March 2013

No longer Rookies…


Although the 2012 Phillies season wasn’t all that we hoped it would be, I still had an amazing year being a part of the Phillies organization and making memories that will last a lifetime. There isn’t just one game that I can pinpoint as being my favorite, but one of the most exciting games that I was on the field for was in June while Jim Thome was still on the team. We were playing the Rays and the game was tied 6-6. Thome was put in to pinch-hit in the bottom of the 9th and hit a walk-off homerun. The crowd went crazy. This put him above Babe Ruth for the most game-winning homers in major league history.  I’ll also never forget my last on field training game which was on Mother’s Day. I was on the first baseline when a foul ball came my way. I ran up to field it and handed it to a little boy sitting in the front row and quickly ran back to my seat. In between innings they showed it on the jumbotron and after retrieving the ball from me the young boy jumped up and gave his mom a big hug. They both were grinning from ear to ear. This is when I first realized how much I will be able to brighten a child’s day by simply just giving them a foul ball. There are many more memories from the 2012 season this just being two of my favorites. One thing that I don’t think many fans are aware of is that as Phillies ballgirls we also participate in all different kinds of events in the community. I don’t know if I had a particular event that was my favorite but I sure will miss the Shane Victorino fashion show this year! I’m so excited for the 2013 season to begin!



It was a beautiful April afternoon, and a perfect one for baseball. I was one of the lucky rookies, chosen to train during Opening Day of the Phillies’ 2012 season.  I took my seat down the third base line and had to stop to just take it all in. This was one of first times that I felt so proud to wear those pinstripes and represent such an amazing team and city.  I’ll never forget the first time I watched the entire stadium jump to their feet to cheer. These are the little things we so often take for granted as baseball fans but when seen from the eye of a ballgirl, are truly beautiful. Every game that I have the privilege to work, on or off the field, is special in its own way but Opening Day sticks out in my mind for many different reasons. There are the obvious ones- being on the field for one of the most exciting days in a baseball fan’s life, or having people want a signed picture of me for the first time. However, what meant the most to me was that my family got to experience it all with me, right there along the third baseline.  It’s no secret that being a ballgirl is a once in a lifetime, incredible experience. We get to be a part of the game we all love with a team we all idolized as kids and throughout life; but what a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s about more than just baseball for us. We have the opportunity to make people feel special and make their day with just a simple hello.

leigh2One of my favorite appearances and probably one of the best days of my life to date was when two other ballgirls and I met John.  John is a resident at a hospice nursing home just outside of Philadelphia and is one of the biggest Phillies fans I have ever met.  As sick as he is, he can always be found in front of the TV on game days wearing his Phillies t-shirt and cheering on the team.  When the girls and I surprised him he was in shock.  Although, due to his sickness John wasn’t able to stay with us long, the time we spent with him was extremely rewarding. He was so appreciative and excited to meet some of the “real ballgirls” and we quickly became his new favorite players🙂. It’s moments like this that really put it all in perspective and make me even more proud to be a ballgirl and part of such an amazing organization.


My most memorable game of my rookie year had to be when I was on the third base line for the return of Chase Utley. June 27 against the Pirates, Chase finally returned to the lineup and the crowd was ready.  CBP was absolutely electric when he stepped up for his first at-bat of the season, and I even got goosebumps! As soon as he hit it out of the park, every fan was on his or her feet. It was truly unforgettable.  My favorite event from last season was working the Phillies Phestival in late July.  Not only did I get to spend the day mingling with fans at our Ballgirl Dunk Tank, but it was for such a great cause!  All of the girls worked this one, and it was a blast helping raise money for the ALS Association.  Can’t wait for this year’s season and Phestival!


This experience as a Ballgirl has been unreal. Even now it’s still so surreal. I love the friends that I have made, the fans that I have met, and just the overall experience. I couldn’t think of a better job.

My most memorable game would be my first game on the field by myself, my whole family decided to come down to support me. I was able to make a good catch and give the ball to a young girl who said it had made her day. The craziest thing was at my other job the next day the girl came in and recognized me and gave me a hug, small things like that are what makes this job so amazing and it makes me really appreciate it that much more.

I’m looking forward to an awesome season this year


Needless to say, this past year has been the best year of my life! It’s crazy to think a year has passed and now I am a Vet! I will definitely never forget all the amazing experiences but there are a few that stand out! One of the first events I worked last year was the Rally Trolley.  A few ballgirls from the year before and few new girls were on the trolley with me.  We traveled all through CenterCity and threw Phillies necklaces and rally towels into the crowds of people just waiting for us to drive by.  Of course everyone wanted to see the Red Phillie Phanatic in anticipation for the upcoming season!  Mayor Nutter even made a visit onto the Trolley to throw towels into the crowds of people!  It just shows you how much Philadelphia loves the Phillies!  I am happy to be from Philadelphia because we truly have the best fans! Another memory I will never forget, was when I was on the field.  It is always a little nerve-wracking to go on the field but it is also the best feeling in the world! I remember fielding a ball cleanly and then running it over to a little boy.  He had told me earlier in the game that it was his birthday and he has never gotten a foul ball.  Once I ran it over to him, he had the BIGGEST smile on his face and the TV cameras zoomed in on him for a while. He was hugging his dad and couldn’t of been happier! This is one of the many reasons I love my job! This job is seriously a dream come true and I am too excited for the season to begin! Spring training is right around the corner!!



I can’t believe how fast my first year went as a rookie Ballgirl. I had so many amazing experiences that will last for a lifetime. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be part of the Phillies organization for another season. My most memorable game on the field was a day game against the Nationals. I was sitting down the 1st base line and there was a little girl that came down to me. She told me that it was her birthday and wanted to know if she could have a foul ball.  Chase Utley hit one in my direction so  I was able to give her my first foul ball of the game. Throughout the rest of the game, she would cheer for me. When the game was over, she came down with her parents to take pictures with me and she wanted me to sign her baseball. Her dad told me that it was her 5th birthday and her first Phillies game! My favorite event of last year was my first event as a Phillies Ballgirl. We were delivering season tickets to an elderly couple that were true phillies fans on Valentines Day. They would go to every game with their family and had been married for over 60 years. It was a surprise visit that included the Phanatic. I was so pleased to meet such a great family and I was happy to surprise a lovely couple on Valentines Day. I am ready to experience so much more this year as a Vet. Bring on the Phillies 2013 baseball season!!!


emily1I am so excited to have a second year with such a great organization. I can not wait for opening day and the season to begin. The first year as a rookie definitely flew by, but the memories and the new friends I have made, I will never forget. Being able to be a part of the Phillies is such a great experience.

When you are on the field you can be nervous at first, but that all goes away as soon as you can give a foul ball to an excited young child. During one game, a family with two little boys were sitting right next to me. It was the one son’s birthday and they asked if it was possible, to catch him a foul ball. We were talking about his birthday and what kind of gifts he had received that day. It was so nice getting to know them during the game and see them having fun as a family. It had started to rain and the family started to retreat to the main concourse. Of course, that is when a ball is hit straight to me. As I fielded the ball, I ran back hoping to see the family, standing there, but no. At the very last second, I saw the little boy’s hand reach out with his mom holding him. The mom said they had ran back as soon as they saw the ball was hit. I was excited to have given their son a special memory. I was also lucky that night that the players were hitting towards the first base side and I was able to give his younger brother a baseball as well. It is so nice to see families enjoying a game together. I was also fortunate enough this past season to have my parents come to a game.


Besides being on the field, we also are involved with other events and charities outside of the stadium. One of my favorite events this past year was at Devereux in Berwyn. This foundation was celebrating their 100th anniversary. I was with Michelle and we had so much fun dancing and celebrating with everyone. The Phanatic even made a special appearance. It was a great time and I always have a smile on my face when spending time there. It is such a great organization and I know they are all excited for the season to begin.


rachael2During this time last year I had many expectations about what being a ballgirl entailed as well as what I expected from the season. Now as I start my 2nd year with the Phillies organization I look back on these expectations and realize how much the experience surpassed these. There really is nothing like the experience that we have been apart of. I am grateful to be back this year and am ecstatic for Phillies baseball to start up. Last year I was able to be apart of Phillies games, great charity events, softball games, liaison to the Phillies fans, and the most amazing group of 15 girls I have ever been able to know and be apart of. Without telling everyone about every event we did and game we worked I want to talk about two that really stuck out in my mind. I am going to stick with Marcie on the game that sticks out in my mind is the game that Chase Utley returned to the lineup. Chase Utley has been a favorite player of mine for a long time. He works hard, is all about the baseball and not the rest of the fluff, and he stole my number J So naturally I was upset last year when we all found out that he would not be playing in Opening Day and then found out it could be months before he returns. I was lucky enough to be on the first base line for his big return. CBP was going crazy because of the excitement to have back their veteran 2nd baseman, but when he got his first at bat and hit a homerun the place absolutely erupted. Everyone around me was high-fiving and screaming and we all were shaking from the excitement. I was very lucky to be on the field for a moment like that.

rachael1The other event that I was really excited to be apart of was my towns, MonroeTownship’s Little League Opening Day. I asked if I could specifically work this event because I grew up playing softball for my town and was excited to meet all the little girls and boys who were just like me. They made opening day a huge festival at the fields that included games, prizes, dancing, a dj, contests, and a lot of food! We never had something like that when I was young and I was so happy to be apart of it. We signed cards and talked to all the little leaguers for hours and got to meet plenty of Philly fans that live right in my town. I got to show off my hula hooping skills in the contest, but lost to a very talented 12 year old! I hope this year I will get to be involved in the event again!