March 2014

2014 Ballgirls Photo Shoot


The photo shoot was held on January 18, 2014. It is for the ball girls to have our photos taken for our trading cards. Our trading cards have our photo on the front and information on the back including birthdate, hometown, bat, throw, and position. We sign our trading cards and give them to phans during games and events. Young phans really love them. At first, I felt slightly out of my element handing out my photo but I quickly learned how rewarding it is to make a kid smile that way.

The photo shoot is the first day of the year the returning BGs and rookies get together. Meeting the new girls this year and reuniting with my best friends from last season was so much fun and such an amazing start to 2014!

madeline 3madeline2

Stephanie D.  

It really hits you at the photo shoot that you are officially a ball girl. This is my second year and I still can’t believe it. The shoot is the first day of the year where all of the ball girls get together and the new vets get to meet the new rookies! It’s interesting getting to know all the rookies because each and every one of them are different and the photo shoot is where the friendships begin! It is so fun getting your picture taken and being in front of a camera; that’s my favorite part! This is where the journey starts for the new season and it is an exciting time.


I was so much more relaxed this year going into the photo shoot. With a year of experience already under my belt, I knew what to expect for the day. Nonetheless, I was extremely excited to welcome all the new ballgirls into our family. I looked forward to getting to know the rookies and also catch up with the rest of the vets. After talking to the rookies, I realized many of the girls grew up nearby to one another, and one of the rookies named Katie graduated from Central Bucks East High School two years after I did! Many of us had played softball against one another for high school and travel teams. Working with the photographer to get a good picture for our trading cards was so much fun. Attending the photo shoot has made me even more excited for the 2014 baseball season!





Alyssa P

January 18, 2014 will be a day I never forget, my first day as a Phillies Ball Girl! From the moment I walked in I was greeted with smiles from my fellow ballgirls which made me feel like I was at home. We all prepared to alyssapget our pictures taken for the trading cards touching up our hair, make up, and spraying hairspray everywhere. During this time all we all got to know each other more. We shared our stories of how we reacted to getting the great news we would be a part of the Phillies organization. We also talked about school, softball, and our excitement for this season. It wasn’t long before I knew these women were going to be some of my best friends.

The rookies anxiously watched the Vets took their pictures, we couldn’t wait to put on that pinstripe uniform! When it came to be my time to stand in front of the camera in my Phillies gear I couldn’t have smiled any bigger. It was the biggest feeling of accomplishment and a memory I’ll have forever. This day was a great preview for what the rest of the year will bring. I am beyond excited for all the memories I have to come with these amazing people!



Alison N.

The photo shoot was a TON of fun! On my way there I remember being so excited but nervous at the same time. I was thrilled to meet all of the ball girls and that kind of took away the nervousness of being in front of a camera. I finally arrived and made my way into Citizens Bank Park. Walking in was such a surreal moment. I had butterflies in my stomach because it hit me that this was real, I wasn’t dreaming! I then met some of the new rookies and veterans. All of the vets were so welcoming and down to earth which made me excited for this season. I instantly became friends with another fellow rookie, Alyssa. We bonded over opening our warm ups; it was like ripping presents open on Christmas Day! We put them on right away and snapped some pictures to send to our anxious family members who couldn’t wait for details. Once it was time for the photo shoot, the rookies and I watched the vets go first. They were being silly and fun which made all of us much more relaxed. Finally it was my turn. I stood up and smiled because although I had just met them, I knew I had all of the girls support behind me. It was an incredible feeling to wear those pin stripes for the first time and that’s when it hit me that my dream of becoming a ballgirl set it. My favorite part of the day was interacting with all of the ballgirls and just getting to know one and another. I am so excited what this season has to offer and to work for such an amazing organization. Go Phils!



It was definitely a good way to start the season by meeting the ladies. We shared a bunch of laughs together on our first day of meeting, which made it even more fun! Taking pictures was different.  I used to be a little camera shy but after the shoot was over I was so confident! I loved it.