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Softball Showdown

Have you been looking for a chance to come see the Phillies Ballgirls play in an actual softball game?…….Well this weekend is your chance to!!
We have two games going on this weekend, the first of which is at the Allentown Patriots Park (1026 St. John Street, Allentown, Pa) on Saturday, August 20th. The game starts at 5pm and we will be around after the game to sign cards and talk to anyone who wants to know more about our softball experience.
Our second game is in beautiful Stone Harbor, NJ on Sunday, August 21st at 2pm. There will be special guests as our announcers and umpires, and the Flyers Ice Girls will be there joining in on the fun with us. The best part is this game is FREE!! The baseball field is located on 80th Street in Stone Harbor, NJ. But wait……there’s more!!! Come join us for an AFTER PARTY at the Golden Inn located on 78th Street and Dune from 5-7pm. All proceeds benefit area charities through the Comcast-spectacor and Phillies Charities.
Don’t miss out on these great opportunities to see your very own Phillies Ballgirls live in action on the softball field :)

We still have 2011 dates available, so if your team is up for the challenge of taking on the ballgirls please contact Michele DeVicaris ( for more information.

Elvis Pays a Visit to Citizens Bank Park

Last Sunday was a day to remember at Citizens Bank Park when my brother Mickey was given the opportunity to dance on the field with the Phanatic to his favorite artist of all time: Elvis Presley. My brother Mickey has Down syndrome, and he is the coolest person I know! Mickey’s been a huge fan of Elvis ever since he saw an Elvis impersonator when he was just 8 years old. Now 19, Mickey lives and breathes the work of Elvis Presley. Every single night he practices his dance moves and vocals to just about any Elvis song you can think of. He has even taken on some very Elvis-like qualities in the fact that he’s a bit of a ladies man (just ask any of the Ballgirls how many times he’s said something along the lines of “hey pretty darlin’” to them)! Needless to say, Mickey is quite the entertainer, which is why it was so amazing for him to get a chance to show off what he’s got in front of thousands of people!

I was lucky enough to be working on the field during Mickey’s performance, which was awesome. If someone had said to me only two years ago, “hey Emily, just so you know one day Mickey is going to dance with the Phantic at a Phillies game and you’re going to be a Ballgirl on the field watching him” I would have told them they’re nuts! It was definitely a surreal experience. Be sure to check out the clip of my brother “rockin’ out” with the Phanatic! (
Thank you, thank you very much (I just had to get a cheesy Elvis line in there somewhere!)

Who the Ballgirls are following on Twitter

This past Home Run Derby took the game of baseball to a whole new level as we followed our favorite players on Twitter feeds to get their thoughts on the game and enjoy their light-hearted trash talking with each other. My personal favorite tweet from the Derby was from our new favorite Phillies player Hunter Pence.

With Twitter and other social media channels being a great way to stay on top your favorite sports teams, I asked the ballgirls who they follow, like, or subscribe to. Hopefully, all of you non-tweeters out there will have no choice but to sign up after finding out what you’re missing out on!

I just recently made a Twitter account and am still trying to figure the whole thing out! I have started to use it to keep up with sports by following the official Phillies and Eagles sites. I also follow the Fight On State page to stay tuned in to all my Penn State sports news! Even though I’d like to consider myself up-to-date with the new technology fads, I’d still rather watch a few minutes of SportsCenter instead!

While I don’t have a Twitter, I do have a facebook and of course I follow the Philadelphia Phillies page and the Phillies Ballgirls page! Also, I hesitantly admit that I do love to follow anything and anyone that reports on the San Francisco Giants. I particularly love watching “The Franchise” on Showtime and recommend it to any baseball fan, regardless of which team you’re a fan of!


I don’t follow anyone on twitter, but I get “tweets” in the form of texts, emails, and facebook chats from those ballgirls that do!

I’m new to the twitter world but I have found that Erin Andrews gives great sports updates and pictures!

I don’t tweet/follow anyone on Twitter, in fact I don’t even know if I fully understand the whole Twitter thing but I sure hear enough about it. I have an ESPN and Phillies app on my phone that gives me updates when there’s breaking news so don’t think I’m completely out of the loop.

I don’t have a twitter account but I “like” the Phillies and Sportsnation (one of my favorite shows) on Facebook. I also do weekly check-ups on some blog websites.

It just so happens that this is my favorite time of the twitter year, the #tradedeadline! I initially joined around this time last year to get the most up-to-date news at the MLB trade deadline. The anticipation of the Phillies 2010 big move was addicting. It was no secret that the Phillies were looking to add to their starting rotation, and I couldn’t wait to hear the news. I began by following @espn, @Phillies, @philaphillies, @ToddZolecki, @Jaysonst, @MLB, and any baseball/Phillies reporter that I could find. After plenty of rumors and speculation, I remember reading the breaking news on twitter that the Phillies had made a move for Roy Oswalt. It proved to be a great addition to the Phillies starting rotation and a true sign of the Phillies desire to win in 2010 and years to come. This year, the 2011 #tradedeadline has been just as exciting. The end of the NFL lockout has added to the twitter excitement as July comes to a close. NFL teams are scrambling to sign free agents now that a new deal is in place, and the Phillies have made apparent their desire to obtain a right-handed bat, as has been much talked about throughout the 2011 season thus far. I was so excited to hear the news that they had made the trade for Hunter Pence and read tweets from other elated fans. In addition to the baseball tweeters above, some of my favorite people to follow now for Philly sports information are @CrossingBroad, @The700Level, @HighCheese, and athletes like @JimmyRollins and @MikeStutes. Needless to say, the end of the NFL lockout and the approach of the MLB #tradedeadline has had my twitter feed on a constant update.

Having recently joined the nest on Twitter I’m still learning the ins and outs of it all. At first I only followed a few close friends/family, musicians, and performers such as Reverand Run, Kanye West, and Jay Z. Now that I’m expanding my circle, I’ve delved more into the sports, and specifically the Phillies arena. I still get most of my info from the guys on Baseball Tonight, however for even more up-to-date info I’ve began to follow a few groups such as BestPhilsBlogs and the official Phillies twitter page. Both keep me informed on what’s going on in MLB when I’m on the go.

Blake shelton is mine!

I follow @Phillies and @JimmyRollins and other popular sports bloggers to stay on top of baseball news. The one page I find funny, even though Pete Orr doesn’t actually write these tweets, is @PeteOrrFacts. I’d love to know who writes these clever one-liners, but whoever it is, keeps me entertained with every Twitter update.

I follow @Philaphillies of course! I have the tweets go directly to my phone so I can get all the latest updates.

Getting in the Christmas in July Spirit

People may think that wearing bright red velour outifts and matching hats in 100 degree weather wouldn’t be on top of their wish lists, but we love Christmas in July so much and what this event does for the community that a lot of us ballgirls took time off from our day jobs to come help out. Thanks to all the fans who brought in gifts that will be delivered to some great kids at the Ford Pal Center , DuPont Hospital for Children, Youth Services Inc, and Children’s Crisis Treatment Center . As always, we got into the spirit of the season and enjoyed being Santa’s little helpers for a day.

We split up and and collected toys at each of the park gates

Samantha and a few fans who donated their favorite toys for the cause

Almost all of us

We always look forward to the seventh inning when Phanta Claus dances with us to “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Charlie’s Angels and Santa’s Little Helpers Come to Citizen Bank Park

Although the Phils have been on the road much of the month of July, we have been very busy preparing for two BIG nights at the park. On Friday July, 22nd we will be turning back the clocks to 1984 to help the Phillies celebrate Retro Night. While the players sport the 1984 burgundy pinstripes and caps on the field, we will be rockin’ classic 80′s attire as well as some throw back ballgirl outfits and go-go boots. Come dressed in your 80′s best!

On Monday July 25th, we will be hosting the 5th annual Phillies Ballgirls Christmas in July Toy Drive. Playing Santa’s helpers for the day is one of our favorite events throughout the season. We will be stationed at every gate starting at 11:30am and will remain there till the 3rd inning to collect new, unwrapped toys for less fortunate children. This year we will be making toy drop offs at the Ford Pal Center, DuPont Hospital for Children, Youth Services Inc, and Children’s Crisis Treatment Center. As a thank you for all your donations we will be teaming up with the Phanatic in the 7th inning for a little performance. Thank you in advance for all your support!!

Holman Phillies Photo Day 2011…Ballgirl Style

It was great seeing so many of you this past Saturday for the Holman
Phillies Photo Day! Photo Day is a fun event for everyone involved
because it is a great opportunity to mingle and make lasting Phillies
memories. The ballgirls particularly enjoy being the first ones on the
field to talk to the crowds and get them excited to meet the team,
coaches, and staff. What’s Photo Day really like for the girls? For
this blog we’ll give you a behind the scenes look at our 2011 Holman
Photo Day…ballgirl style!

12:00pm It wouldn’t be Photo Day without lots and lots
and LOTS of pre-signing trading cards and team photos.

12:15pm Of course there is some primping involved too.
Here’s Gen getting herself camera ready.

12:30pm We weren’t kidding about lots of signing! The girls take some time to sign our 2011 team photo to hand out to fans.

1:15pm Jerry (our security guard on the 1st baseline)comes to the rescue and surprises us with lunch!Boy, were we grateful to have some lunch before heading out on the field!

2:00pm It’s show time! Here are some of the girls heading to the tunnel to get onto the field. At this point, fans are all in place and waiting patiently!

2:00-3:00pm We have an GREAT time mingling, signing, and snapping a few pictures with fans.

3:30pm All finished! Some quick down time and then…game time :)

Make Room in the Trophy Case…..

The Playworks Philly 2011 Corporate Kickball Tournament was a great success! We couldn’t be happier to have been invited. We had a blast getting active and supporting some good ol’ safe and meaningful play.
We even managed to walk away undefeated champs!

Kristina-The kickball tournament was a day to remember!! I would like to first, thank Playworks for hosting such a memorable event. The day kicked off with a delicious lunch; then the games began. One thing about kickball, it is definitely not as easy as it looks! The first few innings was an adjustment period for us. Luckily, we are fast learners! The day included four games followed by the championship and an award ceremony. I’m hoping the ballgirls will be lucky enough to be invited back next year. Unfortunately, I will not be able to be there (since I am a vet and this is my last season) but I’m sure the rookies will lead the way!

Emily-I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated seeing all of the groups that we were going to compete against during the kickball tournament, but the ballgirl team was definitely in it to win it! We had such a blast reverting back to our days of kickball during recess and gym class. Who would’ve thought that the ballgirls are such skilled kickball athletes?! Kristina really took things to a new level with her multiple homeruns and snags in the outfield…that girl was definitely picked first for her kickball team in gym class! It was so funny when we ended up winning the whole tournament because I don’t think the other teams expected it. As we received our 1st place trophy at the end the other teams renamed our team “The Ninjas”, which I happen to like a lot! :) To sum things up, this event was unlike any other Ballgirl event I’ve been a part of, and it was so much fun!
Thanks for the great day Playworks!

Bonnie-I’ve had a personal love for kickball ever since third grade recess, so it was fun to watch all of us softball players step up to the challenge. During the first game, we had some big plays that helped us realize that softball players can use their feet too! We kept our positions and lineup that same for the entire day, and it was exciting to see how we came together as a team and had a great time supporting such a great cause.

Moira- I was definitely super excited to play some competitive kickball as it was always one of my favorite games in gym class, but for some reason, this kickball game was different. Defensively, every time the ball was hit to me, I ended up on the ground…not sure why or how, but I did. When it came time to kick a home run, I was usually unsuccessful, repeatedly kicking the ball directly in the air only to land in the arms of the opposing team. With this being said, we finished the day off undefeated, took home the trophy, and had tons of good laughs. Thank you so much to Playworks for inviting us to participate in this fun day!

Sam-Walking up to the Salvation Army Community Center I had no idea the type of competition I was in for. The last time I played was at recess in elementary school. I have to thank PlayWorks for encouraging all the players to try their very best and allowing us ballgirls to explore our competitive sides! I can honestly say I had a blast at the event and loved the childhood flashback!

The Phillies are Trippin’ to Toronto

For years, the thought of the Phillies playing in Toronto was only associated with tears and heartbreak as Joe Carter’s home run crushed many a Phillies fans’ dreams back in ‘93, but that was back in a different century. It’s a new era and this team is ready to create some new memories for their fans as they travel up to the city they nicknamed El Toro. Not only is this trip on a holiday weekend, but it’s also Halladay’s first appearance against his old team since his trade to the Phillies last year. With that said, you’re looking at a golden opportunity to grab the family and hit 81 N for a Phabulous weekend they will never forget. Here are some ideas to get your trip planning started:
The Phillies take the field at Toronto’s Roger Centre on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. July 4th is America’s birthday, and baseball is America’s pastime. So what better way to celebrate the holiday by watching your favorite baseball team that just so happens to come from the birthplace of independence?
Road Trip Stops:
The trip to Toronto is roughly an 8 hour journey, but with exciting stops along the way, the time will fly by for everyone. On your way up north, swing by Cooperstown, NY and get everyone into the spirit with a tour the Baseball Hall of Fame. After the weekend, make sure you don’t miss out on your annual fireworks tradition by heading over to Niagara Falls’ Queen Victoria Park for a free Coca-Cola concert and pizza party that caps off with an amazing show.
Ballpark food favorites:
At Rogers Centre, sweet potato fries with aioli sauce, the Loaded Burger, and the Homerun Footlong Hotdog all made it to MLB’s top foods list this year. Not like anything can quite compare to Chickie and Pete’s crab fries and the Schmitter, but you can’t leave Toronto without saying you gave their famous hotdog a whirl.
What to do in Toronto:
Just a mile from Rogers Centre, the Hockey Hall of Fame is a must-see for everyone. Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, the interactive games and trophy room are guaranteed great memories for kids and adults of all ages.
Let me be the first to say that no ballpark, in my humble opinion, will ever compare to the excitement at Citizens Bank Park, but how cool would it be to have the Rogers Centre covered in Phillies red?  I’m sure you’ll find many cool photo ops that will make your Facebook friends green with envy from your amazing Phillies Roadtrip 2011.

If you could ask the Ballgirls one question…

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans if they had any questions they’d like to ask all of the ballgirls. We get a lot of questions around how to become a ballgirl and what we actually do when we aren’t on the sidelines at games, so we were curious what our Facebook fans wanted to hear. Ian Johnston commented with a great question that we were really excited to answer. Thanks, Ian, for inspiring this blog post, and we hope you’ll come down and say hi at your next Phillies game!
Ian’s Q: What is it you like most about being around the field and players during the season?
Moira:  I absolutely love everything about being around the field and players during the season, but my very favorite part is how much I feel apart of the game. It feels like I’m an additional field player every time the ball is hit and I get ready to jump up and out of the way. It’s almost like I’m pretending to be a Phillie for a few hours!
Tori:  The thing I like most about being on the field and being around the team is the energy, not only do the players have a very positive energy to them but so do the fans.

Kristina:  My favorite part of being on the field is being able to witness the energy the crowd creates at Citizens Bank Park, it’s one of a kind!

Becca:  One of my favorite things about being on the field is the ability to make young fans so happy by doing such simple things. Posing for a picture with them, signing a trading card or giving them a foul ball brings such a smile to their face that I can’t help but grin from ear to ear as well. As far as being around the players goes, I am always blown away by the talent an athleticism I get to witness up close and personal. All the ballgirls are athletes themselves so we can appreciate what hard work and dedication it takes to perform at the level they do day in and day out. It’s a really cool experience to be so immersed in it. I often find myself wanting to jump in on the action and play, but of course I have to stop myself because fielding a foul ball is out of the question! Thanks for the question Ian!

Emily:  The fans!  I love the energy and heart that Phillies fans bring to every game.  When I’m on the field I get to interact with amazing people—I absolutely love giving foul baseballs to little Phillies fans.  And of course nothing can compare to being on the field among the best team in baseball!

Sammy:  Growing up as a huge Phillies fan I went to a bunch of games with friends and family but were never able to experience the game in the same way I have been able to the past few weeks.  Being able to stand on the field and look out to see a sea of red around me is a sight I will never forget.  I love being a part of one of the most enthusiastic fan bases in professional sports!

Bridgette:  Hey Ian! What I like most about being around the field/players is the pure excitement of the game. Working for the Phillies has only increased my love for the team so I love to watch the game just as much as everyone else in the stands. I really enjoy getting to know the different groups of people who sit next to us at each game, and celebrating with them when the Phils do well is even better. For example, I was on the third baseline for last Wednesday’s game against the Padres, and when Polanco hit the three-run home run to tie the game up the fans and I went nuts! 

Bonnie:  I definitely love that every game and event we go to is a new adventure. You never know what to expect when you step onto the field or go to a special appearance at a little league home opener or a charity event. Each event brings new fans to meet and more memories to make. I try to be at every possible event that I can because I don’t want to miss one moment of this incredible experience!

Mo:  Since I have yet to be on the field I cannot comment on the excitement that comes from stepping out there the first time. I have done an event that a player attended and it’s surereal. When you see people who are so talented on tv you never think you’ll see them in person.When you do, you feel in awe of their achievements but happy to know they are good people too!

Patti:  This is a great question! What I like most about being on the field and around the players is all of the energy from the phans surrounding them. I love being on the field and looking up and seeing 45,000 phans on their feet cheering and chanting players’ names. It is very awe inspiring and powerful, and it gets even more intense during playoffs…almost there!

Jamie:  Just being on the field at Citizens Bank Park and being a part of the Phillies organization has been the coolest thing for me.  I’m a Phillies fan first, and seeing that my chances of playing in the major leagues has long ago passed me by, this is closer than I would have ever imagined to be.  Being on the field, beside the players, in the element that I have admired for years, as the greatest baseball players in the world is an amazing opportunity. In my eyes, I am still just a huge Phillies fan, but having the opportunity to be associated with the Phillies organization, I am given the opportunity to enhance fans’ experience by giving a kid a foul ball or personalizing one of our trading cards and seeing their faces light up.  That experience for me is unlike any other I’ve experienced as a fan, and that’s something that will never get old.

Phillies Ballgirl Rookie Training

If you’ve been at the park recently you may have noticed a few extra girls on the sidelines and that’s because we are currently training the rookies! We get lots of questions about what it takes to be a Phillies Ballgirl so this week we hear from a few rooks who are currently going through the training process. Also, here is some slang terms/things you need to know in regards to being on the field as a BG, which is short for ballgirl of course!

 Jacket Run: When there is a pitching change and the ballgirl runs to the bullpen, gets the pitchers jacket, and brings it to the dugout so they have it to keep their arm warm between innings.

 Chair: Our not so comfortable seat for the game. Although our view is great, those chairs get old after about 2/3 innings.   

 Training Game #: Rookies go through a total of four training games. In the first game they just sit and observe a veteran. In the second game they go in at the top of the 8th. In the third game they go in at the top of the 5th and in the fourth game they go in at the top of the 2nd.

Leanne:  On-field training was definitely one of the most exciting parts of being a ballgirl so far.  Being able to interact with the young fans, especially, was so incredibly fun.  On my first day of being on the field, the first foul ball I saw was a screaming line drive down the 3rd base line.  It was quite the welcoming, considering it was only the sixth pitch of the inning.  Thankfully, I reacted in time to get myself and my chair out of the way (just in case the ball was fair), but I realized how fast it can happen and that the best thing to do in that situation is to move as quickly as you can out of the way.  Once my heart stopped racing, I did get the opportunity to field another foul ball and was able to give it to a little boy in the stands.  When I got home that day, I got to see a replay of the foul ball and seeing how excited and proud the little boy was to be holding a baseball that the Phillies played with was incredibly rewarding.

Training with the veterans was so helpful.  Each girl has a different opinion or preference when it comes to certain things like how to track the ball off the bat the best, which way to move when you’re getting out of the way, and even how to sit most comfortably in our not-so-comfortable little chairs.  But, nothing beats the experience of learning on the field.  Making the transition from a fan of the game to now becoming an almost active part of the game and the experience for other fans is truly exhilarating.  I really enjoy talking with fans in between innings and hearing about their day or night.  For some of them this is the first game they’ve ever been to, for others they come regularly, but each is equally excited to see the Phillies play which makes Philadelphia fans so special.  By my final night of training, I had beat all of the nerves that were present in my first game and I now feel comfortable and confident that my training has paid off and I’ll be ready to work a game by myself.  I know now that our on-field job requires a lot of attention and knowledge of the game of baseball and I’m thankful to all of the veteran girls that trained me – it was awesome to have you guys there supporting me and the other rookies training and even directing us when needed!!

Moira:  Well I’m not even sure if I can describe what it was like training on the field for the first time.  I will begin by saying that I will never take the fences down the first and third baselines so lightly.  Those fences mean SERIOUS BUSINESS!  After sitting beside a veteran with just the fence separating us for an entire game, I felt confident and prepared to finally sit in the best seat of the house and do my job.  Little did I know that as soon as I stepped across that fence and onto the field, my stomach would become filled with butterflies. It was such an overwhelming feeling of “I can not believe my dream of being a Phillies Ballgirl came true” and “Moira, you better not mess up”.  After doing about four jacket runs in two innings, my heart began to beat at a more normal pace and as the innings passed, I felt more and more at ease in my new position.  Having the best seat/view of the stadium comes with a little nerves, but I can not wait to be back out there on my own! 

 Genevieve:  I had the pleasure of training for two Astros and two Mets games.  I was so incredibly excited for training that I could hardly concentrate during the day and kept staring at the clock as the minutes passed.  Once we got to walk out on the field I still had this sense of, I shouldn’t be allowed out here and at any minute I would wake up from some sort of dream.  My first game being on the field was Lee’s first debut on the mound and to see all of our fans give him a standing ovation as he was announced and for his first at bat was an amazing feeling.  I got the chills! (It was also the game where Patti made that amazing catch down the 3rd base line… I know you know what I am talking about!) It is indescribable being able to look up into the stands and see the passion and excitement that comes from our fans.  Everyone who works at Citizens Bank Park is so welcoming and so nice that it now feels like my second home when I am working. I can’t even count the amount of jacket runs we had to do during those 2 series but I had butterflies being able to sprint across centerfield and over to the bullpen.  Again, I thought, this has to be a dream.  I didn’t get many foul balls, but my first one came from Ben Francisco right before his homerun against the Mets and I made sure to give the baseball to one of my little friends I made during the game. By the time my 4th training game came around I felt my nerves calm (special thanks to Katelyn) and could not wait to get out there.  It is definitely the BEST seat in the house by far and I still feel so lucky that I get to be a part of this amazing organization!

 Sam:  I was counting down the days until I was able to hold down the line and my first day of training was a day I will never forget. It was such a long day and I was too stoked to even eat. Finally I got on the field and I was bursting with excitement! (As was my trainer for the night, Emily!) I’ve gone extra innings, had several jacket runs, and a couple of ground balls. I also experienced freezing cold weather, and getting rained on, but all of it is so worth it!! All of my trainers were awesome and taught me really good tips! I can’t wait to start on my own. Let’s Go phillies!!!


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