How we spent our off season…

Steph D.

My plans for the rest of the off season are: working, having fun with my friends and family as much as I can and I can’t forget, getting ready for the 2014 season! I currently have a full time job with an IT company but I am continuing to find another job within my field of study, which is Electronic Media. It is a very competitive field but ‘positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes’… my dreams are bigger than the camera I am standing next to!

stephd offseason


During the rest of the off-season, I will finish my freshman year at Widener University. My softball team and I are going to Florida for a week in March, and my season will continue until May. While in Florida we will have a few practice days followed with big game days. Our team looks great this year! We have really strong players and I am so excited to start! My position for the team is shortstop. Then it will be time for the Phillies to start! I am so excited and can’t wait!


Other than counting down the days until Opening Day at Citizen’s Bank Park, the rest of my off season will consist of being on campus studying hard to finish my winter term at Drexel, and start the spring term with a great GPA. When I’m not on campus, I play flag football with my boyfriend and close friends on Saturday mornings.  I am part of a co-ed non-competitive, social league, and we are out to defend our championship title from the fall! It’s so much fun and a great way to get outside during the winter and exercise with friends and teammates!  I will also be celebrating my birthday this month! Between balancing school work, my part-time job, and flag football, I will be kept busy and distracted while I wait for the greatest year of my life to begin!

amylesley off season


My plans for the rest of the off season are as follows:  1. Get in better shape for the upcoming season. (We all know those jackets don’t get from the outfield to the dugouts by themselves!) 2. Enjoy the down time before all of our exciting events and games start. 3. Wish that the days will fly by because I am way too excited to be a Vet this season!

I also plan to focus on my full time job as an accounting analyst. I’m learning new things everyday and just from the past year, being a ball girl has helped me tremendously with my communication with other people and multitasking one job with the other.


Not long until opening day! This off-season, I’ve been keeping busy with a number of things. My biggest priority, of course, is my internship. I’ve been focusing heavily on continuing to grow professionally in the public relations industry. Outside of that, I’ve been giving conditioning and hitting lessons to middle and high school softball players. I love helping them improve their game. I’m also doing a Tough Mudder in April, so my free time is spent in the gym.

megank offseason

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