Back to the Basics!

People wonder what kind of training process we go through and what we really do while being on the field. Well here are your answers!

The Rookies have to train for four consecutive games to learn what to do when the ball comes down the baseline. After their four training games, they are allowed to be on the field by themselves the following month.

Here are some of the Ballgirls experiences being trained or being the ones training the Rookies. Enjoy!


The first time I stepped on the field to train my heart was racing because I was so nervous! I was sitting in the stool shaking because I couldn’t even believe I was sitting on the foul line during a Phillies game! My first night on the field I got to see a walk off win in the bottom of the ninth thanks to a homerun Reid Brignac!! After that I think my nerves went away and I was able to enjoy myself and relax a bit. Once I got comfortable being on the field, I was able to walk around and get to know the fans sitting in my section, which just made the day even more enjoyable! Another great memory I’ll never forget is being on the field when Jimmy Rollins tied the all time-hit record! The crowd was roaring with excitement and I couldn’t believe I had the best seat in the house for that milestone in Phillies history! Overall my training process was unbelievably exciting and I can’t thank the Vets who trained me enough! They made me feel so comfortable on the field and made me realize there is nothing to be nervous about. Most importantly I realized how much I love my job!!

10301954_10203959116487098_7028550951214990704_nStephanie D.

I had such a fun time training the rookies! It was fun being on the other side of the fence and watching our little ones doing their thing. I gave a lot of advice but the most important things I told them was 1. Your stool is a part of your body; you wouldn’t want to forget a part of your body, right? and 2. Always be smiling, you never know when they will be on TV for an awkward 30 seconds. This year, I was the one who knew what to do and teaching them how to do it was pretty fun. There was a time I was training Alison W. and while she was on the field for the last couple of innings Ryan Howard hit a three-run homerun walk-off to beat the Rockies 6-3. We were both jumping up for joy and giving the fans high fives. The atmosphere of the stadium was awesome. It’s great being a part of this organization and the feeling of seeing the biggest smile on a little kids face after handing them a baseball is an unexplainable.




Training was so much fun. Getting to sit on the field for the first time was as nerve-wracking as it was exciting! After the first few pitches, though, it was easy not to let my nerves get the best of me and it was the most amazing experience. During training, I was lucky enough to be ON the field when Jimmy Rollins broke Mike Schmidt’s franchise hits records. Being on the field and witnessing a piece of Phillies history–I can’t describe it. The inning stopped for at least 10 minutes and between being on the field and listening to the fans, the experience was breathtaking. I haven’t been on the field by myself yet because I trained so late because I was away at school, but I can’t wait!



The hardest part about making the transition from a softball player to a ballgirl is to pay attention to where the players are instead of the ball. We have an instinct to look straight at the pop up or run towards a ground ball as soon as it is hit but now we have to look at where the players are running to and allow them to field the ball. Grabbing your stool and running out of the way of the play seemed hard at first but it became second nature after having the comfort of a vet next to me and spending more time on the field. My most enjoyable experience training the rookies this year was being with them the first time they stepped on the field. They were excited and nervous when they had to take their first step onto the field especially noticing that they were apart of the game now. They had so much fun and I could tell their first experience on the field was just as surreal as mine. Seeing them give a ball to a fan and make someone’s day is something truly unexplainable. Training the rookies was also a great way to get to know them. The group of ballgirls are inseparable. We spend so much time together and share once in a life time experiences with each other. Plus, we love each other’s company!






10325299_10203342122380996_8498343418564138394_nAlison N.

As a new rookie ballgirl, I have been constantly learning new things and being apart of new experiences. But training to be on the field has definitely been the most exciting thing yet. Stepping out on the field for the first time will be an experience I will never forget. Walking onto the field with so many fans behind me made me feel anxious but I was ready to take on this experience. After a few nights of training, I finally got my hands on a foul ball and was able to give it to a little girl nearby who was jumping for joy. Once training was over, it was time for my first game on the field with no vet there to guide me. The nerves were rushing through my body when I was getting announced but then something sparked in me as I was running to my spot along the first base line. I looked up and there I saw my parents, friends, and family standing nearby to cheer me on. It was the best feeling in the world and I will never forget this amazing experience. I can’t wait to what the rest of the season has in store!







Kelly R.IMG_7780

My overall experience with training has been so much fun! I loved every part of it! The first time I stepped on the field was mixed with emotions. I could not believe that I was on the field in front of a stadium full of people. I was so nervous that my legs were shaking while I was sitting on the stool. I was nervous until I got the first foul ball hit to me. After that, all the nerves left. I knew that there was nothing to be nervous about. The vets that trained me were awesome and made me feel so confortable. Now that we are all trained, my legs no longer shake and I am calm. One memorable moment was my first jacket run; realizing that you’re in the middle of a Major League Baseball game was eye opening. Overall, being a rookie is so much fun and I am looking forward to many more memories to come!

Memorial DayErin

When I was doing my four training games, I was so ready to be on the field. When I finally had my chance, I didn’t feel nervous but rather was dying to get my first ball. The opportunity didn’t come until part way through my last game and when it did, I was so excited! It was Memorial Day and I was able to give the ball to a soldier in uniform. It was definitely a special moment and one of my favorite ballgirl experiences to date.









I really loved training because you got to be on the field so many times in such a short span of time which was awesome. I was completely in awe the first time I got to go down on the field I just couldn’t believe that I was finally there. I’ve wanted to have the opportunity for so long it just seemed surreal. One of the really awesome things that happened when I was training my cousins happened to be sitting along the first baseline when I was working and I was able to give him a foul ball! His face just completely lit up. Just yesterday was my first time all by myself and I was a little nervous at first, but also so excited because it finally felt totally real. My friends and family came out to see me, I just couldn’t feel more grateful to have this job.10410850_10204084404013179_7710958045437393642_n

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