Clearwater or Bust!



The Phillies’ equipment truck left Citizens Bank Park on Thursday, February 6, 2014. It was a very exciting day for the organization. The 53-foot equipment truck was loaded with thousands of items needed for Spring Training in Clearwater, FL. The packing began about two weeks after the season ended, so Thursday was the big finish for those who worked hard preparing inventory and planning before the truck took off on the two-day journey to Florida. The Phanatic loaded the final item into the truck before we took off on a Center City tour leading the truck to 95 South.


It was truly amazing how the larger-than-life truck was so strategically packed…the inside looked like a 53-foot long game of Tetris! The equipment team did an amazing job. Abby, the Phanatic and I rode atop a Philadelphia fire truck escorting the truck out of Citizen’s Bank Park. The exciting experience seemed to trump my regular aversion to the cold. We were all smiles thinking positive thoughts of baseball weather.


On our ride through Center City, we passed so many enthusiastic phans whole-heartedly waving to their favorite mascot and honking their car horns in support of the send off. Social media users who saw the truck tweeted and posted photos using the hash tag “#ClearwaterOrBust.” My favorite memory from the day was when a school bus pulled up next to the fire truck. There was a brief moment when all of the young school children seemed slightly confused seeing the Phanatic in a fire truck but without giving into the hesitation, they eagerly pressed their noses to the window and passionately waved.

Before parting ways with the Florida-bound truck, we stopped at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Abby and I tried to keep up with the Phanatic as he ran up the museum stairs, but my biggest concern was not slipping on the ice and falling and bringing the Phanatic down with me (luckily, I can say that didn’t happen!). It was a great afternoon… Clearwater or Bust! Special thank you to Philadelphia Fire Department and the wonderful firefighters of truck 53!

phanaticAM phanaticfiremen

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