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“Off the Baseline and Onto the Field”


Kelly N
This past Sunday, the Ballgirls traveled down to Sports at the Beach in Georgetown, DE. It was a two hour ride for most of us but it was a great opportunity to get a chance to catch up with everyone. We all have very different schedules and are not usually in the same place at the same time. I had a lot of fun playing in the softball game and getting to cheer on the riders from the Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding Group. Just seeing a smile on their face was definitely worth the trip down there!

Although not many of the fans may realize, the ballgirls participate in charity softball games throughout the year. It’s a great way for bonding outside the stadium as a team, and we can finally see each other play in a game! We have all grown up playing competitive softball, so as you can imagine, it is hard to ignore our first instincts of making a play on a ball coming towards us during the Phillies games. Getting back on the field felt great! We played our first charity game with the Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding group, and I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. The entire organization was wonderful, and I would love to work with them again!

The charity softball game we played in was an amazing experience. The people there were so nice and the experience for the kids was awesome. I was happy that all the ballgirls could make the kids day just by being there and playing softball with them. The softball game was a great way to bring family and friends together for a great cause!

This charity softball game was so much fun! We were able to meet many great people including one young man named Sasha. He was so full of energy and was making us laugh the entire game. He not only cheered for his team but for our team as well. No matter what the outcome of the game was, we all had a blast being able to play at Sports at the Beach. The little things like seeing a big smile on kids’ faces or hearing them tell everyone how excited they are because they got our trading cards are only two of the many reasons of why we love our job.

Steph T
Our charity softball game was a ton of fun! It was such a great experience and it felt incredible to be a part of such a great organization. Being able to put a smile on each of the kid’s SDTR3faces brightened my day and made my experience that much more wonderful! I am looking forward to working with other great charities and making a difference.

This past weekend was so much fun! It was great getting to play ball, and even better seeing the smiling faces of the riders from SDTR after their at bat. It warmed my heart to see how happy the organization was to have us there. The weather was beautiful for a pre-game photo shoot on the beach, too!


2014 Ballgirls Photo Shoot


The photo shoot was held on January 18, 2014. It is for the ball girls to have our photos taken for our trading cards. Our trading cards have our photo on the front and information on the back including birthdate, hometown, bat, throw, and position. We sign our trading cards and give them to phans during games and events. Young phans really love them. At first, I felt slightly out of my element handing out my photo but I quickly learned how rewarding it is to make a kid smile that way.

The photo shoot is the first day of the year the returning BGs and rookies get together. Meeting the new girls this year and reuniting with my best friends from last season was so much fun and such an amazing start to 2014!

madeline 3madeline2

Stephanie D.  

It really hits you at the photo shoot that you are officially a ball girl. This is my second year and I still can’t believe it. The shoot is the first day of the year where all of the ball girls get together and the new vets get to meet the new rookies! It’s interesting getting to know all the rookies because each and every one of them are different and the photo shoot is where the friendships begin! It is so fun getting your picture taken and being in front of a camera; that’s my favorite part! This is where the journey starts for the new season and it is an exciting time.


I was so much more relaxed this year going into the photo shoot. With a year of experience already under my belt, I knew what to expect for the day. Nonetheless, I was extremely excited to welcome all the new ballgirls into our family. I looked forward to getting to know the rookies and also catch up with the rest of the vets. After talking to the rookies, I realized many of the girls grew up nearby to one another, and one of the rookies named Katie graduated from Central Bucks East High School two years after I did! Many of us had played softball against one another for high school and travel teams. Working with the photographer to get a good picture for our trading cards was so much fun. Attending the photo shoot has made me even more excited for the 2014 baseball season!





Alyssa P

January 18, 2014 will be a day I never forget, my first day as a Phillies Ball Girl! From the moment I walked in I was greeted with smiles from my fellow ballgirls which made me feel like I was at home. We all prepared to alyssapget our pictures taken for the trading cards touching up our hair, make up, and spraying hairspray everywhere. During this time all we all got to know each other more. We shared our stories of how we reacted to getting the great news we would be a part of the Phillies organization. We also talked about school, softball, and our excitement for this season. It wasn’t long before I knew these women were going to be some of my best friends.

The rookies anxiously watched the Vets took their pictures, we couldn’t wait to put on that pinstripe uniform! When it came to be my time to stand in front of the camera in my Phillies gear I couldn’t have smiled any bigger. It was the biggest feeling of accomplishment and a memory I’ll have forever. This day was a great preview for what the rest of the year will bring. I am beyond excited for all the memories I have to come with these amazing people!



Alison N.

The photo shoot was a TON of fun! On my way there I remember being so excited but nervous at the same time. I was thrilled to meet all of the ball girls and that kind of took away the nervousness of being in front of a camera. I finally arrived and made my way into Citizens Bank Park. Walking in was such a surreal moment. I had butterflies in my stomach because it hit me that this was real, I wasn’t dreaming! I then met some of the new rookies and veterans. All of the vets were so welcoming and down to earth which made me excited for this season. I instantly became friends with another fellow rookie, Alyssa. We bonded over opening our warm ups; it was like ripping presents open on Christmas Day! We put them on right away and snapped some pictures to send to our anxious family members who couldn’t wait for details. Once it was time for the photo shoot, the rookies and I watched the vets go first. They were being silly and fun which made all of us much more relaxed. Finally it was my turn. I stood up and smiled because although I had just met them, I knew I had all of the girls support behind me. It was an incredible feeling to wear those pin stripes for the first time and that’s when it hit me that my dream of becoming a ballgirl set it. My favorite part of the day was interacting with all of the ballgirls and just getting to know one and another. I am so excited what this season has to offer and to work for such an amazing organization. Go Phils!



It was definitely a good way to start the season by meeting the ladies. We shared a bunch of laughs together on our first day of meeting, which made it even more fun! Taking pictures was different.  I used to be a little camera shy but after the shoot was over I was so confident! I loved it.


The Phanatic Heads to Clearwater


Danielle and I had the pleasure to wave farewell to the Phanatic who packed up to leave Citizens Bank Park on Tuesday, February 18. Many Phillies’ employees waved goodbye to the Phanatic and cheered him on as he entered his van for his trip to spring training.  He had his beach ball, water gun, and Hawaiian t-shirt ready for his arrival in Florida. The Phanatic’s first stop was in Richmond, Virginia where he visited the Richmond International Speed Way and danced with his friend Nutzy. He has also stopped for tacos at South of the Boarder in Hammer, SC and is planning on reaching his final destination on Saturday February 22nd. I know the Phanatic will be missed in Philadelphia by not only the employees of the Phillies but by all of the fans, however he is excited to cheer on the Phillies during Spring Training and meet new fans in Florida!


How we spent our off season…

Steph D.

My plans for the rest of the off season are: working, having fun with my friends and family as much as I can and I can’t forget, getting ready for the 2014 season! I currently have a full time job with an IT company but I am continuing to find another job within my field of study, which is Electronic Media. It is a very competitive field but ‘positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes’… my dreams are bigger than the camera I am standing next to!

stephd offseason


During the rest of the off-season, I will finish my freshman year at Widener University. My softball team and I are going to Florida for a week in March, and my season will continue until May. While in Florida we will have a few practice days followed with big game days. Our team looks great this year! We have really strong players and I am so excited to start! My position for the team is shortstop. Then it will be time for the Phillies to start! I am so excited and can’t wait!


Other than counting down the days until Opening Day at Citizen’s Bank Park, the rest of my off season will consist of being on campus studying hard to finish my winter term at Drexel, and start the spring term with a great GPA. When I’m not on campus, I play flag football with my boyfriend and close friends on Saturday mornings.  I am part of a co-ed non-competitive, social league, and we are out to defend our championship title from the fall! It’s so much fun and a great way to get outside during the winter and exercise with friends and teammates!  I will also be celebrating my birthday this month! Between balancing school work, my part-time job, and flag football, I will be kept busy and distracted while I wait for the greatest year of my life to begin!

amylesley off season


My plans for the rest of the off season are as follows:  1. Get in better shape for the upcoming season. (We all know those jackets don’t get from the outfield to the dugouts by themselves!) 2. Enjoy the down time before all of our exciting events and games start. 3. Wish that the days will fly by because I am way too excited to be a Vet this season!

I also plan to focus on my full time job as an accounting analyst. I’m learning new things everyday and just from the past year, being a ball girl has helped me tremendously with my communication with other people and multitasking one job with the other.


Not long until opening day! This off-season, I’ve been keeping busy with a number of things. My biggest priority, of course, is my internship. I’ve been focusing heavily on continuing to grow professionally in the public relations industry. Outside of that, I’ve been giving conditioning and hitting lessons to middle and high school softball players. I love helping them improve their game. I’m also doing a Tough Mudder in April, so my free time is spent in the gym.

megank offseason

Ballgirl Scouts


On Tuesday February 11. Kory and Kelly went to Buckshutem Road School to join the Buckshutem Girls Basketball Team in helping with the Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ to earn some of the 5 Athlete Badges. There were close to 15 girl scouts that were very eager to participate in a series of “Minute to Win it” games with Kory, Kelly, and the girls basketball team.  We were able to cheer on the girl scouts as they used pedometers and other objects during these games. It was nice to see smiles from ear to ear and the excitement in everyone’s’ faces. The most rewarding part of this experience was seeing the girls’ faces once they completed a game; regardless of winning or losing. They were so excited to earn badges and learned how important team work is, whether it was cheering on a teammate or participating in a race/ challenge. In the end, all of the girls were winners for completing this session. It was nice of the Buckshutem Girls Basketball Team to come out and donate some of their time to their community.  You could tell that the younger girls definitely looked up to the older girls and wanted to be a part of everything that they were doing. Good luck to the girls in the rest of your basketball season! We look forward to seeing the girl scouts at their Girl Scout event on May 13th at the ball park! Go Buckshutem!

Clearwater or Bust!



The Phillies’ equipment truck left Citizens Bank Park on Thursday, February 6, 2014. It was a very exciting day for the organization. The 53-foot equipment truck was loaded with thousands of items needed for Spring Training in Clearwater, FL. The packing began about two weeks after the season ended, so Thursday was the big finish for those who worked hard preparing inventory and planning before the truck took off on the two-day journey to Florida. The Phanatic loaded the final item into the truck before we took off on a Center City tour leading the truck to 95 South.


It was truly amazing how the larger-than-life truck was so strategically packed…the inside looked like a 53-foot long game of Tetris! The equipment team did an amazing job. Abby, the Phanatic and I rode atop a Philadelphia fire truck escorting the truck out of Citizen’s Bank Park. The exciting experience seemed to trump my regular aversion to the cold. We were all smiles thinking positive thoughts of baseball weather.


On our ride through Center City, we passed so many enthusiastic phans whole-heartedly waving to their favorite mascot and honking their car horns in support of the send off. Social media users who saw the truck tweeted and posted photos using the hash tag “#ClearwaterOrBust.” My favorite memory from the day was when a school bus pulled up next to the fire truck. There was a brief moment when all of the young school children seemed slightly confused seeing the Phanatic in a fire truck but without giving into the hesitation, they eagerly pressed their noses to the window and passionately waved.

Before parting ways with the Florida-bound truck, we stopped at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Abby and I tried to keep up with the Phanatic as he ran up the museum stairs, but my biggest concern was not slipping on the ice and falling and bringing the Phanatic down with me (luckily, I can say that didn’t happen!). It was a great afternoon… Clearwater or Bust! Special thank you to Philadelphia Fire Department and the wonderful firefighters of truck 53!

phanaticAM phanaticfiremen

Stepping Up as Vets

It is crazy to think a year has passed and I am a Veteran for the 2014 season. I still cannot believe I’m starting my second year with the Phillies! My rookie season as a Ballgirl was all that I could have hoped for and MORE! I will always cherish the memories and friends that I made last season but I am so excited for the all the new memories, events, and friendships to come this season. Go Phillies!
Hands down the most memorable moment of my rookie season was my first game on the field on May 19th where I witnessed the back-to-back walk-off home runs from Kratz and Galvis in the bottom of the ninth inning to beat the Cincinnati Reds 3-2!!! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the entire stadium was absolutely electric. In all honesty, it was coolest thing I had ever seen! I felt so blessed to be on the field for that game!
This season I am most looking forward to making the most of each experience this 2014 season has to offer! Additionally, I am looking forward to mentoring and getting to know the new rookies and training them for their field duties. Also, I am so excited to interact with all of the phans again this year and give back to our Philadelphia community. Spring training is right around the corner Phillies Phans! Get excited!

I can’t believe I am officially a Phillies ballgirl veteran. The events I attended, games I watched, and people I met made this year the best year of my life. My favorite memory of the 2013 season was attending the CHOP Halloween Bash. This event was special to me because I am studying medicine to one day become a doctor and hopefully have the opportunity to work at CHOP. I danced the night away with the patients and their siblings along side of two other ball girls, Ashley and Leigh Ann (and of course, the Phanatic). The young patients of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had the biggest smiles on their (colorfully painted) faces and I left the Halloween Bash truly feeling like I made a difference in their lives.
Another one of my favorite memories of the 2013 season had to have been the 18- inning game. I was one of the lucky girls to be on the field for over seven hours in one night. That night I truly realized the dedication of the Phillies fans. Fans were sitting on the very top rows of the stadium and cheering just as loud in the 18th inning as the first with every at bat. After the game I received numerous texts and phone calls saying great job and that they couldn’t believe I was on the field for that long. However, I was so grateful to have the best seat in the house while being apart of such an exciting game. That night I truly felt like I was apart of Phillies history.



stephdSteph D.

It is so hard to pick a favorite memory from my rookie season because every time I was at the ballpark or in my uniform at an event was a memorable experience. If I had to choose one, I would say the first time getting announced for Green Team. The feeling of standing in front of all the fans at home plate, smiling and waving into the camera is unexplainable. It is the greatest feeling and I get that feeling every time I step on the field. I am so blessed to get the opportunity to experience something that most people can’t say they have experienced.
The thing I am looking forward to most about this season is opening day/opening home stand. I think that the opening series is the most fun because all of the fans are so excited for the season to begin. There is so much going on around the stadium and the atmosphere of Citizens Bank Park is awesome.





I could not have asked for a better rookie season. I will never forget my first foul ball and interactions with the fans between innings during my first game on the field. My favorite memory of my rookie season was working at the Phillies Golf Event in July. This took place during the Phillies alumni week, so I was able to meet a few of past Phillies players. The ballgirls assisted in creating gift bags for all of the golfers and helping make sure that the event ran smoothly. A few of us drove golf carts around the course to make sure everyone was staying hydrated in the summer heat. Interacting with alumni and many members of the Phillies front office staff was a lot of fun!
I am most looking forward to training the rookies on the field. The experience of being on the field is unforgettable, so I am really excited to be with the rookies as they have this experience of their own for the first time. Rookies are trained for four games before they can be on the field by themselves, so it is the responsibility of the veterans to teach them what to do in any game situation. The hardest part will be trying to calm the rookies down because it is easy to get nervous in front of such a large crowd!





My favorite memory from last season was dancing on the field with the Phillie Phanatic. It was a day game and the Ball Girls played along with the Phanatic that day. It started out as the Phanatic not having anyone to dance with. We ran out on the field and broke out into dance with the Cupid Shuffle. It was so much fun watching the fan’s reactions and doing something out of my comfort zone. The Phanatic is an awesome dancer and I would love to do it all over again!


Stephanie T

I am excited for my Vet season. I enjoyed it so much last year as a rookie, but this year I know the ropes and I look forward to passing that on to the new rookies. What a great experience! I have had so many great memories during my rookie season, but my favorite would have to be: Dancing with the Phanatic and all the kids at the Please Touch Museum! It was so much fun picking out the best dancers and brightening all the little kids days.
I am so excited for the season to start. I am looking forward to attending different events throughout the season and for Opening Day! It is my final season, so I am looking forward to doing all I can and getting the most out of this awesome opportunity.


madelineNo words can explain with justice what the year 2013 meant to me. Becoming a Phillies Ball girl is one of the greatest things to ever happen in my life. In receiving the honor of wearing my BG pinstripes as an ambassador for the Phillies I accomplished a personal dream. I have experienced the electricity of Citizen’s Bank park from the field, interacted with AMAZING Phans of Philadelphia, served as a representative of my favorite team and city, made life long memories and irreplaceable friends, and learned a lot about myself.
My favorite memories of my rookie season included the Phillies Pup Rally and Carlos Ruiz’s Philadelphia Futures event. One of my first ball girl duties was at Schuylkill River Park with the Pennsylvania ASPCA. Phillies phans dressed their pups in Phillies gear and brought them out to the park for games and prizes. The PSPCA had homeless dogs on site and I got to see a few dogs go home with happy new owners! Carlos Ruiz hosted an event at a really cool bowling ally in the city which sponsored the hard working high school students of the Philadelphia Futures. After working the Pup Rally, I adopted a dog from the PSPCA and I am also a current college student. I view both animals and higher education as important missions and I am lucky the Phillies are involved in the causes.
Of course, I will never forget the first time I walked onto the field and the unexplainable emotions of thrill, honor, and joy. Every day I walked into the ballpark to work, I was truly happy. I am so excited for 2014. I am so blessed and this opportunity is my daily reminder.




My favorite memory from last season was participating in the Phillies at the Beach event. Myself and three other ball girls went down to Atlantic City and spent the day on the beach with some of our amazing fans. We passed out sunglass and magnets, among other cool giveaway items. We also helped in judging the “best dressed” contest for kids and adults. This was overall such a fun day to be able to not only be at work but also be on the beach at the same time.
I am most looking forward to being on the field for a few more games this season and making a bunch of new friends with our rookies. We spend so much time together that these girls really do become some of my best friends. Also, all the events that we are able to participate in also are a once in a lifetime experience that I would not trade for the world.


I definitely think it is going to be different being a Vet this year. There is a lot expected from us not just from our boss, but the rookies and ourselves.
My favorite memory that I will always carry with me from last season will be when I was able to give a foul ball to a little boy battling leukemia. He was the happiest little boy and when he asked for my trading card he got so excited. When I was able to give him a ball, I remember him jumping up and down and giving his parents huge hugs. I definitely got teary-eyed. At the end of the game he gave me a big hug. I will definitely never going to forget that!
I am most looking forward to getting back on the field and making a million more memories with the vets and rookies this season! My advice to the rookies make the most of this experience. So many people would kill to have this opportunity, but you are one of the lucky ones. Do everything you possibly can, meet tons of new people, and have fun!


Meet the 2014 Rookies

Alison N          Alison N.

Hometown: Northeast Philadelphia

College/Major: West Chester University Pre-Occupational Therapy with Psychology Minor

Occupation: Student

Favorite Phillies Player: Cliff Lee

Describe yourself in one word: Genuine

Your biggest accomplishment: Becoming a Phillies Ballgirl!

Favorite Ballpark Food: Dollar Dogs for sure

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: I look forward to working with the charities and organizations within the Phillies community and also interacting with the one of a kind “phans” on a daily basis.

If you could have 1 super power: Time Travel

Biggest Pet Peeve: When someone drags their feet when they walk

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: Pizza is my favorite food…with veggies, meat, or plain…whatever!

Michelle (2)Michelle

Hometown: Holland, Pa.

College/Major: Widener University/ Nursing

Occupation: Full time student

Favorite Phillies Player: Chase Utley

Describe yourself in one word: Ambitious

Your biggest accomplishment: Graduating high school with honors and being a member of the National Honor Society

Favorite Ballpark food: Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries!

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: Meeting, greeting and working with all different people in our community. Whether it’s children at a softball clinic, or fans at the             stadium, I am looking forward to interacting with them because I am a “people person”.

If you could have 1 super power: If I had 1 super power I would want to be invisible.

Biggest Pet Peeve: My biggest pet peeve is people chewing gum loudly.

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: I play shortstop for Widener University’s softball team.

alisonwAlison W.

Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, NJ

College/Major: The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey/Health Sciences

 Occupation: Student

Favorite Phillies Player: Carlos Ruiz

 Describe yourself in one word: Enigmatic

Biggest accomplishment: Becoming a Phillies ball girl!

 Favorite ballpark food: Chickie’s and Pete’s fries.

What are you looking forward to most about being a Phillies ball girl: Giving a little kid a foul ball and making their day.

 If you could have a superpower, what would it be: The ability to fly.

Biggest pet peeve: Bad smells

One thing that people don’t know about you: I can cackle like a witch.


Hometown: Pottstown, PA

College/Major: Albright College, B.A. in Music Business/Public Relations & Advertising

Occupation: Public Relations Intern

Favorite Phillies Player: Freddy Galvis

Describe yourself in one word: Ambitious

Your biggest accomplishment: Graduating college with a dual degree and landing an incredible PR internship

Favorite Ballpark food: Crab fries, of course!

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: There are many things that I’m looking forward to, but I’m most excited about being an ambassador for the Philadelphia community and becoming close friends with all the girls.

If you could have 1 super power: To be a mind reader

Biggest Pet Peeve: Being poked

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: I was a gymnast for 13 years


Hometown: Mount Laurel, NJ

College/Major: Drexel University, Major in Corporate and Public Relations

Occupation: Student

Favorite Phillies Player: Jimmy Rollins

Describe yourself in one word: Bubbly

Your biggest accomplishment: Other than becoming a member of the ballgirl team, I would definitely say getting into Drexel with majority scholarship was a huge accomplishment.

Favorite Ballpark food: Gotta get that ballpark hot dog!

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: I am so excited to represent this great organization as a role model for young girls and I cannot wait to meet the passionate fans of Philadelphia and give back to the community I grew up in! It also doesn’t hurt that I am part of a wonderful group of well-educated young women who will become my closest friends!

If you could have 1 super power: The ability to fly!

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people smoke and have no concerns for whoever is walking behind them!

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know:  I went to France for 10 days in high school with my french class and my closest friends. It was my favorite trip to Europe yet! That trip opened my eyes to the love I have for traveling and my desire to see the world!


Hometown: Atco, New Jersey

College/Major: I attend Georgian Court University and I am majoring in biology.

Occupation: Full-time Student/ Sales Associate

Favorite Phillies Player: Chase Utley

Describe yourself in one word: Dedicated

Your biggest accomplishment: Playing softball, the game I love, at the NCAA Division II level while earning my degree.

Favorite Ballpark food: Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab Fries, with extra cheese!

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: All the great memories I’m going to have with my fellow ballgirls, the Philadelphia community, and all the new people I will meet.

If you could have 1 super power: Teleportation, so I could be anywhere in the world whenever I wanted.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Bad drivers

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: Everyone in my family has a strange nickname, even our dog!

kellyrKelly R.

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

College/Major: University of Delaware, Elementary Education

Occupation: Student and YMCA of Delaware Counselor

Favorite Phillies Player: Chase Utley

Describe yourself in one word: Happy!

Your biggest accomplishment: Becoming part of the Phillies Organization

Favorite Ballpark food: Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: I am looking forward to interacting with the Philadelphia Community, new experiences, and new memories!

If you could have 1 super power: Superhuman Endurance

Biggest Pet Peeve: Negativity

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: When I was younger I moved around a lot. Two states that I lived in, other than Delaware, were Indiana and New York.


Hometown: Langhorne, PA

College/Major: Cornell University, Communications Major

Occupation: Student

Favorite Phillies Player: Chase Utley

Describe yourself in one word: enthusiastic

What is your biggest accomplishment: Getting accepted to an Ivy League university and playing Division I softball there.

Favorite Ballpark food: hotdogs and Chickie’s and Pete’s crabfries

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: Being a Phillies Ballgirl has been something that I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have the incredible opportunity to interact with the Phillies fans and the Philadelphia community. I admire how much the Phillies give back and being a part of that is extraordinarily special to me. I can’t wait to be at the games and interact with the fans on a whole new level!

If you could have 1 super power: Telekinesis–it’d be so cool to move things with my mind!

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people take their food out early leave time on the microwave

One interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: I’ve been a bowler since I was 4 years old–my high game is a 279!


Hometown: Harleysville, Pa

College/Major: St. Joseph’s University/Spanish, Elementary Education

Occupation: Spanish teacher

Favorite Phillies Player: Cole Hamels

Describe yourself in one word: Adventurous

Your biggest accomplishment: Spending a year in Peru as a Fulbright scholar

Favorite Ballpark food: Ice cream in the little helmet

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: Connecting with Phillies fans on a different level.

If you could have 1 super power: Time travel

Biggest Pet Peeve: bad grammar

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: I have been to all 50 states


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

 College/Major: Kaplan/ Pharmacy Technician

 Occupation: Full-time Student/ Part-time sales associate

Favorite Phillies Player: John Mayberry

Describe yourself in one word: Different

Your biggest accomplishment: Becoming a Phillies Ball Girl, one of my biggest dreams!

Favorite Ballpark food: Turkey Hill Ice Cream

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: New experiences and having lots of fun!

If you could have 1 super power: Reading minds.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When someone doesn’t hold the door opened for another person.

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: Next to being an athlete, I consider myself a fashionista!


Hometown: Doylestown, PA

College/Major: Pennsylvania State University, Sports Public Relations

Occupation: Full time Student, Part time sales associate

Favorite Phillies Player: Cliff Lee

Describe yourself in one word: Passionate

Your biggest accomplishment: Becoming a Phillies ball girl

Favorite Ballpark food: Dollar dogs with mustard!

What you are looking forward to most about being a Phillies Ballgirl: I cannot wait to sit on the field at my first game and also to represent the Phillies and get involved in the community.

If you could have one super power: Teleportation

Biggest Pet Peeve: I can’t stand when people walk slow.

1 interesting fact about yourself that people do not know: I’m the first grandchild on both sides of my family and since I’m the oldest I am my youngest cousin’s godmother!

Softball Clinic

The Phillies Ballgirls hosted a softball clinic on May 18th for 150 local softball players ranging from 5 to 16 at FDR Park. Here from some of the girls who helped make the clinic a huge success!

clinic.rachaelRachael: This was the second Phillies softball clinic I worked as a ballgirl and had a great time working with all the girls on their softball skills. I have been teaching pitching lessons and working camps for about 5 years now, so this was definitely one of my favorite events! The girls who attend are so excited to learn and get better which makes our jobs that much easier. We broke up into groups by age and did stations that included hitting, infield, outfield, bunting, and base running. They were able to work on all aspects of their game and learn from girls who played travel and college softball. Not only do they love softball, but they are also huge Phillies fans which meant there were a lot of questions! We finished off the day with a pitching demonstration and then handing out our trading cards. It was a great day and enjoyed sharing my knowledge with possible future Phillies Ballgirls!













Steph D: I thought the clinic was very successful. I thought the girls had a lot of fun and I did as well. I worked with the older group and although most of them knew the game, I think they got a little something out of it. My favorite part of the day was seeing them smile when we signed our cards for them.

Madeline: Working with the youth softball players at the Softball Celebration was such a great morning. It was a pretty cool experience working with girls between the ages of 5-16. Each girl was so different in personality and skill, but everyone was extremely talented and happy to be there. The common ground of a love for both softball and the Phillies, was a great platform to build a relationship with the young players. I’m so glad I went to the softball clinic and was able to teach the players something. More importantly this was a great opportunity for the Ball Girls to serve as role models in professional sports for young girls.


Steph T: Working the clinic was so much fun!  I loved meeting the girls and helping them improve their softball skills.  It felt great to give back and help teach everything I know and have learned over the years to a new group of girls.  I take pride in representing the Phillies organization and being a role model for young girls and aspiring athletes.




Phillies Phestival 2013


On May 16th the Ballgirls and the entire Phillies organization joined together to help strike out ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The Phillies fans were able to raise $860,731 during this great event that we got to help volunteer at. Here is what some of us thought about being at the Phillies Phestival.

phestival.rachmarcieRachael: This was my second Phillies Phestival to help raise money for ALS. It is great event that Phillies fans get to enjoy. As a fan, I know how excited it is to meet your favorite players after cheering phestival.kelly.korythem on day in and day out and this day makes it possible while also being for a great cause!






Steph D: Last Thursday was the first time I attended the Phillies Phestival ever and I am glad I was there as a ball girl. I volunteered to work the Ben Revere photo booth where I got to sell tickets to fans to get a photo with him. After that I helped out at the dice game and that was very overwhelming but exciting at the same time. It was great seeing fans excited to win a lot of prizes.

Kelly: I had a blast working at the phestival. This was my first time going and I could not believe how many people showed up to participate and donate to charity! It was a lot of fun working the “Every Roll’s A Winner” game. The excitement on the fans faces was priceless! Raising money for ALS was a lot of fun and a great experience!

Steph T: Being a part of the Phillies Festival was an incredible experience.  It really gave me a new perspective on things and it felt great to know that I was making a difference in people’s lives.  There was such a great turnout and it was a wonderful feeling to be a part of an organization that takes such pride in helping others.



phestival.rach.ash.madMadeline: Before working the Phillies Phestival this year, I have never attended the event. I really feel like I have been missing out.  It was such a great evening. Looking back on the event and seeing that the Phillies Phestival raised $860,731 for The ALS Association it hard to view it as anything but a huge success. Everyone who attended had amazing time. The fans waited for hours to scope out their game plan on the main concourse and loved contributing to the fundraising for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. All the players and employees of the Phillies seemed to be having a great time aiding such a great cause.

Kory: This was my first year working the Phestival and I could not have asked for a better experience. I not only met a ton of great people but the fans were so  enthusiastic and really made the day so much fun! I had a blast working at the “Every Roll’s A Winner” game. The fans seemed to really enjoy all of the great prizes they won! I’m so glad that we could raise money to help the ALS foundation! phestival.michelledanielle