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SEE YOU IN THE STANDS! Phillies Ballgirl Veterans say Farewell

You would think that after two years of blogging I would have this down, but somehow this last blog seems to be the most difficult one yet. I think it’s difficult because it’s bittersweet to be retiring as a ballgirl, but mostly because it’s so hard to put into words what this experience has been like. Remarkable, awesome, inspiring, and exhilarating are all adjectives that come to mind, but somehow they do it no justice. Being a Philadelphia Philles Ballgirl has been, and I’m sure will always be, one of the best experiences of my life. I have a new respect and love for the game of baseball and especially a new appreciate and respect for wearing those pristine red pinstripes. I believed it before, but now I truly am proud to say that I was a part of one of the best organizations in baseball and I will forever be grateful. So, a special thanks to all those I’ve met along the way at Citizen bank and in the Philadelphia community, a special thanks to the INCREDIBLE group of women who inspired me everyday and a special thanks to the fans for making every day at “work” a fun one. Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Below, my fellow ballgirls share what the last two seasons have meant to them. Keep an eye out for us in the stands!

I have to admit that it’s bittersweet as I hang up my Phillies Ballgirl uniform for the last time. I can’t help but reminisce the first day that I stepped onto the field, grabbed my stool, and took a seat right down the third baseline. It is a moment of my life I’ll never forget. The memories I’ve had over these past two years and the lifelong friends that I’ve made have been amazing. So thank you, Phillies, for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have an even greater respect for everything that you do, not only on the baseball field, but also within this community. Going to games as a fan next year may take some getting used to, but I can’t wait to enjoy the games…just from a slightly different view!

As I look back at my hundreds and hundreds of BG pictures that I’ve accumulated over the past two years, I feel so fortunate to have been able to truly live my dream job. When I reflect back to my pre-Ballgirl career, I remember thinking that being a Phillies Ballgirl would be the most incredible job in the world, but I never imagined that it would ever be a reality for me. Now that I have endless BG memories to last a lifetime, I honestly feel like my experience was beyond reality…I really couldn’t have asked for more. Not only have I had experiences that I could never forget on the MLB sidelines and as an ambassador for the Phillies organization at countless events, but I’ve met some of the most amazing people that I know will be friends for life. The friendships that were made over the course of my rookie and vet seasons are truly special and definitely rare (who ever heard of 17 girls getting together and all being great friends?!) I definitely think seeing my fellow BGs just about every other day during the Summer will be what I miss most. I will cherish the memories of our softball games, charity events, awkward family photos, BG challenges, dugout dances, retro outfits, Green Teaming, fan warnings, holiday sales, helmets, hot pants, pre-game rituals, post-season rallies, card signing, rain delays, photo shoots, and yes, even selling raffle tickets…and the list goes on and on! I plan to bring back these unforgettable memories by making a BG scrapbook, attending as many Phillies games as I can next season, and getting together with my fellow BGs as much as possible! And also, I can’t wait to watch my rookie, now veteran Ballgirl friends on the sidelines that I know will do an amazing job to continue on to the 2012 Phillies season…good luck ladies, I know you’ll make us proud!

It still feels like yesterday when I received the call that I would be a Philadelphia Phillies Ballgirl. I knew at that moment that my life had just changed forever. However, I had no idea just how much it would change. I’ve had too many wonderful experiences to count, including being on the field for Roy Halladay’s no hitter, being able to be a part of the Christmas in July toy drive, helping out with the Phillies Phestival to raise money for ALS, and much much more. These 2 years have flown by and I can say with 100% certainty that it was the best time of my life. The people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made will stay in my heart forever. It is hard to believe that I will never again be able to feel the warning track under my sneakers, or have our daily laughs and chats with the other Ballgirls in the locker room before game time, or head up to Michele’s office to see what our Green Team Volunteers will be like for the day. Time really does fly when you are having fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to share my experiences with and I will cherish our memories forever.

Well, here it is, the moment I’ve been dreading…the inevitable end of my ballgirl career. Since I knew the position of ballgirl existed, I wanted to become one. The dream – as it was in my head – is not worthy of comparison to the reality. The experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in as a member of the Phillies organization are indescribable. All I can say is, I will look back on these last two years with a fondness that will leave my future experiences in rivalry. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have this unique opportunity and the relationships that have come with it.

It was privilege and an honor to have spent my time as a ballgirl with such a great group of women – truly some of the best. The memories we have made and certainly will continue to make, I will cherish forever. I am in awe with the amount of laughs, tears, triumphs, and life-changing moments we have packed into our brief time together.

Congratulations to the 2012 ballgirls – best of luck, soak in every moment, and you’ll do great. I’ll be watching from the stands :)
When I was offered the job of being a Ballgirl back in December of 2009, I was most excited about becoming apart of one of the greatest organizations in baseball, having the opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the community, and most of all having the best seat in the house. Of course each of those aspects were like a dream come true in their own respects, however, I did not expect to form a second family with the people that I was blessed to work with, in the front office, game day staff, and everyone in between whom we all became on a first name basis with by the heart of the season. Most of all though, I was blessed to be on a team with twenty two amazing girls. During the dog days of summer I saw these girls more than my own family, and it made coming to “work” something I looked forward to everyday. Being a Phillies Ballgirl has hands down been the best experience of my life, one that I will never forget. While I’m sad that it’s all over, I’m walking away with endless priceless memories. I’m so excited for the 2011 rookies to now become 2012’s vets, and for the group of new girls who are about to embark on their own experience of a lifetime. Like a legend once said, “I’ve got high hopes” for the 2012 season, good luck girls!!

As I reflect back on my last two years as a Phillies Ballgirl, it’s rather difficult to pinpoint one or even a few experiences that stand out the most to me. Between having the best seat in Citizens Bank Park, being involved with numerous charities, to working side by side with the most popular mascot in sports, all of the memories I have made will without a doubt be ones that stick with me forever. Some of the best memories were made in the ballgirl locker room before the start of the games with fellow ballgirls……we also found ways to occupy our time. Perhaps one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had thus far was the relationship I developed over the past two years with not only of the phillies biggest fans, but one of the ballgirls as well. Patti and I met 4 year old Owen at a blood drive during the 2010 season. While Owen’s parents donated blood Owen charmed us with all of his Phillies knowledge and adorable looks. From that point on it seemed as though every time Patti and I were together at both the stadium and events we ran into Owen and his parents. He never failed to put a smile on our faces, especially when we were invited to his 4th birthday this past year. Meeting Owen stands out as one of the best experiences for me because it is a true reflection of the relationships that can be built with the fans. It’s going to be difficult to transition back into being just a fan, but regardless I am beyond thankful for the opportunity I have been given these past two years and I look forward to rooting on my favorite team :)

I can’t believe the time has come for my last Ballgirl blog. The past two years have been filled with lasting memories that I will cherish forever. In my term as a Ballgirl I was lucky enough to be apart of two successful seasons in Phillies history. The aspect of being a Ballgirl that I know I will definitely miss the most is seeing the other girls day in and day out at the park or at various events throughout the community. These ladies have made a lasting impression on my life and I am so lucky to have met them! I know all good things must unfortunately come to an end, so now I will watch my favorite team from the stands and of course occasionally stroll down to say hello to the Ballgirl :). Congratulations to the 2012 Ballgirls, enjoy every minute of it!

I can’t believe this time has come :( the Phillies baseball season will never be the same for me. Every time I watch a game I will always be paying more attention to the ballgirls than the players, I will always think to myself “Oh, remember that time when you were a Phillies ballgirl…”. Even though these last two years have gone so fast, I have made great memories and great friends that will last a lifetime!! I am so honored to be chosen as a Phillies ballgirl and I loved every moment of it. Being a Phillies Ballgirl truly has been a dream come true, I couldn’t have asked to be part of a better organization while having the best job in the world with the best girls I know! I would like to thank Michele for the greatest two years and my family, especially my dad and brother (sorry mom.. I still love you). Without my brother, Brandon and my dad I probably wouldn’t know anything about baseball and this experience would still be a dream of mine. Thanks again and I can’t wait to meet the future Phillies Ballgirls. Now to join the Phillies Ballgirls Alumni Association.

This is such a bitter blog to write because it means my duties as a Phillies Ballgirl are officially over. The past two years have been amazing an I’m going to miss it so much! To the Phillies Phans: You all have made this experience amazing! I am going to miss meeting so many of you at the games and various events. You really are the best phans in baseball! To the Phillies organization: Thank you for this opportunity. Participating in all the on field and off field events have been amazing, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you all again. To my fellow ball girls: Without all of you, this experience would not have been the same. You all have given some hilarious memories that I will never forget, and I thank you for keeping me laughing and smiling when I needed the distraction the most! You all are amazing!

Happy Holidays from all of us!

For some reason, this holiday season seemed to fly by faster than ever (So fast that I’m finally posting this on January 10th. Sorry about that!). I’m not sure if it’s because the weather wasn’t quite “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” or if it was because I was enjoying the last few weeks as a ballgirl. Come January, all of us Vets hand the reigns over to the Rookies and bring in a new group of great girls for you to meet next spring. Either way, December was filled with a lot of excitement for all of us. For me, I was slacking on the picture-taking this year (no big surprise), but I did get a picture of the best pancake in the history of pancakes. I went home to South Carolina for Christmas, and nothing puts you more in the spirit than a homemade snowman pancake with a bacon scarf to put a little more holly jolly in your step.

This year – rather than store-bought gifts, I went with homemade floor pillows for each of my nieces and nephews – and finally got a picture with all 6. But the photo of everyone looking and smiling still evades us! Happiest holiday wishes to all the Phillies fans!

This Christmas was full of lots of family, friends and of course…great food! Holidays are always extra special when my brother and sister-in-law are in town and our cousin Andrew is home from severing in the Navy. Most definitely my favorite presents this Christmas!

This Christmas break I was lucky enough to take a trip to NYC with my roommates! It was only my second time in the city and I had a great time checking out landmarks like the Empire State Building.

This Christmas season has been great in so many ways. First, my boyfriend and I took the ferry into NYC (a first for me) to walk around, and visit the ever famous tree in Rockefeller Center (another first for me!) Here is a picture I took looking up at the tree and it’s 30,000 bright lights! There’s no better feeling of the holidays than what you feel walking around New York City. On Christmas day my sister and her husband hosted their first Christmas dinner for our family, which I assisted in preparing. My other photo shows my sister and I with our grandmother in the kitchen while we were getting dinner ready. Christmas day was also my niece, Grace’s, second birthday. Although I may officially be a “grown up” I felt just like a kid again watching her open and play with all of her new toys. There’s nothing like spending time and making lasting memories with the ones that you love, especially during this time of year, which was my favorite gift hands down. I’m very excited to see what 2012 will bring, and am wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

The highlight of my Christmas was being able to spend it with all of my amazing cousins!

I had another amazing Christmas this year! The gift that I’m having the most fun with is definitely the dancing game called Just Dance…it’s a blast and it is especially hilarious to watch my parents attempt to follow the dance moves! The picture of me and my sisters was taken on Christmas Eve…my Mom has made it a tradition to get us new pajamas every year. I plan to do even more relaxing over the rest of my Holiday Break :) Happy New Year everyone!

Before celebrating Christmas Eve with my Irish side of the family, I went to my Italian grandparents’ house to help make eight pounds of homemade spaghetti and twenty-two dozen ravioli. You all can guess that I’ll have to be spending some extra time at the gym!

Besides spending the Holidays with my amazing family and friends, Patti and I had the privilege to meet a future ballgirl! Olivia Joy! Congratulations to Tori and Dan!

This is The Coleman Family holiday card from a few years ago, even though
it’s a few years old it’s one of my favorites!! I love the holidays because
I love spending time with my family and all of the great traditions that go
along with it, especially making gingerbread houses and cookies with my
little cousins!!

Storytime with the Phillies Ballgirls

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, Ballgirls Kristina and Leanne were invited to the Barnes & Noble in Newark, DE to take part in Storytime, a brief time for children in the store to sit and listen to a book or two read aloud. This week’s Storytime would be particularly special as Kristina and Leanne were reading The Phillie Phanatic’s Philadelphia Story together. Following the Phanatic on a trip through Philadelphia’s history proved fun and exciting for both kids and parents alike. Kristina also had the opportunity to read If You Give a Dog a Donut, and Leanne read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. Pete the Cat had a sing-a-long aspect and the children – and even some of the parents – joined in! Also at Barnes & Noble that day was a great organization called Kind to Kids, who work with foster children and underprivileged children in the state of Delaware. The Ballgirls had an incredible time reaching out to some of their tiniest fans and getting to spend the morning entertaining the children. Below are some photos shared by Caroline Jones of Kind to Kids.

Kristina and Leanne ready for Storytime at Barnes & Noble at the Christiana Mall.

Kristina and Leanne read The Phillie Phanatic’s Philadelphia Story.

Catherine and Chris, co-founders of Kind to Kids, joined the Ballgirls for the day.

Bring in the holidays at the ballpark with us!

This weekend the ballgirls will proudly be participating in the annual Phillies Holiday Sale, Tree Lighting & Food Drive at Citizen Bank Park. The two-day event will be highlighted by a holiday tree and ballpark lighting ceremony (Saturday only), complete with carolers, Phoebe and the Phillie Phanatic as Phanta Claus. Phillies manager Charlie Manuel and pitcher Vance Worley will also be joining the festivities.

We hope you can join us for what is sure to be a fun filled weekend at the park! For more information and a detailed schedule follow the link below (by copying and pasting it into your browser):

Vote for the Final 2012 Phillies Ballgirl

For the past two years, we let Phillies fans make the big decision of selecting the final Ballgirl for a spot on the next season’s roster. We’ve never been let down and are excited to see who you vote for this year. Three really great girls are rallying for that final spot, and your vote could make the difference. Vote early. Vote often. Each of these girls would appreciate your votes. Who are you pulling for? We’d love to hear! Can’t wait to find out who you choose. The polls close on December 9, 2011 at 5 p.m. ET!

Vote here:

Softball Highlights from 2011 Season

A few weeks ago we finished our Ballgirl softball season with a bang when we played the Philadelphia School District employees. While our opponents put up a good fight, we ended the season with a victory and celebrated afterwards with both teams on home plate. After every sports season, there’s always those moments of awesomeness that every team likes to fondly remember. So you’ll have to humor us while we highlight a few memories from this season. Hopefully, these action shots may inspire you to put together a team to play against us next year. We’ll be ready for ya!

Patti pretty much held our defense together when we joined forces with the Flyers Ice Girls for a tournament in Avalon, NJ. She was unstoppable in left field, so I had to make sure she made a spot on our wall of fame.

When we played the Philadelphia School District, Sam impressed us all with her homerun honey skills at the plate.

Mo, one of our rookies this year, was always stellar at the plate. Be on the lookout for her next season!

I couldn’t help but add a couple kickball pics. Kristina was definitely MVP of the team in our very first kickball tournament. Look at her form. You can tell it’s gonna be a bomb just from the looks of it!

You can tell Emily doesn’t give up until she’s safe at home, and her speed was always a huge help in the outfield.

Brittany gets an early run in the Philadelphia School District game to get the momentum going.

Bridgette doesn’t let two guys at second plate scare her away. Love the hustle, Bridge!

Need I say more from our solid third baseman Gen? One of my favorite action shots of the season.

See you next year! Thanks for cheering us on this season.

Phillies Ballgirl 2012 Tryouts

Last Monday was a busy one at Citizen Bank Park as we held the first round of tryouts for the 2012 Phillies Ballgirl team. Thirty lucky women were selected to come to the park to participate in tryouts that consisted of hitting, fielding, a timed run, a written test, and an onscreen interview in front of a panel of judges. Below are some behind-the-scenes shots from the day!

Anxious, excited, and of course a little nervous, girls line up to check-in and receive their tryout numbers.

Once everyone is signed in, girls are gathered into the media room where they are welcomed and then split into smaller groups for the tryout process.

Sammy, Jamie and Bridgett are all smiles in the media room!

Ballgirl hopeful #78 plays some tough grounders during the fielding portion of tryouts.

Genevieve shows no mercy as she records some scores after seeing girl’s performances in the batting cages.

Katelyn and Brittany lend a hand in the locker room where girls were sized for pinstripes, alternates, warm-ups, and softball uniforms.

After a long day, these hopefuls are still full of smiles!

We had a great time meeting and getting to know our elite top thirty however, the tryouts process is not over yet! Soon, several will be selected for the next round of tryouts, which consist of an additional interview. Then, we need your help. The final Phillies Ballgirl for the 2012 season will be picked by you, the fan! As in prior years, we will be holding an online vote for our final roster spot so stay tuned to see who is in the running!

Phillies Ballgirls’ Off Season Plans

Although the 2011 baseball season has come to a close, the ballgirls keep plenty busy off the field. Some girls are finishing up school, while others are spending more time with friends/family and some girls are picking up new hobbies. We will even be welcoming a new, little Phillies fan this offseason… possibly a future ballgirl?!?! What are you doing with your free time now that baseball is done?

This off season, I will be finishing up my last half of school! My graduation date is just before the start of the ’12 season so I can easily get back into the swing of things (no pun intended), albeit as a fan this time around.

Off the field, my life is non-stop (which is probably the case for all of us). It’s a constant balance between work, school, and play. I work full-time at the University of Pennsylvania taking full advantage of their tuition benefits and completing post-bacc requirements for Dental School admission. In the very little free time that I can find, I love spending it with my 4 year-old mutt Zoey, playing sports, and hanging out with my six nieces and nephews. A huge project I’ll be working on in the off-season is learning Spanish and I’m hoping with the help of Ballgirl Sam T., I’ll get it down by next season!

Leanna and Zoe

This off season is sure to be a busy one for me. My fiancé and I are expecting our first child, a little girl on Christmas Eve. We couldn’t be more excited and anxious about her arrival! My current project is working on the nursery, which I hope to have completed within the next two weeks. Once the nursery is finished then it’s on to wedding planning :) It’s hard not to start planning now with all the different ideas running through my head. Between caring for a newborn, planning a wedding and eventually going back to work after my maternity leave is over, I’d say my “off-season” is going to fly by, which means…….MORE BASEBALL!!! So although the Phillies’ season is over, I have a lot of exciting things going on which helps to soften the pain some.

As I’m now getting my life back in order and trying to find new hobbies to fill the void of baseball season, I’ve been taking up guitar and hoping to actually put enough time into it that I can play an entire song. I’m inspired every year to take up the guitar when I go to sing-alongs around the campfire. Other than that, my full time job in social media marketing is keeping me pretty busy, and I finally feel like I can go to the grocery store and buy milk for myself that won’t go bad as I eat meals of hot dogs and ice cream at the ballpark. While guitar and fresh milk are always enjoyable, nothing beats the craziness of baseball season. I’d have rotten milk any day if that meant I could be down at the park again. Just a few months of boots and chunky sweaters, and spring will be here before we know it!

I wish I could say my off season will be spent on extravagant vacations but the reality is, I am a very busy college student. I go to Penn State University and study Community, Environment, and Development. Although Philadelphia and the fans can’t be beat, living in State College is a close second. To fill the empty space left by the Phils, I’ll be watching the Eagles games with friends. I’ve always loved the Eagles, but they have never quite come before the Phillies for me. This winter I’ll be trying to keep warm up here in central PA and waiting out the cold weather till spring training! Can’t wait!

Since I recently transferred to Villanova University, I will be spending time getting accustomed there. Hopefully our basketball team will be able to fill my sports void during the Phillies off-season! I am already counting down the days until Spring Training begins and I am in beautiful Clearwater, watching my favorite team!

During the off season when I am not counting down the days until Spring Training starts, I am a music teacher! I am currently the Strings Teacher at 3 elementary schools in the North Penn School District. I love having the opportunity to teach students how to play an instrument. When I am not teaching, I am playing my violin at different gigs all over the tri-state area. Most importantly, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am even hoping to go on a vacation or cruise with the ballgirls in the spring!

Katelyn playing at a wedding earlier this season.

In the off-season, and as my day job throughout the baseball season, I work as a civil engineer. More specifically, I work in the transportation design field. It entails working on a variety of different projects that range from building sidewalks and rehabilitating existing roadways, to identifying and mitigating traffic delay and safety concerns, to designing and estimating future highways. This off-season in particular, I will be spending a good bit of my extra time studying for the Professional Engineer’s exam that I plan to take this coming spring. It is an 8-hour exam, and I’m already looking forward to the day after I take it! But I’ll be sure to balance my work by playing in my co-ed softball and football leagues, and hopefully taking advantage of the ability to travel a bit more. But no matter how exciting my off-season plans may be, I know that I will greatly miss my duties as a Phillies Ballgirl in the off-season. Is it Spring Training time yet? :)

Welp, now that baseball season is over, I have to go back to the real world. I’m currently living in Washington DC and attending graduate school at Howard University for Speech-Language Pathology. So instead of my life revolving around baseball, it now revolves around homework! Since I love Philadelphia soo much and I miss my fellow ballgirls, I often come home on the weekends.. I’m just waiting for April to roll around so I can watch baseball while doing homework!!

I’ve kept myself extremely busy with school work now that baseball season is over. I’m currently taking 7 classes and I feel like I have never ending assignments and papers to write! I’m not quite sure how I pulled it off when we were in baseball season…maybe I just didn’t realize because I was consumed by Phillies excitement :) At least now I have more time to focus on my Senior year of college. Still, I need my baseball…can’t wait for next season!!!

It took quite some time for the sting to heal from that last NLDS game, but I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that our season is officially over. Now that I’m not spending as much time at Citizen’s Bank Park and I’m no longer in school, my off season consists of hunting for a full time job in Graphic Design. I’m also working part time at Carolina Blue, a local restaurant in Pitman, NJ. Aside from work I keep busy working out, spending time with friends and family, and hopefully planning a vacation in the near future. Anyone have any suggestions of somewhere warm and sunny?

This offseason will be filled with lots of work as usual. Between being a dual major, working three part times jobs, and doing freelance graphic design I keep pretty busy. I am hoping that all my hard work allows enough extra cash to plan a warm getaway that will get me through winter until baseball season is back!

Last Call for 2012 Ballgirl Applications….

Time is running out!! Unfortunately the Phillies season ended sooner then most had hoped for, but the hunt for the 2012 Phillies Ballgirls is just beginning! Send a 2 minute long DVD uniquely saying why you want and deserve to be the next Phillies Ballgirl, as well as an updated resume to:

The Phillies
One Citizen Bank Way
Philadelphia, Pa 19148
Attn: Ballgirl Applicant

DEADLINE: Friday, October 14th

Applications and DVD’s will be reviewed and contact will be made if you are choosen to participate in the November tryouts at Citizens Bank Park. Please no phone calls.

Highlights of Pregame excitement from NLDS Games 1 & 2

I think I can speak for all of us ballgirls when I say that the past couple days at school/work have been a little less than productive with Game 5 on our minds. With Halladay on the mound and fans more excited than ever to show their Phillies pride, I have no doubt that the energy at Citizens Bank Park tonight will be something our captain Jimmy Rollins will be proud of. Whether you have tickets to the game or just want to come down for all the excitement, you don’t want to miss the Block Party starting at 5:30. Mr. Greengenes will be performing, Turkey Hill will be handing out ice cream samples, and radio stations will have games for all ages. If that doesn’t make you want to hop in your car right now and head into the city, here’s a few pics of all the fun from the past few NLDS games. Hope to see you there!

Packed crowd around the stage

Excited fans all decked out in their Phillies gear

Ballgirls grab a pic together while walking through the crowd handing out ballgirl posters and trading cards

Mr. Greengenes invites the kids up for a couple performances

Ballgirls hop on stage with the Phanatic and Mr. Greengenes to throw out autographed soft balls and to wave rally towels with the fans

Ballgirls before heading into the game


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