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Phillies Ballgirl 2012 Tryouts

Last Monday was a busy one at Citizen Bank Park as we held the first round of tryouts for the 2012 Phillies Ballgirl team. Thirty lucky women were selected to come to the park to participate in tryouts that consisted of hitting, fielding, a timed run, a written test, and an onscreen interview in front of a panel of judges. Below are some behind-the-scenes shots from the day!

Anxious, excited, and of course a little nervous, girls line up to check-in and receive their tryout numbers.

Once everyone is signed in, girls are gathered into the media room where they are welcomed and then split into smaller groups for the tryout process.

Sammy, Jamie and Bridgett are all smiles in the media room!

Ballgirl hopeful #78 plays some tough grounders during the fielding portion of tryouts.

Genevieve shows no mercy as she records some scores after seeing girl’s performances in the batting cages.

Katelyn and Brittany lend a hand in the locker room where girls were sized for pinstripes, alternates, warm-ups, and softball uniforms.

After a long day, these hopefuls are still full of smiles!

We had a great time meeting and getting to know our elite top thirty however, the tryouts process is not over yet! Soon, several will be selected for the next round of tryouts, which consist of an additional interview. Then, we need your help. The final Phillies Ballgirl for the 2012 season will be picked by you, the fan! As in prior years, we will be holding an online vote for our final roster spot so stay tuned to see who is in the running!

Phillies Ballgirls’ Off Season Plans

Although the 2011 baseball season has come to a close, the ballgirls keep plenty busy off the field. Some girls are finishing up school, while others are spending more time with friends/family and some girls are picking up new hobbies. We will even be welcoming a new, little Phillies fan this offseason… possibly a future ballgirl?!?! What are you doing with your free time now that baseball is done?

This off season, I will be finishing up my last half of school! My graduation date is just before the start of the ’12 season so I can easily get back into the swing of things (no pun intended), albeit as a fan this time around.

Off the field, my life is non-stop (which is probably the case for all of us). It’s a constant balance between work, school, and play. I work full-time at the University of Pennsylvania taking full advantage of their tuition benefits and completing post-bacc requirements for Dental School admission. In the very little free time that I can find, I love spending it with my 4 year-old mutt Zoey, playing sports, and hanging out with my six nieces and nephews. A huge project I’ll be working on in the off-season is learning Spanish and I’m hoping with the help of Ballgirl Sam T., I’ll get it down by next season!

Leanna and Zoe

This off season is sure to be a busy one for me. My fiancé and I are expecting our first child, a little girl on Christmas Eve. We couldn’t be more excited and anxious about her arrival! My current project is working on the nursery, which I hope to have completed within the next two weeks. Once the nursery is finished then it’s on to wedding planning :) It’s hard not to start planning now with all the different ideas running through my head. Between caring for a newborn, planning a wedding and eventually going back to work after my maternity leave is over, I’d say my “off-season” is going to fly by, which means…….MORE BASEBALL!!! So although the Phillies’ season is over, I have a lot of exciting things going on which helps to soften the pain some.

As I’m now getting my life back in order and trying to find new hobbies to fill the void of baseball season, I’ve been taking up guitar and hoping to actually put enough time into it that I can play an entire song. I’m inspired every year to take up the guitar when I go to sing-alongs around the campfire. Other than that, my full time job in social media marketing is keeping me pretty busy, and I finally feel like I can go to the grocery store and buy milk for myself that won’t go bad as I eat meals of hot dogs and ice cream at the ballpark. While guitar and fresh milk are always enjoyable, nothing beats the craziness of baseball season. I’d have rotten milk any day if that meant I could be down at the park again. Just a few months of boots and chunky sweaters, and spring will be here before we know it!

I wish I could say my off season will be spent on extravagant vacations but the reality is, I am a very busy college student. I go to Penn State University and study Community, Environment, and Development. Although Philadelphia and the fans can’t be beat, living in State College is a close second. To fill the empty space left by the Phils, I’ll be watching the Eagles games with friends. I’ve always loved the Eagles, but they have never quite come before the Phillies for me. This winter I’ll be trying to keep warm up here in central PA and waiting out the cold weather till spring training! Can’t wait!

Since I recently transferred to Villanova University, I will be spending time getting accustomed there. Hopefully our basketball team will be able to fill my sports void during the Phillies off-season! I am already counting down the days until Spring Training begins and I am in beautiful Clearwater, watching my favorite team!

During the off season when I am not counting down the days until Spring Training starts, I am a music teacher! I am currently the Strings Teacher at 3 elementary schools in the North Penn School District. I love having the opportunity to teach students how to play an instrument. When I am not teaching, I am playing my violin at different gigs all over the tri-state area. Most importantly, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am even hoping to go on a vacation or cruise with the ballgirls in the spring!

Katelyn playing at a wedding earlier this season.

In the off-season, and as my day job throughout the baseball season, I work as a civil engineer. More specifically, I work in the transportation design field. It entails working on a variety of different projects that range from building sidewalks and rehabilitating existing roadways, to identifying and mitigating traffic delay and safety concerns, to designing and estimating future highways. This off-season in particular, I will be spending a good bit of my extra time studying for the Professional Engineer’s exam that I plan to take this coming spring. It is an 8-hour exam, and I’m already looking forward to the day after I take it! But I’ll be sure to balance my work by playing in my co-ed softball and football leagues, and hopefully taking advantage of the ability to travel a bit more. But no matter how exciting my off-season plans may be, I know that I will greatly miss my duties as a Phillies Ballgirl in the off-season. Is it Spring Training time yet? :)

Welp, now that baseball season is over, I have to go back to the real world. I’m currently living in Washington DC and attending graduate school at Howard University for Speech-Language Pathology. So instead of my life revolving around baseball, it now revolves around homework! Since I love Philadelphia soo much and I miss my fellow ballgirls, I often come home on the weekends.. I’m just waiting for April to roll around so I can watch baseball while doing homework!!

I’ve kept myself extremely busy with school work now that baseball season is over. I’m currently taking 7 classes and I feel like I have never ending assignments and papers to write! I’m not quite sure how I pulled it off when we were in baseball season…maybe I just didn’t realize because I was consumed by Phillies excitement :) At least now I have more time to focus on my Senior year of college. Still, I need my baseball…can’t wait for next season!!!

It took quite some time for the sting to heal from that last NLDS game, but I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that our season is officially over. Now that I’m not spending as much time at Citizen’s Bank Park and I’m no longer in school, my off season consists of hunting for a full time job in Graphic Design. I’m also working part time at Carolina Blue, a local restaurant in Pitman, NJ. Aside from work I keep busy working out, spending time with friends and family, and hopefully planning a vacation in the near future. Anyone have any suggestions of somewhere warm and sunny?

This offseason will be filled with lots of work as usual. Between being a dual major, working three part times jobs, and doing freelance graphic design I keep pretty busy. I am hoping that all my hard work allows enough extra cash to plan a warm getaway that will get me through winter until baseball season is back!

Last Call for 2012 Ballgirl Applications….

Time is running out!! Unfortunately the Phillies season ended sooner then most had hoped for, but the hunt for the 2012 Phillies Ballgirls is just beginning! Send a 2 minute long DVD uniquely saying why you want and deserve to be the next Phillies Ballgirl, as well as an updated resume to:

The Phillies
One Citizen Bank Way
Philadelphia, Pa 19148
Attn: Ballgirl Applicant

DEADLINE: Friday, October 14th

Applications and DVD’s will be reviewed and contact will be made if you are choosen to participate in the November tryouts at Citizens Bank Park. Please no phone calls.

Highlights of Pregame excitement from NLDS Games 1 & 2

I think I can speak for all of us ballgirls when I say that the past couple days at school/work have been a little less than productive with Game 5 on our minds. With Halladay on the mound and fans more excited than ever to show their Phillies pride, I have no doubt that the energy at Citizens Bank Park tonight will be something our captain Jimmy Rollins will be proud of. Whether you have tickets to the game or just want to come down for all the excitement, you don’t want to miss the Block Party starting at 5:30. Mr. Greengenes will be performing, Turkey Hill will be handing out ice cream samples, and radio stations will have games for all ages. If that doesn’t make you want to hop in your car right now and head into the city, here’s a few pics of all the fun from the past few NLDS games. Hope to see you there!

Packed crowd around the stage

Excited fans all decked out in their Phillies gear

Ballgirls grab a pic together while walking through the crowd handing out ballgirl posters and trading cards

Mr. Greengenes invites the kids up for a couple performances

Ballgirls hop on stage with the Phanatic and Mr. Greengenes to throw out autographed soft balls and to wave rally towels with the fans

Ballgirls before heading into the game

Ballgirl’s Favorite Phillies Fan’s Outfits

Being that we just had the last home game of the season and Fan
Appreciation night, we though it might be fun to reflect on some of
our favorite fan outfits at the ballpark. What are some of your
favorites? Have you, yourself ever dressed up? We had so much fun
searching for pictures and recollecting on meeting some of you at the
park when we couldn’t help but stop to compliment your outfits. We
can’t wait to see what you come up with for playoffs!

I love how creative this Phillies Phan was during some of the
interesting weather we sometimes experience at Citizens Bank Park!

I was SO excited to see the “rally towel lady” the other night at our
last game of the regular season, and first game of the season with
RALLY TOWELS! I remember seeing the rally towel lady all the time
during postseason last year, and seeing her this year got me so
excited for Postseason 2011! She is definitely one of the most unique
fans I’ve seen at the stadium so far and I’m hoping to see some
serious creative competition coming up in our first Postseason series!

One of my favorite Phillies fans is the woman who dresses up like a
rally towel. I love her spirit as she walks around the concourse! Gets
me pumped up every time I see her.

Second year in a row I found this kid. That’s dedication.

These kids are not only dedicated Phanatic fans, but they are without a doubt the most adorable thing at the games….

I have trouble believing this girl is the only jealous girlfriend…

Phillies fans extend their team spirit to their pets!

Being a ballgirl, we often see things at the stadium that some fans do
not, simply by being at the games. I don’t know if these girls have
made it on television, but their costumes are pretty clever, so I had
to include them. Look out “Doc’s Patients” … “Stutes’ Fruits” are
at the Bank!

Maureen: I’m picking “Stutes’ Fruits” too!

There are sooo many fans that have some great ideas. But I think my
favorite is when I see little babies dressed up in their finest
Phillies gear! I also love seeing the Doc’s Patients on the rooftop..
mostly because I went to West Chester University with some of them

12 Biggest Surprises of the 2011 Phillies Season

To the average person, this Phillies season may have seemed pretty predictable. Excellent pitching and an early play-off berth were two things that the Phillies were expected to do from the get go. But if there’s one thing that I love the most about baseball, it would be to expect the unexpected. From Worley’s successful rookie year to all the closers with only a few blown saves, this season has kept us on the edge of our seats. With that said, the ballgirls all voted on their favorite surprises of this season. I think you’ll have no trouble adding your own ideas to our short list.

1. A victory that took 19 innings!! – Moira

2. Who can deny that the weather this season has been more extreme than most fans have seen in a while?? – Sammy

3. I would have to say Hunter Pence’s “proverb” being such a phenom!

4. Utley’s strong performance after his serious knee injury…I almost forgot he was ever hurt! – Emily

5. Watching Valdez pitch during a 19 inning game with Katelyn on my last training day! – Maureen

6. Throwback…. Wilson Valdez getting the win, as a pitcher! – Gen

7. I never expected it to get any more bizarre than seeing Oswalt play left field last season, who was I to second guess. My favorite most surprising Phillies’s moment this season is when Wilson Valdez recorded his first MLB win as a pitcher. It happened early on in the season, but this one still astonishes me every time I think about it. He certainly made a show of it – shaking off pitches and a drilling batter, but way to get it done! – Patti

8. I’d have to say that the biggest surprise to me this season hasn’t been any of the incredible performances by the players but rather the weather! I remember waking up the morning of Opening Day and seeing SNOW on the ground!!! I immediately text Bonnie and asked her what we should wear on the field, thankfully as the day went on the sun came out and it warmed things up….just a little. In July the Philadelphia are experience an excessive heat wave which left the guys playing in 100+ degree weather for a weekend. Then in the month of August we had 3 games rained out, two of which were due to hurricane Irene, needless to say the weather has been unpredictable and has kept everyone on their toes. – Tori

9. I’m not sure if this really counts, but I think that the biggest surprise of the 2011 season for me, happened before the season even began. In the off-season, the Phillies pulled off the shocking trade that returned Cliff Lee to the Phillies for the 2011 season. I tend to be addicted to any and all trade news involving the Phillies, but this rumor just seemed impossible to me. So I gave up hope and went to bed, only to wake up to the news of Cliff Lee’s return to the Phillies and the first pleasant surprise of the 2011 season! – Jamie

10. Acquiring Hunter Pence! – Bridgette

11. Not that I didn’t think she had it in her…and not that this should be much of a surprise, but my vote goes to an awesome grab by Patti earlier in the season. We were playing Huston, up 2-0 in the bottom of the 4th when Angel Sanchez nailed one down the 3rd baseline. Patti, who doesn’t even flinch, ever so gracefully picks up her chair and fields it on one hop. The crowd proceeds to cheer as she hands the ball over to a young fan and curtseys before sitting back down in her chair. I included a screen shot and I know it’s a little blurry…but it’s because the ball/Patti was moving so fast! What do you expect?! – Becca

12. Brian Schneider’s great winning record when he’s behind homeplate (24-3 at the end of August). I’m sure Worley’s awesome rookie year helped play a part in all these wins, as well! – Bonnie

Do You Have What it Takes?……

……..If so, we want to hear from you!!

Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to our Veteran Ballgirls and welcome some new ones.

We are currently accepting applications for 2012 Phillies Ballgirls. Send us a 2 minute long DVD highlighting your softball experience and why you should be one of the next Phillies Ballgirls along with a resume by October 1, 2011.

Send applications to:

The Phillies
One Citizen Bank Way
Philadelphia, Pa 19148
Attn: Ballgirls

Tryouts will be held in Novemeber 2011 depending upon the post season schedule and will consist of a verbal on-camera interview, written Phillies knowledge test, and softball skills (fielding, hitting, throwing, running).

Ever Wanted to Be a Phillies Ballgirl?

Do you LOVE the Phillies?…..Have softball experience?…..Enjoy volunteer work?
Then the Phillies wanna hear from you!!!

The Phillies are looking to hire a staff of ballgirls who can represent the organization in the community as well as perform duties on the field. Minimum age of 18 years old is required to apply.

If interested, please send resume with a two minute DVD highlighting your softball experience and explaining why you should be a Phillies Ballgirl to the address listed below. No phone calls please. Resumes must be received by October 1, 2011. If you are qualified you will notified to participate in our tryout at Citizens Bank Park. Tryout date is pending postseason schedule.

Please send applications to:

The Phillies
One Citizen Bank Way
Philadelphia, Pa 19148
Attn: Ballgirl Applicant

Donna’s Dugout Charity Softball Game with the Phillies Ballgirls

I would have to say that the best part of being a Philadelphia
Phillies Ballgirl is the numerous opportunities you have to give back
to the community. As ballgirls, we strive to be role models on, and
off the field, so we are both honored and thrilled to have been
invited to work with a group such as Donna’s Dugout.

Donna was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) on June 22, 2005
and since then has made it her mission to raise funds that would go
towards patient services. Funds that would help people who live with
ALS and research to hopefully one day find treatments and a cure for
ALS. Through numerous events throughout the year, Donna’s Dugout
raises money and we could not be happier to have done our part to help
through our participation in what has become an annual game vs. the
Allentown Patriots Old-Timers. To learn more and find out how you can
contribute please don’t hesitate to visit

The Phillies Ballgirls vs. The Allentown Old-Timers is always one of
my favorite events during the year. It’s so wonderful getting
together with all the girls and playing one of our favorite games,
softball! The game was very close and enjoyable, although the
ballgirls did end up being defeated by the Old-Timers. I felt the
best part of the day was Donna’s speech at the end expressing how
thankful she was for everyone, players and fans, to come out and
support the cause. I would like to thank Donna for having us
participate and allowing us to enjoy the delicious food that was
prepared after the game.

Playing against the Old-Timers last summer was one of my favorite
games of the year so I was definitely looking forward to this year’s
rematch. They may look like easy opponents but don’t let that fool
you, those guys still got it. While we were playing for fun and a
great cause, it was still a close game that the Old-Timers managed to
get over on us! We were good sports about it though and were happy to
be there for such a great event.
I played intramural softball in college, but haven’t played
competitively since high school. I love getting to still play ball
with the girls because there’s a lot less pressure riding on our games
which allows us all to have more fun.

I love playing in the Donna’s Dugout charity softball game and playing
the Old-Timers makes it even better! Playing for Donna’s Dugout is
such a honor and I am so happy that I am able to participant in it. I
am always so impressed with how well those Old-Timers can play.
Although they are 60+ years old they play so well (so well that we
lost by one run, yes that’s right you read correct- we lost to the Old
Timers). As I was admiring them playing baseball, it makes me wonder
how long have these guys been playing the sport? And how many of them
played at college level or even higher?! I just hope that when I am
their age I can play softball at least half as decent as them!

Hands down, my favorite softball game of the year is for Donna’s
Dugout. I was especially impressed with the Old-Timers and how much
spark they brought to the field. They were sliding and diving all over
the place! They sure know how to play. Everyone at this event has so
much fun and we are so excited to help out this great cause. You just
can’t help but put this game on the top of your list of favorite ballgirl memories.

Fans Can Say The Darndest Things……

Last week, I started following Hunter Pence on Twitter @HunterPence3, and I’ve enjoyed the fan pics that have been posted to show support to our new favorite right fielder. I have yet to create my own sign and bring to a Phillies game, but some of the ballgirls have definitely inspired me with their posterboard craftiness. Whether it’s a sign to show your support or to have some fun with the opposing team, creative signs at sports games are what keep us glued to the tv during commercial breaks. I found this Pence sign to be one of my personal favorites from his Twitter page. Even Pence tweeted back that he got a laugh out it!


About mid-September last year, my friend and I got tickets to a Phillies home game in Section 105, directly behind Jayson Werth. I think I might have overheard an announcer at some point referring to Werth as Mr. September – but I can’t remember what exactly put this idea in my head. All I know is Jayson Werth was on fire that month. So, next thing I know I’m making a sign with the head of Jayson Werth superimposed on the body of young Arnold Schwarzenegger (see picture), the entire time just laughing at the absurdity of this picture. So we show up at the game with this ridiculous picture of a Jayson Werth/Schwarzenegger combo and had people cracking up. Everyone in our section loved the poster. It got tons of laughs which was our #1 goal, and we were pretty sure that Werth saw it too. Unfortunately we never made it on PhanaVision or on TV (goal #2), despite the attempts of everyone around us, trying to get the camera crews’ attention.

But, the story doesn’t end there. We got tickets to a Phillies/Nationals game for later that month in Washington, and it just happened to be the night after the Phillies clinched the National League East title. We brought our Werth sign again, but this time (thanks to Roy Halladay) we updated our sign with “It’s Always Phunner in Philadelphia” on the back. Since Werth wasn’t in the game that night, we kept our “Phunner” side of the poster showing, and lucked out this time. We got phone calls and texts from people at home watching the game that our sign (and us) made it on TV – not once, not twice, but 3 times!

So, considering fans current obsession with a certain Phillies right-fielder, it only makes “Pence” that he be the subject of so many clever signs (the “only makes Pence” sign is my current favorite, by the way).


My family are not ones to usually make a creative sign and wave it around frantically in hopes of making the big screen, but one day that changed. Manny Ramirez’s peculiar actions back in Game 4 of the 2009 National League Championship Series must have really intrigued my parents because next thing I knew I found my mom coloring in bubble letters of two different posters. My mom did the artwork while my dad had the fun job of alternating posters throughout Game 5 and laughing with other Phillies fans as they read what his signs said. My parents had such a fun time with it, but I have not seen a poster since. We will have to wait and see what is poster worthy next…maybe something in this upcoming playoff season?!


Craftiness is my specialty. That being said, I’ve made quite a few sports related signs in my day. My first memory of bringing a sign into a Phils game dates back to the days of Veterans Stadium. I believe I was in about fifth grade at the time when I made a sign that I held up after every strike out made by a Phillies pitcher. On the front it read, “Today’s game is brought to you by the letter…” and on the back had a giant, “K,” on it (in reference to the phrase often used on Sesame Street). Pretty corny, I know. Most recently I made a set of signs for my cousin Greg, who at the time was pitching for the Padres and was making his first appearance in his hometown against the Phils. My mom, worried about getting boo’s for supporting a player from the opposing team, made sure it was clear on the sign that Greg, although a Padre, was a local boy and a member of a family of Phillies fans. The most memorable signs that I’ve witnessed at both the Vet and Citizens Bank Park would have to be those from The Wolf Pack, the Duck Pond, The Padilla Flotilla, and the many other groups that have inhabited the upper deck. I’m excited to see what creative ideas the fans will come up with during these next few home stands, many of which I’m sure will include the quote from Hunter Pence that everyone has been tweeting about, “Good game, let’s go eat!”


One of my favorite things to look for at a Phillies game is how creative our Philadelphia fans can be. Something I enjoy even MORE is seeing all the support from Phillies fans when we are on the road! Phillies fans are the most dedicated out there, and I love to see all of the signs in different cities. Two of my favorite posters were spotted during a Pirates/Phillies game and the second during a Padres/Phillies game. There is nothing better than a little friendly smack talk!


The day of my first Phillies game, I made a sign that read “GO PHILLIES!” It was made on a tiny piece of red construction paper, a last minute idea. At every game I attend, I look out for creative signs to see what our fans have to say. One day, I was excited to work Green Team so that I could see Hunter Pence on the field for the first time. As I looked around the stands, there were many Phillies fans with signs. I got a good laugh at a sign that struck me the most. This particular sign was in honor of our newest Phillie Hunter Pence. “Welcome to Pence-ylvania,” read the sign that caught my eye. I thought that the sign was very funny and creative.


Recently at a game at CBP I looked up at the jumbotron and saw a little girl holding up a sign that said “Future Ballgirl”. It reminded me of when I was younger and looked up to the Ballgirls so much. It was so heartwarming to see!


I love all the clever signs that appeared around the park when Matt Stairs used to play for the Phillies. My all time favorite would have to be “In case of Emergency, USE STAIRS!” I think I particularly like it because there was definitely a few emergencies in 2008 he helped us out of!


My younger brother made a poster about 10-15 years ago for Flyers/Devils playoff game. He spent hours on it using only orange and black colors. The sign said, “Flyers rule and Devils drool”. Not too original but for an elementary school kid he saw this as a great dig to the Devils and was very proud of himself. He had his poster under his arm and he and my mother left for the game. When they arrived home after the game the poster was nowhere in sight. I immediately asked him where it was and he yelled at me something I couldn’t understand and stormed off. My mom had to translate his screaming and explain that because the poster wasn’t considered a nice thing to say a security guard had taken it away from him. Now that my brother is in his 20s, whenever the Flyers and Devils face off, we always remind him of his famous poster.


Two summers ago when I graduated from undergrad one of my gifts from my parents was a pair of Phillies tickets in Section 116 5 rows behind the Phillies dugout. I was so excited and could not wait for the game. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to dance on the dugout with the famous Phillie Phanatic himself so I knew that this would be my best chance to be seen and that I had to make a clever sign. I didn’t end up dancing with the Phanatic :( but I had an awesome time at the game and little did I know but 6 months later I would be trying out and becoming a Phillies ballgirl, the following summer my dream came true and I was dancing on the dugout with the Phillie Phanatic!!!


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