Softball Clinic

The Phillies Ballgirls hosted a softball clinic on May 18th for 150 local softball players ranging from 5 to 16 at FDR Park. Here from some of the girls who helped make the clinic a huge success!

clinic.rachaelRachael: This was the second Phillies softball clinic I worked as a ballgirl and had a great time working with all the girls on their softball skills. I have been teaching pitching lessons and working camps for about 5 years now, so this was definitely one of my favorite events! The girls who attend are so excited to learn and get better which makes our jobs that much easier. We broke up into groups by age and did stations that included hitting, infield, outfield, bunting, and base running. They were able to work on all aspects of their game and learn from girls who played travel and college softball. Not only do they love softball, but they are also huge Phillies fans which meant there were a lot of questions! We finished off the day with a pitching demonstration and then handing out our trading cards. It was a great day and enjoyed sharing my knowledge with possible future Phillies Ballgirls!













Steph D: I thought the clinic was very successful. I thought the girls had a lot of fun and I did as well. I worked with the older group and although most of them knew the game, I think they got a little something out of it. My favorite part of the day was seeing them smile when we signed our cards for them.

Madeline: Working with the youth softball players at the Softball Celebration was such a great morning. It was a pretty cool experience working with girls between the ages of 5-16. Each girl was so different in personality and skill, but everyone was extremely talented and happy to be there. The common ground of a love for both softball and the Phillies, was a great platform to build a relationship with the young players. I’m so glad I went to the softball clinic and was able to teach the players something. More importantly this was a great opportunity for the Ball Girls to serve as role models in professional sports for young girls.


Steph T: Working the clinic was so much fun!  I loved meeting the girls and helping them improve their softball skills.  It felt great to give back and help teach everything I know and have learned over the years to a new group of girls.  I take pride in representing the Phillies organization and being a role model for young girls and aspiring athletes.





Too bad we don’t live in the area. This is something my daughter would really have enjoyed.

Our girls are pictured above. They had a really great time last year. They found it informative and fun. They were tickled pink about the parade afterwards. We are all looking forward to it again this year. See you Saturday!

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