Hatfield Dollar Dog Nights and/or just about any hot dog vendor).
There is so much good food at CBP, but I always enjoy a bowl of ice cream! And even more fun when it’s served in a Phillies cap!🙂

There are so many different kinds of food that come to mind when at a game. There’s Chickie and Pete’s crab fries, pretzels, hot dogs, and cheese steaks. Now there is even delicious taco stands and a dessert alley! But my favorite food at CBP would have to be the Schmitter. I never really knew it existed until two years ago! My brother was the one that raved about it and once I finally tried it, I knew why. It is delicious! I guess you could say its along the lines of a cheese steak? But it’s got a little bit of everything like cheese, salami, and this amazing sauce. This sandwich is definitely one of a kind and is a Philly favorite. It’s a guilty pleasure and I love that it’s a Philly original! Now all my friends are in love with this heart attack of sandwich too! The Schmitter is definitely worth a try and I guarantee you’ll love it!

My favorite food at CBP would have to be Chickie and Pete’s fries!

This was pretty difficult to choose since I really enjoy all the food at CBP from the hotdogs to the ice cream. I was going to pick funnel cake as my favorite food since I really LOVE funnel cake but after eating a pulled pork sandwich at Bulls BBQ I will, hands down, say that place is my favorite. There is a reason that they have a long line at each game and that’s because… IT’S GOOD! Not to mention they keep the line moving pretty fast so you never have to wait too long. I am a sucker for any type of BBQ food so a little corn on the cobb and pulled park is definitely the way to my heart!

My favorite snack at CBP is, without a doubt, Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries!! I even think they are worth the wait in line and the price for this snack. Although many restaurants try copy this recipe, no one seems to master it like Chickie’s. Their new stand is indoor and the line seems to move faster to make everyone’s crab fries experience even better…if that is possible!
I would definitely have to say the infamous Chickies and Pete’s crabfries! I’m especially a sucker for the melted cheese that comes along with it. Thanks to the fans that let me snap this picture with their food!

Leigh Ann

My favorite food at CBP would have to be the cinnamon roasted almonds. You can smell them throughout the ball park and the aroma is just too good to pass up!

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